Tough time for vealer markets with dry period on the way

TUESDAY would have been one of the hardest vealer markets I have seen in 20 years.

With no rain forecast for the next two weeks in Queensland, NSW and Victoria one wonders what the outcome will be over the next few weeks or months, especially at this time of year when every cattle producer has to sell before the winter months set in.

The best light veal made to 159c kg with a lot between 145c - 152c for the calves up to 250kg, plain calves in the same weight range were making between 128c - 139ckg. 250 - 280 kg veal topped at 173c for the best of them with most between 148c - 166c with their plainer counterparts making from 85c - 131ckg.

The cow market was down 10c kg this week with the best making to 124c and most of these better cows ranging from 98c - 112c.

Plain cows realised 50c up to 75c kg.

On a much-brighter note my old mate Glenn Weir is recovering very slowly.

He hasn't been at the office or any sales for the past four months but he reckons he is improving. I think he just wants to bludge a while longer.

Everyone is thinking of Glenn and it will be great to get him back. Jenny, Ray and myself have had just about enough of the bookwork.

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