Warwick lamb sales

 Tom Cooper from Bony Mountain sold Dorset cross suckers weighing 46kg and selling for $98.50.

 James Mead sold Dorper cross lambs averaging 46kg and selling for $86.

 Frost Farming from Yetman sold White Dorpers lambs weighing 48kg and selling for $85.

 They also offered 46kg lambs which made $81 and lighter 43kg lambs for $76.50.

 Bransdale Past. Company from Bowenville sold Dorpers tipping the scales at 46kg and selling for $78.40.

 Gordon Donovan from Omanama trucked in Merino lambs, which averaged 44kg and made $64.

 The mutton market struggled, with John Lippi topping the market with shorn wethers at $40.

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