Toowoomba region livestock sales

FINE STOCK: It was a big day at the Roma saleyards recently, when 12,000 cattle were yarded.
FINE STOCK: It was a big day at the Roma saleyards recently, when 12,000 cattle were yarded.

Toowoomba Elders

THERE was a small drop in supply and young cattle were in the largest numbers, while grown steers and cows were scarce.

  • Agents yarded 468 head, down 120 head on the previous sale.
  • All the major export processors were back in the market and operating.
  • Apart from some poorer quality lightweight heifers experiencing no change in price, the remainder of the young cattle improved by 4c to 5c/kg and more in places.
  • The small selection of export slaughter classes sold to stronger competition.
  • Vealer heifers to feed averaged 164c/kg while the better heavy classes to the butcher trade made to 178.2c/kg to average 173c/kg.
  • A fair sample of lightweight yearling steers sold to feeder operators and restockers to average from 167c/kg to 173c/kg with sales to 177.2c/kg.
  • A small selection of medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 160c/kg while a handful to the trade averaged 167c/kg and sold to 187.2c/kg.
  • Heavy yearling steers to the trade mostly sold around 161c/kg with sales to 165.2c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling heifers averaged in the mid 130c/kg range and D muscle lines 123c/kg.
  • Medium weights to the trade averaged close to 160c/kg with some supplementary fed lines to 181.2c/kg.
  • Heavyweights to feed averaged 140c/kg and sold to 143.2c/kg.
  • Heavy grown steers averaged 163c/kg with some to 166.2c/kg.
  • A couple of medium weight 2 score cows averaged 90c/kg and 3 scores 108c/kg.
  • Good heavy cows made to 117.2c/kg to average 116c/kg.

Toowoomba Landmark

NUMBERS remained close to the previous week's level and young cattle dominated the selling pens.

  • Agents yarded 597 head, up 42 head on the previous sale.
  • The export section contained a good run of heavy grown steers and only a handful of cows.
  • Buyer attendance was good and included all the major export processors plus a good line-up of feeder operators and restockers.
  • Young cattle generally experienced some improvement in price and export slaughter classes also received stronger demand.
  • Calves to restockers averaged 163c/kg and sold to 170.2c/kg.
  • Vealer steers to feed averaged 154c/kg while restockers paid to 174.2c/kg with most at 162c/kg.
  • Vealer heifers to feed and local and southern processors mostly sold in the early to mid 140c/kg range.
  • Lightweight yearling steers to restockers made to 170c/kg to average 156c/kg, and D muscle lines 135c/kg.
  • Medium weights to feed and restockers averaged around 167c/kg and sold to 175.2c/kg.
  • Heavy weights to feed averaged 161c/kg.
  • The best of the lightweight yearling heifers averaged 141c/kg and poorer quality lines around 120c/kg.
  • The fair sample of medium weights to the trade averaged 161c/kg and sold to 170c/kg.
  • Heavy grown steers to export slaughter averaged 157c/kg and sold to 158.2c/kg.
  • A handful of good heavy cows averaged 117c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 138.6c/kg.

Toowoomba Sullivan

YEARLING and weaner cattle made up the larger percentage of the yarding on Monday.

  • There was a good line up of heavy steers from Taroom and almost no cows were being yarded once again.
  • The overall look of the market is starting to show a slight increase in overall price for both export and yearling cattle.
  • Feedlot operators are still in market and keeping hands in pockets.
  • Better prime butcher trade had some sales to 180c/kg.
  • Restockers were active with a better line up of weaners being on offer.
  • Poorer quality heifers sold for 120c/kg.
  • A full panel of regular buyers were in attendance still operating but on reduced rates.
  • Grain assisted butcher heifers from Wallumbilla 335kg sold for 180.2c/kg for $603 a head.
  • Charolais weaner steers from Kingaroy 263kg sold for 174.2c/kg,
  • Angus weaner steers from Oakey 263kg sold for 160.2c/kg for $421 a head.
  • Charolais bulls 735kg sold for 132.6c/kg for $974 a head.
  • Angus weaner heifers from Wandoan 269kg sold for 147.2c/kg.
  • Hereford feeder steers 407kg sold for 152.2c/kg for $619 a head.
  • Charbray weaner bulls 362kg sold for 157.2c/kg for $569 a head.
  • Charolais heifers 269kg sold for 169.2c/kg for $455 a head.
  • Angus bulls 1030kg sold for 138.6c/kg for $1427 a head.

Dalby cattle

SUPPLY lifted by 12%, and light rain started to fall at the commencement of the sale and prices generally improved.

  • Agents yarded 4187 head, up 452 head on the previous sale.
  • Much stronger restocker activity lifted prices on most of the young lightweight cattle by 10c to 15c/kg and more on selected lines.
  • However lightweight heifer calves experienced very little change in price.
  • A return to a full panel of active export processor buyers lifted prices on a small sample of heavy grown steers and bullocks by 6c to 10c/kg.
  • Good heavy cows also improved in price to average 8c/kg better.
  • Plain condition classes experienced the largest gains pushed on by stronger support from processors as well as restockers to average 10c to 14c/kg dearer.
  • A large sample of calves returned to the paddock at 155c/kg and sold to 184.2c/kg, with D muscle lines in the 130c/kg range.
  • Vealer heifers to local and southern processors averaged 138c/kg while extra restocker competition improved the remainder by 10c/kg to average 141c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 13c/kg dearer at 172c/kg with sales to 186.2c/kg.
  • Medium weight yearling steers to feed and restockers generally averaged in the early 160c/kg range.
  • Heavy weights to feed averaged close to 150c/kg with sales to 157.2c/kg.
  • The best of the lightweight yearling heifers averaged 131c/kg, and D muscle lines averaged 119c/kg.
  • Medium weights to the trade averaged 141c/kg and D muscle lines to feed 115c/kg.
  • Heavy grown steers to export slaughter averaged 155c/kg and sold to 158c/kg.
  • Bullocks made to a top of 163.2c/kg with most at 160c/kg.
  • Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 99c/kg and 3 scores 105c/kg with sales to 112.2c/kg.
  • Good heavy cows made to 132.2c/kg with most close to 125c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 149.2c/kg to average 141c/kg.

Warwick cattle

NUMBERS hovered around the previous week's level and overall quality was mixed.

  • Agents yarded 1128 head, up 53 head on the previous sale.
  • Buyer representation in the young cattle section was generally good, however not all the major export processors were present.
  • Young cattle experienced a wide variation in price, with well-bred lines receiving strong competition from the trade feeder operators and restockers.
  • Poor quality classes found very little support.
  • Export classes generally improved in price with cows 4c to 8c/kg better.
  • A fair selection of calves sold to restockers at 148c/kg with sales to 185.2c/kg.
  • The occasional vealer steer with show ring potential made to 213.2c/kg, with the largest sample returning to the paddock at 174c/kg.
  • Vealer heifers to local and southern processors averaged 144c/kg and a small sample sold to local butchers at an average of 166c with sales to 175c/kg.
  • The better end of the lightweight yearling steers sold to restockers at 180c/kg, while D muscle lines averaged 133c/kg.
  • Medium weights to feed averaged 160c/kg and heavy weights sold to150c/kg.
  • The best of the lightweight yearling heifers averaged 145c and D muscle lines mostly sold around 120c/kg.
  • Medium weights to the trade averaged 152c/kg and sold to 163.2c/kg.
  • A handful of heavy grown steers to export slaughter averaged 166c and sold to 168c/kg.
  • A small selection of bullocks averaged 155c/kg and sold to 162.2c/kg, while some close to 800kg live weight made to 152.2c/kg.
  • Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 93c/kg.
  • Heavy 3 scores averaged 108c/kg, and the better classes averaged 115c/kg and sold to 124.6c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 144.2c/kg.

Moreton grain-assist

AGENTS Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 502 cattle yarded Tuesday.

  • Vealers and yearlings sold to slightly improved rates as did light trade.
  • Medium and heavy trade were unchanged.
  • All export were similar to last week with ox slightly easier and good cows slightly dearer.
  • Matarozzo Family Trust sold yearling heifers for 132.6c/kg weighing 205kg to return $271 a head.
  • Matarozzo Family Trust sold yearling steers for 159.6c/kg weighing 180kg to return $287 a head.
  • M and E Burrow sold pasture heifers for 146.6c/kg weighing 463kg to return $679 a head.
  • Pasture steers account Lynnshell Pty Ltd, Park Ridge sold for 156.6c/kg weighing 595kg to return $931 a head.
  • Tom Ulyatt, Esk sold pasture ox for 151.6c/kg weighing 635kg to return $962 a head.
  • Grain Assist heifers account Ronald Hayes, Tarampa sold for 159c/kg weighing 415kg to return $659 a head.
  • Medium cows account M & E Burrow sold for 121.6c/kg weighing 520kg to return $632 a head.
  • Gorge Pastoral Co. sold brahman cows for 131.6c/kg weighing 717kg to return $944 a head.
  • Sutton Farms sold bulls for 141.6c/kg weighing 975kg to return $1380 a head.

Gympie cattle

A SMALLER offering of 879 cattle at Sullivan Livestock's Gympie Cattle Sale on Monday saw the market for meatworks cattle remain firm to slightly dearer; while the store market saw heavy feeders remain firm and young cattle cheaa.

  • Cattle were drawn from Manumbar, Kilkivan, Woolooga, Maryborough, Tiaro, Bauple, Nambour, Kenilworth and all local areas.
  • Droughtmaster steers 2 years from Rob Zerner, Dulong topped at 145c/kg to return $732 a head.
  • Milk tooth Droughtmaster steers from Gladys Mengel, Goomong sold for 147c/kg to return $649 a head.
  • Angus steers 18 months from Glen and Gail Brown, Long Flat sold for 158c/kg to return $578 a head.
  • Droughtmaster steers 12 months from Lester Hall, Kybong sold for 164c/kg , 160c/kg and 150c/kg .
  • The Findlay Family, Gunalda sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for 159c/kg.
  • Charbray weaner steers from Ted Fisher, Widgee sold for 156c/kg.
  • Better quality weaner steers sold from 140c/kg to 161c/kg.
  • Lesser types sold from 100c/kg to 138c/kg.
  • Droughtmaster heifers from Mario Fazio, Maryborough sold for 146c/kg to return $565 a head.
  • Feeder heifers generally sold from 120c/kg to135c/kg.
  • Vealer heifers sold from 105c/kg to 122c/kg, while plainer types sold from 95c/kg to 125c/kg.
  • Meatworks cows from Ray Randle, Manumbar sold to a top of 128c/kg or $871 to average 125c/kg or $774 a head.
  • Heavy Brahman bulls from Booubyjan sold for 155c/kg to return $1272 and $1256 a head.
  • Bullocks sold to a top of 148c/kg.

Gracemere cattle

GRACEMERE CQLX yarded 1810 head comprising 950 steers, 750 heifers, 50 cows, 40 cows and calves and 10 bulls.

  • Cattle were drawn from Aramac and Richmond and all local areas.
  • Prime cattle remained firm while good quality weaner steers and heifers met with improved competition on last week's rates.
  • The highlights of the yarding were two lines of excellent high grade Brahman cattle from western areas.
  • Mt Flora Cattle Trust, Nebo sold a run of Droughtmaster steers to a top of 169.2c/kg to average 244kg and return $401 a head.
  • Greg Scott "Rutherglen" Kalapa sold Charbray Steers 165.2c/kg weighing 267kg to return $441 a head.
  • Coorumburra Rural Enterprises sold two pens of Brahman cows with Brangus Calves at foot for $710 a unit.
  • RL and JL Olive "Riverdell", Port Curtis sold Droughtmaster steers for 173.2c/kg weighing 180kg to return $311 a head.
  • Spring Creek Pastoral Co Sarina sold 113 No.1 Brahman steers to avg 374kg at 136c/kg returning $508 /head.
  • Cedar Bend Pastoral and Farming Co, Jambin sold Grey Brahman weaner steers for 163c/kg weighing 265kg returning $433 a head.

Upcoming sale

HERD dispersal to take place at Shinfield property on account on CS and PR Westcott at Sarina on June 4 from 10am.

  • 65 Red Brahman cows and calves and 20-30 cows to be pregtested prior to sale.
  • Cows are 4 to 11 yrs. Mostly large frames and are in store to fresh condition.
  • Calves are by Char/Angus x, Angus and Drakensberger Bulls and aged one to seven months.
  • Cows and calves will be mothered on farm with horses and will be offered in pens of approximately 10 to 15 units with same sired calves where possible.
  • This is a great opportunity to purchase commercial breeders with stud backgrounds and 45 years plus of breeding.
  • Contact Paul Cooper from Landmark on 4952 4377 for further information.

Warwick sheep

IN A smaller yarding of both sheep and lambs, the market was fully firm on last week's rates.

  • Agents yarded 994 lambs and hoggets, and 121 sheep at the weekly sale on May 22.
  • David Sutton of Dalby held the top lambs account selling for $111.50 to Tonys Sua Meats and TandR Pastoral.
  • Quotations: Cross-bred lambs 46-57kg $88-$100, cross-bred lambs 40-45kg $87-$102, cross-bred lambs 38-42kg $78-$87, cross-bred lambs 62.7kg $111.50.
  • Cross-bred hoggets 48.5kg $55.50 (shorn).

Toowoomba pigs

THERE were 285 pigs yarded with prime pork pigs selling to reasonable rates.

  • Prime female bacon was firm with most light bacon and make bacon hard to sell.
  • Backfatter sows were dearer while store and weaner pigs sold to good rates.
  • Quotations: Prime pork 240-279c/kg, prime light bacon 195-220c/kg, prime bacon 170-250c/kg, boars 6c/kg, sows to 150c/kg.
  • Forward stores $95-$110, weaners $68-$92, suckers $35.

Online reports

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