Former dairy is ready for anything

ROSCOMMON is on the Kaimkillenbun-Malakoff Rd, 3km to Kaimkillenbun, 27km to Dalby and 95km to Toowoomba.

SHOALWATER: Protest efforts against land acquisition ramp up

Craig mustering cattle off the marine plain at their Marlborough property about and hour and a half north of Rockhampton

Online petition attracts loads of signatures, rally next week

'We are in no better position' after Payne's announcement - Marlborough committee

Linda Geddes, Leslie Olive, Danii McKenzie and Joanne Rea at the meeting

'Minimum acquisition' not in the best interests of our graziers

Solar Farm survives massive Coolum bushfire

THE AFTERMATH: More than 540ha of bushland has been scorched in the fire at Coolum.

Council assets get through epic blaze unscathed

SHOALWATER: Committee to ensure win-win for all stakeholders

Livingstone Mayor Bill Ludwig said the call comes after the public meeting in Marlborough, which raised a number of issues with the proposal, particularly why the Australian Defence Force needs to acquire so much land.

Committee to ensure all stakeholders have a win-win outcome.

Huge, NBN-ready lots up for sale near Goonellabah

Huge lots up for sale as part of stage one of the Valley View Estate.

"Land releases like this are scarce”

CQ community fears it will become a 'ghost town'

Marlborough Motors

Concerns of ripple effect from Shoalwater Bay expansion

Land owners told to 'divorce yourself emotionally' from acquisition process

Outgoing MLA chairman Don Heatley.
Photo: Frances Cameron /  Daily Mercury

North Queensland farmer midway through land acquisition visits CQ

ROOKWOOD: How much will water cost farmers?

Eden Bann Weir

What is in the EIS for impacted farmers?

REVEALED: How CQ could lose 60,000 head of cattle in a year

Brangus cattle fattened off grass, on the marine plains at \"Couti-Outi\" which has been owned by the Geddes family for 140 years.

AgForce figures of impact from major project show dire result