Yarding up to 3600 at Gracemere sales

AN increased yarding of 3,600 head were penned by CQLX agents at the Gracemere saleyards on February 10, comprising 1630 steers, 1262 heifers, 4431 cows, 192 cows and calves and 71 bulls.

Cattle were drawn from mostly local areas, but also Nebo and Mackay in the north to Theodore in the south.

It was a mixed yarding, however there were a lot of good quality cattle on offer but this could not prevent a slight easing in prices on last week's rates.

There was a full field of buyers present but with the dry conditions prevailing competition was limited to those with feed lot space or suitable pasture paddocks to go to.

Steers to slaughter topped 335c/kg to average 289c/kg with a drop in the market while steers 400 to 500kg topped 340c/kg to average 312.3c/kg.

Steers 300 to 400kg topped 400c/kg to average 329c/kg while steers 200 to 300kg topped 390c/kg to average 349.8c/kg.

Steers under 200kg topped 402.2c/kg to average 351.0c/kg.

Cows to slaughter topped 274c/kg to average 232 c/kg while cows in the 400 to 450kg weight range topped 248 c/kg to average 221c/kg.

Cows 320 to 400kg topped 241c/kg to average 191c/kg while smaller cows under 320kg topped 180c/kg to average 161c/kg.

Heavy heifers topped 324c/kg to average 289c/kg while heifers 300 to 400kg topped 320c/kg to average 297c/kg.

Heifers 200 to 300kg topped 354 c/kg to average 301c/kg while heifers under 200kg topped 356c/kg to average 292c/kg.

Cows and calves saw tops of $1220 per unit to average $1550 per unit.

Bulls over 600kg topped 227c/kg to average 215c/kg.

Bulls 450kg to 600kg topped 240c/kg to average 220 c/kg with smaller bulls topping 374c/kg averaging 257c/kg.


Dunphy Brothers Gogango sold Charbray Strs for 335.2 cents weighing 504 kg to return $1689.97

G&B Pastoral Co Nebo sold No6 Charbray Strs to a top of 358 cents weighing 395 kg to return $1417

Col & Dawn Huntley sold Droughtmaster No 5 feeder Strs to a top of 331 cents weighing 488kg to return $1616

Anthony Ferris Raglan sold Brahman Strs to a top of 334 cents weighing 412 kg to return $1379

J Shannon Mamelon Marlborough sold No6 EU Brahman Strs to a top of 400cents to average 375 cents weighing 311kg to return $1166

G&J Hoskings Goovigen sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for 380 cents weighing 256 kg to return $974

Malvern Developments, Keppel Sands sold Brahman steers to 374c/kg weighing 266kgs to return $996

WP,BS&JR Shannon Kurrajong Jambin sold No6 Brahman X Hfrs for 310c/kg weighing 301 kg to return $933

J Schneider sold Brangus Weaner Heifers for 354c/kg weighing 216 to return $767

Allan Van Itallie Biloela sold Brangus X Hfrs for 319c/kg weighing 309 kg to return $988

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