Toowoomba region livestock sales

SELLERS' OUTING: Wheatvale's Des and Cathy Watts said prices were down at Tuesday's cattle sale.
SELLERS' OUTING: Wheatvale's Des and Cathy Watts said prices were down at Tuesday's cattle sale. Toni Somes

Toowoomba Elders

THE slightly smaller yarding contained virtually no good heavy grown steers and bullocks and only a small selection of cows, plus a large line-up of young cattle.

  • Agents yarded 738 head, down 40 head on the previous sale.
  • The export buying panel was similar to the previous week. There was fair buyer representation in the young cattle section.
  • Restockers displayed less interest in lightweight yearling steers.
  • Vealer heifers to local and southern processors suffered price reductions of 15c/kg, but a select few top-end quality lines experienced strong demand from local butchers.
  • Medium-weight plain-condition cows remained firm, while a handful of good heavy cows lost ground in value.
  • Vealer heifers to feed averaged 163c/kg and sold to 171.2c/kg.
  • Slaughter descriptions averaged 141c/kg, and D muscle lines 136c/kg.
  • A handful of well-presented lines sold to local butchers at 196.2c/kg.
  • Light and medium-weight yearling steers to feed averaged close to 160c/kg, while heavy feeders averaged 1c/kg dearer at 155c/kg, with sales to 162.2c/kg.
  • The better end of the medium-weight yearling heifers made to 170c/kg, while D muscle classes mostly sold in the 120c/kg range.
  • Heavy yearling heifers to the trade averaged 151c/kg and sold to 159.2c/kg.
  • Medium-weight two-score cows averaged 96c/kg and a few heavy two-score Friesian cows 107.2c/kg.
  • A couple of good heavy cows averaged 114c/kg and sold to 118c/kg.

Toowoomba Landmark

THE trend of a few less cattle continued, and buyer attendance in the young cattle section was good.

  • But not all the major export processors were present.
  • Agents yarded 545 head, down 60 head on the previous sale.
  • Young cattle experienced a wide variation in price, with only top-end quality lines receiving strong support from restockers.
  • Vealer heifers to the trade continued to meet a subdued market, while the limited number of better-quality lines to butchers were in demand.
  • Plain-condition cows experienced very little change in price, and apart from a pen of outstanding good heavy cows, the remainder of the better classes eased in value.
  • Vealer steers to restockers mostly sold at about 192c/kg.
  • Once again, the battle to secure some with show ring potential continued, with sales to 238c/kg.
  • Vealer heifers to feed averaged 153c/kg, while slaughter classes averaged 143c/kg, with some to local butchers at 192.2c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 176c/kg and medium weights to feed 162c/kg.
  • The small selection of medium weight yearling heifers to the trade made to 175c/kg, while a fair supply of heavyweights averaged 145c/kg.
  • A handful of bullocks averaged 152c/kg and sold to 155c/kg.
  • A fair selection of grown heifers averaged 135c/kg and sold to 138c/kg.
  • Medium weight two score cows sold in a range from 79.2c/kg to 98.2c/kg.
  • Good heavy cows were in the largest numbers, with most at 118c, with the very isolated sale to 130.2c/kg to return $965 a head.
  • Heavy bulls made to 140c/kg.

Toowoomba Sullivans

FEWER numbers came forward to a very mixed market for quality and price.

  • Agents yarded 170 head.
  • A limited numbers of cows were on offer, as were bullocks and a few heavy steers sold to 162.2c/kg.
  • Restockers were again strong on the better lines of weaners, and again competition on some potential show ring steers sold to 238c/kg, with a balance of weaner steers selling to 209c/kg.
  • A few good butcher heifers sold to 192.2c/kg, with most in the high 140/150 range.
  • Good angus cross feeder steers sold to 194.2c/kg.
  • Most of the usual buyers were in attendance and operated on reduced rates.
  • A draft of 27 shorthorn/hereford steers sold to a top of 200.2c/kg for $434 a head.
  • Hereford cross feeder steers from Oakey 398kg sold for 158.2c/kg for $630 a head.
  • Quality angus cross steers from Wandoan 275kg sold for 194.2c/kg for $534; heifers 255kg also sold for 173.6c/kg. 596kg santa cows sold for 115c/kg for $685 a head.
  • Limousin steers from Ramsay 233kg sold for 238c/kg for $555 a head. A limousin bull 800kg sold for 140c/kg for $1120 a head. Santa heifers 537kg sold for 130c/kg for $698 a head. Blonde cross heifers 325kg sold for 193.2c/kg for $627 a head. Limo cross heifers suitable for butcher trade 370kg sold for 192.2c/kg for $711 a head.

Dalby cattle 

NUMBERS eased by 15% and overall quality was very mixed.

  • Agents yarded 5031 head, down 860 head.
  • The usual field of buyers displayed less interest and prices slipped across most categories.
  • Young lightweight cattle to restockers, feeder operators and the trade suffered losses of more than 20c/kg in places.
  • Medium and heavy weight yearling steers to feed experienced a wide variation in price but the better end managed to remain firm.
  • But all weight ranges of yearling heifers experienced price reductions, with the better end 5c to 10c/kg cheaper and D muscle lines lost 17c/kg to 26c/kg.
  • A small selection of heavy grown steers to export slaughter averaged 6c/kg less, while bullocks lost 11c/kg.
  • Cows were also cheaper by 5c to 10c/kg.
  • The better end of the steer calves returned to the paddock at 176c/kg with sales to 183.2c, while D muscle lines averaged 150c/kg.
  • The largest number of vealer steers returned to the paddock at 177c/kg with sales to 184.2c/kg.
  • Vealer heifers to processors mostly sold in the mid 140c/kg range.
  • Lightweight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 169c/kg and made to 180.2c/kg, with lesser quality lines at 161c/kg.
  • Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged in the mid-160c/kg range and heavyweights 154c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling heifers to local and southern processors average 141c/kg, and D muscle lines 124c/kg.
  • Heavy-grown steers to export slaughter averaged 154c/kg, with some supplementary fed lines to 168.2c/kg. Bullocks averaged 151c/kg and sold to 157.2c/kg.
  • Medium-weight poor condition cows averaged 82c/kg and two scores mostly sold at 98c/kg. Good heavy cows generally sold at about 115c/kg with a few pens to 121.2c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 140c/kg.

Warwick cattle

THE small increase in supply generally sold to a cheaper market.

  • Agents yarded 955 head, up 108 head on the previous sale.
  • A fair gallery of buyers was present in the young cattle section, while some major export processors were absent.
  • Vealer heifers suffered the most, to lose 6c to 10c/kg, and top-end quality lines could not maintain the rates of the previous sale, to lose close to 30c/kg.
  • Medium weight yearling steers and heifers sold to a market 12c/kg cheaper.
  • A handful of heavy grown steers and bullocks to export slaughter experienced very little change in price, while cow values slipped a further 2c to 4c/kg.
  • A fair selection of calves returned to the paddock at 178c/kg, with some steer calves making to 201.2c/kg.
  • Vealer steers to feed generally sold from 155c/kg to 160c/kg with the occasional sale to a local butcher at 189.2c/kg.
  • Vealer heifers to feed averaged 151c/kg, while those to local and southern processors averaged 147c/kg.
  • A couple of top-end quality vealer heifers struggled to reach 186.2c/kg.
  • Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 160c/kg to 162c/kg with sales to 175.2c/kg.
  • Heavyweights to the trade averaged 163c/kg with a couple to 185.2c/kg.
  • Medium weight yearling heifers to slaughter averaged 158c/kg and sold to 173.6c, with D muscle lines in the 130c/kg range.
  • Heavy grown steers to export slaughter averaged 155c/kg and sold to 157.2c/kg.
  • Medium weight two score cows averaged 93c/kg and heavy three scores 105c/kg.
  • A fair supply of good heavy cows averaged 114c and sold to 120c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 145c/kg.

Moreton grain-assist

AGENTS Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 631 cattle at Moreton on Tuesday.

  • Yearlings and vealers were again cheaper than last week, even though the quality was better.
  • Good trade cattle improved slightly, as did some export cattle.
  • Yearling heifers account K and T Falkenhagen of Croftby sold for 172.6c/kg, weighing 402kg to return $694 a head.
  • S and M Ebbern of Linville sold yearling steers for 148.6c/kg, weighing 310kg to return $460 a head.
  • Russell Ladbrook of Fernvale sold pasture heifers for 145c/kg weighing 360kg to return $522 a head.
  • Pasture ox account Taxezy Pty Ltd of Hazeldean sold for 160.6c/kg weighing 550kg to return $908 a head.
  • Pasture steers account Taxezy Pty Ltd sold for 165c/kg weighing 550kg to return $884 a head.
  • Grain-assist heifers account Kandu Limousins sold for 175.6c/kg weighing 430kg to return $755 a head.
  • Grain accredited steers account D Cooper sold for 200c/kg weighing 510kg to return $1020 a head.
  • R and J Pickering of Windera sold medium cows for 136.6c/kg weighing 595kg to return $812 a head.
  • Om El Hana Stud sold cows for 137.6c/kg weighing 695kg to return $956 a head.
  • M Christensen sold santa bulls for 145.6c/kg weighing 800kg to return $1164 a head.

Gracemere sale

A YARDING of 3184 head of cattle came to hand comprising 1503 steers, 1164 heifers, 132 prime and store cows, 25 bulls and 160 cows and calves.

  • These cattle were drawn from Richmond, Rolleston and east of Alpha, as well as from all local areas.
  • Some very good lines of steers and heifers were met with firm competition.
  • Mt Flora, Nebo, sold a run of 90 droughtmaster steers to top at 182.2c/kg to average 236.8kg, returning $416 a head. Ken Schultz and family, Gogango, sold brahman cross bullocks to top at 143c/kg, weighing 576kg to return $825 a head.
  • Cedarvale Pastoral Company, Ubobo, sold two pens of quality charbray feeder steers to average 150c/kg weighing 405kg to return $609 a head.
  • Plattaway Station, Nebo, sold 106 brangus, droughtmaster and greyman cows and calves to average $1029 per unit.
  • Clay Neill-Ballantine, Bocoolima, sold quality brahman steers for 169c/kg weighing 272kg to return $460 a head.

Emerald Sale

WITH a Tuesday sale this week, numbers eased back to a little more than 2200 head at Emerald.

  • The quality of the offering was again to a high standard, with some good-quality drafts of weaners from repeat vendors.
  • Although there was good buyer attendance, values lost ground for almost all descriptions, from some of the strong rates of last week.
  • The exception was cows and calves, which gained about $50 per unit.
  • Bullocks over 55kg lost 8c/kg to top 136c/kg and average 131c/kg.
  • Steers 500-550kg sold 131c/kg for a 126c/kg, 10c/kg.
  • 400-500kg steers made to 144c/kg and averaged 128c/kg, 5c less, and those in the 320-400kg range reached 147c/kg for a 130c/kg.
  • 220-320kg steers got to 210c/kg for EU Accredited types, the average 166c/kg, 5c cheaper, while steers under 220kg topped at 191c/kg and averaged 176c/kg, 3c less than last week.
  • Cows were generally 6c to 7c/kg cheaper. Those over 520kg to 123c/kg, to average 112c/kg, while 400-520kg cows topped 120c/kg and averaged 103c/kg.
  • Heifers over 400kg matched last week's results to top 135c/kg and average 129c/kg.
  • 300-400kg heifers lifted 6c/kg on the back of a better quality to reach 144c/kg and average 121c/kg.
  • Those in the 220-300kg range sold to 155c/kg to average 126c/kg, 10c/kg; while heifers under 220kg made to 151c/kg for a 132c/kg average.
  • Improved competition on cows and calves saw them sell in a range from $630 to $700 per unit.
  • The Birchmore Family of Walkers Point, Richmond consigned a line of droughtmaster cows and calves to top $700 per unit.
  • Scott and Louise Russell of Consuelo, Rolleston sold an excellent line of santa weaners, the steer portion topping 184.2c/kg for 297kg to return $548 a head, while their sisters sold to 137.2c/kg for 261kg and $358 a head.
  • Les Lamont of Cotherstone, Clermont sold charolais cross heifers to 139.2c/kg for 275kg.
  • The Bulger Family of Carinyah, Willows, offered a line of charbray heifers to top 135.2c/kg for 412kg to return $557 a head.
  • Tony Lawlor and Kim Evans of Demipique, Capella, sold a line of red brangus cross steers to for 271kg to return $486 a head.
  • Stewart Dennis of Chasford, Clermont sold brangus steers to 143.2c/kg to return $527 a head.

Toowoomba pigs

THERE was a lighter yarding of 150 pigs this week.

  • Prime pork sold to rates firm on last Monday.
  • Prime bacon females were dearer, with all store pigs selling to excellent rates.
  • Also the Goombungee-Haden Pig Show and Sale saw all pork and bacon pigs selling in excess of 300c/kg.
  • The champion pig sold for 560c/kg.
  • Quotations:
  • Prime pork 240-278c/kg, prime light bacon 210-241c/kg, prime bacon 210-278c/kg, boars 19c/kg, sows to 128c/kg.
  • Forward stores $110-$130, weaners $92-$104, suckers $72.

Warwick sheep

IN A smaller yarding of both sheep and lambs, the market was cheaper for all descriptions, on a par with southern markets.

  • Agents yarded 1166 lambs and hoggets and 213 sheep at the weekly sale on April 24.


  • Cross-bred lambs 46-57kg $86-$100; cross-bred lambs 40-45kg $89-$110; cross-bred lambs 38-42kg $66-$81.
  • And cross-bred hoggets 58kg $66 (shorn).

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