Trend spike in vegetable buying habits

CONSUMER research released by AUSVEG has shown a spike in the popularity of specialist vegetable retailers like greengrocers among consumers of four key vegetable products - French and runner beans, carrots, pumpkins and cauliflowers.

The survey was conducted in June and again in October this year.

The October study of more than 580 consumers showed an increase in the number of people purchasing the four vegetable products from specialist retailers like greengrocers compared to five months ago.

Overall, around 40% of the Australian population currently chooses to buy these vegetables from specialist vegetable channels like greengrocers.

"Although most Australian consumers still shop with the major retailers, specialist vegetable retailers appear to have increased in popularity for the vegetable products we surveyed over the past five months," AUSVEG manager of industry development and communications Andrew White said.

In less than six months, there has been a spike in the percentage of people choosing to purchase the following vegetables from specialist retailers:

  • French and runner beans, up from 34 to 42% (up 8%)
  • Carrots, up from 31 to 38% (up 7%)
  • Pumpkins, up from 35 to 41% (up 6%)
  • Cauliflowers, up from 33 to 42% (up 9%)

"As more data becomes available from the surveys, it will be interesting to see if this trend with Australian consumers continues or if the increase in specialist retailer popularity is related to seasonal or other shopper patterns," said Mr White.

"The aim of the research is to help industry identify and break down barriers to vegetable consumption and find ways to increase consumer purchasing of vegetables in the long-term."

The study is part of an ongoing consumer and market research project called Project Harvest.

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