Tower to check on forest pulse

AN 80m tall tower in Tasmania's forested region will enable scientists to monitor carbon movement inforests.

The site at Warra, in Tasmania, is the first of its kind to measure the exchange of carbon and water between the forest at atmosphere.

Principal research officer Tim Wardlow said the tower was vital in contributing new knowledge to understanding how the forest is responding to climate as well as improving climate knowledge.

"We are able to see if the forest is absorbing carbon or losing it," Mr Wardlow said. "It's important for understanding how well our forest is acting as a sink and how quickly they will change from a sink to a source.

"It's a bit like taking the pulse of the forest and telling you how the forest is functioning and how it responds to extreme climate events, such as drought and heatwaves. The beauty is it can be monitored and seen in real time as it's happening."

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