Roma store cattle sale

A TOTAL of 3788 head of cattle were penned at Roma's Store Sale on Tuesday.

Feeder steers in the 400-550kg range topping at 186c/kg and averaging 170c/kg, while steers in the 350-400kg range reached 210c/kg and averaged 174c/kg and steers in the 280-350kg range reached 232c/kg and averaged 194c/kg.

Weaner steers in the 220-280kg range reached 224c/kg and averaged 196c/kg, while weaners under 220kg topped at 223c/kg and averaged 188c/kg.

  • The Blanch family, Killowen, Cunnamulla, sold angus steers to 232c/kg for 290kg to make $673 a head.
  • Andromeda Cattle Co, Eddington, Mungallala, sold droughtmaster-cross steers sold to 224c/kg for 252kg to return $564 a head.
  • Coreena, Barcaldine, sold santa steers to 220c/kg for 283kg to make $624 a head.
  • The Martyn family, Greenridge, Roma, sold santa-cross steers to 216c/kg and averaged 205c/kg for 262kg to make $537 a head.
  • They also sold santa-cross heifers to 175c/kg for 243kg to return $426 a head.
  • Hayfield Pastoral Co, Jundah, sold blonde d'Aquitaine steers to 216c/kg for 305kg to make $661 a head.
  • The Jones family, Norolle, Roma, sold santa steers to 168c/kg for 573kg to make $964 a head.
  • The Hindle family, Roma, sold angus steers to 214c/kg for 229kg to return $490 a head.
  • The Packer family, Roma, sold charolais-cross steers to 210c/kg for 362kg to make $767 a head.
  • They also sold charbray-cross heifers to 170c/kg for 318kg to return $542 a head.
  • Sutton Grange Trust, Warregal Springs, Roma, sold charbray steers to 208c/kg for 226kg to make $470 a head.
  • Proud and Brumpton, Scattering Plains, Roma, sold santa-cross steers to 182c/kg for 395kg to return $719 a head.
  • Michael Krienke, Forest Lodge, Roma, sold santa-cross steers to 170c/kg for 441kg to return $751 a head.
  • Heifers in the 350-450kg range reached 175c/kg and averaged 160c/kg.
  • Heifers in the 280-350kg range topped at 170c/kg and averaged 158c/kg.
  • Heifers in the 220-280kg range topped at 196c/kg and averaged 164c/kg, while heifers under 220kg topped at 183c/kg and averaged 161c/kg.
  • Chambers Grazing Co, Bauhinia, Taroom, sold droughtmaster heifers to 189c for 242kg to return $457 a head.
  • The York family, Oakleigh, Wallumbilla, sold limousin- cross heifers to 175c for 353kg to return $617 a head.
  • Cows over 500kg hit 151c/kg and averaged 146c/kg, while cows 400-500kg topped at 153c/kg and averaged 135c/kg.
  • Cows in the 300-400kg range made 135c/kg and averaged 99c/kg.
  • A line of PTIC cows sold open auction between $490 and $700 a head.
  • Cows and calves sold to $880 and averaged $665 a unit.
  • Bulls up to 400kg reached 190c/kg and average 158c/kg.

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