Warwick weaners top 233c/kg at Warwick

REASONABLE SALE: Wendy and Coen Westerhuis, from the Warroo district, near Inglewood, sold 41.6kg lambs for $80 at a recent Warwick sheep sale.
REASONABLE SALE: Wendy and Coen Westerhuis, from the Warroo district, near Inglewood, sold 41.6kg lambs for $80 at a recent Warwick sheep sale. Toni Somes

AT THIS week's Warwick cattle sale the Combined Livestock Selling Agents yarded 707 head.

  •  Angus bullocks account AG Mengel of Nobby sold for 184.2c/kg, weighing 660kgs to return $1215.
  •  Full mouth Santa/Simmental cows account PR and HD Watters of Ballandean topped the market at 164.2c/kg, weighing 588kgs to return $966.
  •  B and C Williamson of Ballandean sold Charolais cross cows for 162.2c/kg, weighing 715kgs to return $1160.
  •  Piper Family Trust of Pittsworth sold Angus cross cows for 156.2c/kg, weighing 618kgs to return $965.
  • The Piper Family also sold Angus feeder steers for 187.2c/kg, weighing 355kgs to return $665.
  •  Bluff Pastoral Company of Tenterfield sold Limousin cows for 163.6c/kg, weighing 650kgs to return $1063.
  • The Company also sold Limousin weaner steers for a top of 233.2c/kg, weighing 290kgs to return $676.
  •  IA and VA Rogers of The Summit sold Gelbvieh milk and grain vealers that topped the market at 203.2c/kg, weighing 380kgs to return $772.
  •  G and V Cannavo of Glen Aplin also sold Gelbvieh cross milk and grain vealers that topped at 202.0c/kg, weighing 305kgs to return $616.
  •  A Romagnola bull sold to the works for 160.2c/kg, weighing 1110kgs to return $1778.

McDougall and Sons


  •  JW and EG Landers of Tenterfield yarded shorn crop fed lambs 47kg selling for $96 to Singh Meats.
  •  Helen and Genevieve Reeves of Robindel Parternership from Amosfield yarded their first offering of new season suckers. Their lambs sold from $94 to $98 and were keenly sought after by all butchers selling to Carey Bros ,T&R Pastoral,Grants Quality Meats.
  •  Bulmer Family Bolivia Station penned some new season lambs, 45 kg making $95 selling to T&R Pastoral.
  •  Tom and Tracy Cooper of Bony Mountain penned a selection of new season lambs 47kg selling to Carey Bros.
  •  Michael Crow of Mitchell made the trip down to pen some handy trade Dorper lambs 35kg-47.8 kg selling to Gross Meats, Ashtons Butchery and Gillies Meats.
  •  Sale toppers again courtesy of Greenup Maryland Partnership with Carey Bros securing some exceptional heavy trade lambs for $100.50 a head.
  • With just over 1000 lambs yarded the market for all trade types was firm to a shade dearer with all butchers looking to firm up some supplies with the weather going to play a factor in pricing if lambs cannot make the sales.


  •  Greenup Partnership from Maryland sold Santa cows weighing in at 550kg and sold for 147.2c/kg to return $810.
  •  EH and RM Ree from Liston sold 625kg Angus cows and selling for 149.2c/kg to make $932.
  •  AR and VE Taylor from Tannymorel sold 480kg Angus cross cows for 130.2c/kg to return $625.
  •  JD and DE Coy sold dairy culls to a top of 142.2c/kg with an average weight of 865kg to make $1230.
  •  DG Fischer from Swanfels offered Santa bullocks weighing 613kg for 182c/kg to return $1116.27 and 528kg bullocks for 177.2c/kg to make $937.
  •  BLB and JD Ree from Liston sold Angus feeder steers averaging 318kg and selling for 190c/kg to make $603.
  •  G and P Alldridge sold 276kg Angus cross strs to restockers for 192.2c/kg to return $532.
  •  Bannercase Pty Ltd from Mt. Tyson offered grain fed heifers which weighed in at 336kg and sold for 180c/kg to make $605.



  •  OB and BM Guymer sold 311kgs vealer steers for 185.7c/kg returning $578.10.
  •  Scots PGC College sold 475kgs yearling steers for 193.2c/kg returning $917.70.
  •  PB and IJ Guymer sold 350kgs vealer Heifers for 195c/kg returning $682.50.
  •  Thanes Creek Pastoral Company sold 435kgs yearling heifers for 160c/kgs returning $696.
  •  G and S Power sold 586kgs cows for 140c/kg returning $821.33.
  •  JC Brandon sold 560kgs cows for 140c/kg returning $784.
  •  Joppich Pastoral sold 945kgs bulls for 160c/kgs returning $1512.


  •  GJ, M and SM Campbell sold dorper cross lambs at $82 each.
  •  BD and ME Cory sold cross bredd lambs at $88 each.
  •  CB Edmonstone of Inglewood sold seven hoggets at $50 each.
  •  SR and DM Emmerton - of Haden sold 18 dorper cross lambs at $98 each.
  •  R and G Fleetwood sold cross bred lambs for $89 each.
  •  AF and RF Sutton sold dorper cross lambs for $80 each.
  •   D Kosub sold 16 dorper cross lambs at $68.
  •  Karingal Pty Ltd sold cross breed hoggets at $59 each.
  •  TJ and CS Allen of Dalby sold cross breed wethers at $45 each.

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