Toowoomba region livestock sales

SALEYARD SNAPSHOT: Harvey Campbell, Mooru Grazing, Takilberan, with a pen of his No 0 droughtmaster bullocks at the Biggenden Meatworks and Store Sale. Mooru Grazing sold 37 bullocks at the sale and topped at 184.2c/kg and averaged 182.7c/kg or $1138 a head.
SALEYARD SNAPSHOT: Harvey Campbell, Mooru Grazing, Takilberan, with a pen of his No 0 droughtmaster bullocks at the Biggenden Meatworks and Store Sale. Mooru Grazing sold 37 bullocks at the sale and topped at 184.2c/kg and averaged 182.7c/kg or $1138 a head.

Toowoomba Elders

  • NUMBERS climbed to a much higher level following the rain- reduced yarding the previous week. Agents yarded 949 head, up 815 head on the previous sale.
  • A full panel of buyers was present and most were operating on the mixed-quality yarding.
  • Young cattle experienced a mixed trend, with restockers providing very strong support on suitable lightweight lines. However, the heifer portion lost the gains of the previous sale.
  • A small selection of very well- presented heavy steers and bullocks received strong competition.
  • Cows eased in price by about 5c/kg compared to the last sale, with reasonable numbers two weeks ago.
  • Calves to restockers made to 230.2c/kg, with a fair sample at 210c/kg. Vealer steers also returning to the paddock mostly sold about 213c/kg.
  • Vealer heifers averaged 183c/kg, with a few selected classes to local butchers making to 198.2c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 216c/kg and made to 221.2c/kg and medium- weights averaged 205c/kg.
  • Heavy yearling steers to the trade made to 200c/kg to average 182c/kg and feeder classes averaged 173c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearlings to feed and slaughter averaged 168c/kg, with a few to 180c/kg.
  • Medium-weight B muscle classes to the trade made to 205.2c/kg with the remainder at 173c/kg.
  • Heavy steers to export slaughter averaged 189c/kg and sold to 193.2c/kg.
  • Bullocks also made to 193.2c/kg to average 187c/kg.
  • A fair selection of export heifers made to 174.2c/kg to average 169c/kg.
  • Medium-weight 2 score cows averaged 119c/kg and sold to 128.2c/kg and 3 scores averaged 132c/kg.
  • Good heavy cows made to a top of 158.2c/kg to average 150c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 165.2c/kg.

Toowoomba Landmark

NUMBERS increased to a normal level as most roads in the supply area started to dry out.

  • Agents yarded 650 head, up 550 head on the previous sale.
  • Quality was mixed across all sections, with just a few well-presented lines.
  • Buyer attendance was good and included a large panel of restocker buyers and onlookers.
  • Restockers provided very strong competition on lightweight lines, and apart from some very good vealers receiving strong competition from butchers, the remainder of the young cattle sold to lacklustre demand.
  • Heavy steers and bullocks sold to fair competition.
  • Cows could not maintain the rates of the last sale with reasonable numbers two weeks ago.
  • A fair sample of calves returned to the paddock at 231.2c/kg, and vealer steers to restockers averaged 203c/kg.
  • Vealer heifers mostly sold in the 180c/kg range with a small sample of very well-presented classes reaching 213.2c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 220c/kg and made to 222.2c/kg.
  • Heavy-weights to the trade and feed generally sold in the mid to high 170c/kg range.
  • Lightweight yearling heifers to the trade averaged close to 178c/kg and D muscle lines 163c/kg.
  • Heavy yearling heifers, supplementary-fed, sold to strong demand from butchers and wholesalers to reach 192.2c/kg to average 174c/kg.
  • Plain-condition heavy steers and bullocks average 172c/kg while a few pens of better lines made to 186.2c/kg to average 178c/kg.
  • Medium-weight 3 score cows averaged 129c/kg and heavyweights 135c/kg.
  • A handful of good heavy cows made to 145c/kg to return $928 a head.
  • Heavy over-condition lines averaged 133c/kg and made to 135c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 169.2c/kg.

Toowoomba Sullivan

AN INCREASE in sale numbers saw a better line-up of steers, bullocks and cows being offered for competition.

  • Overall bullocks held firm on the previous sale, while younger bullocks sold to a few c/kg better.
  • Cows sold to firm to slightly easier for plainer types.
  • Yearlings to local butcher trade sold to a fully firm market, with local restockers strong in the market.
  • Lightweight weaner steers sold to dearer rates while plain condition heifers met less competition. Prime yearling heifers to butcher trade sold to 192.2c/kg.
  • Angus vealer steers from Haden sold for 201.2c/kg for $461 a head.
  • Charolais steers 605kg from Millmerran sold for 186.2c/kg for $1126 also selling murray grey cross steers 445kg for 191.2c/kg for $850 a head.
  • Charolais cross heifers 246kg from Peranga sold for 196.6c/kg for $484 a head.
  • Charbray cows from Crows Nest sold for 139.6c/kg for $739 a head.
  • Djuan bullocks 671kg sold for 175.2c/kg for $1176 a head.
  • Charolais steers from Oakey 635kg sold for 181.2c/kg for $1150, and charolais heifers 590kg sold for 162.2c/kg for $956 a head.
  • A draft of simmental cross heifers 419kg grain assisted sold for 192.2c/kg for $806 a head.
  • Santa/hereford steers from Wandoan 271kg sold for 207.2c/kg for $562 a head.
  • Steve and Paula Thompson of "Kooralgin" sold a draft of romangnola cross steers for 222.2c/kg 228kg for $506 a head.
  • Charolais steers 305kg from Oakey sold for 198.2c/kg for $604 a head.

Warwick cattle

YARDINGS lifted to a higher level as the supply area begins to dry out after recent rain.

  • Agents yarded 1320 head, up 453 head on the previous sale.
  • Overall quality was generally fair to good. However, a large percentage of the young cattle sold to feeder operators or restockers with only a small selection to the trade.
  • Medium-weight yearling steers to feed for the domestic market received strong competition, while the remainder of the yearling steers and heifers could not maintain the average prices of the previous sale.
  • Bullocks averaged 4c less, and cow prices fell by 3c to 7c/kg.
  • Vealer steers made to 220c/kg and the best of the vealer heifers made to 216.2c/kg to average 193c/kg, while those to feed averaged 183c/kg.
  • Medium-weight yearling steers to feed generally sold from 187c/kg to 190c/kg.
  • Heavy feeders averaged 174c/kg and made to 180c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling heifers to feed and slaughter mostly sold in the mid 170c/kg range.
  • Medium-weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 170c/kg and trade descriptions 177c/kg with sales to 196.2c/kg.
  • Plain condition heavy grown steers averaged 164c/kg, and a handful of better classes averaged 177c/kg.
  • Bullocks also averaged 177c/kg with a few to 189.2c/kg.
  • Medium-weight 2 score cows averaged 121c/kg, and 3 scores 133c/kg.
  • A fair sample of good heavy cows made to 154.6c/kg to average 148c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 170.6c/kg.

Burnett Livestock

BURNETT Livestock and Realty's fortnightly meatworks and store sale on Monday saw a yarding of 483 head.

  • Sixty-seven bullocks weighing more than 500kg were yarded and sold dearer throughout, averaging two to four cents dearer.
  • Cows topped at 150.2c/kg and also averaged mostly dearer.
  • Cows over 500kg were firm while cows 400kg to 500kg were six cents dearer and only a handful of cows under 400kg were yarded.
  • Trade heifers were very mixed but averaged 10 cents dearer, but again only small numbers were yarded.
  • Some good heavy bulls were yarded and topped at 172.2c/kg and averaged six cents dearer.
  • Only a few store steers were yarded due to the steer sale two days before, so therefore there are no numbers to quote.
  • Heifers 300kg to 400kg topped at 174.2c/kg and averaged 12 cents dearer.
  • Heifers under 300kg were in short supply and averaged one to 10 cents dearer while 22 x 22 cows and calves were yarded and sold from $500 to $850 a head.
  • Mooru Grazing, Takilberan, sold No 0 droughtmaster and brangus cross steers from 181.2c/kg to 184.2c or $1096 to $1180 a head.
  • HCT Campbell, Takilberan sold brangus cross No 0 bullocks for 182.2c/kg or $1191 a head.
  • Gracedieu Grazing, Lowmead, sold brahman No 0 bullocks for 176.2c/kg or $972 a head.
  • Abbotsleigh Citrus, Wallaville, sold two and four tooth charbray cross bullocks for 180.2c or $945 a head.
  • RK and M Vaughan, Booyal sold brahman cross cows for 150.2c/kg or $721 a head.
  • DW and SM Campbell, Gaeta, sold charbray-brahman cross cows to top at 150.2c/kg or $811 a head.
  • BG Knight, Nanango, sold charbray cross milk and two tooth heifers for 166.2c/kg or $752 a head.
  • L and L Jensen, South Kolan, sold two- and four-tooth heifers to top at 166.2c/kg or $756 a head.
  • Boyd's Contracting, Coringa, sold braford cross cows to top at 142.2c/kg or $661 a head.
  • Agnes Water Landscaping sold brahman cows to top at 144.2c/kg or $735 a head.
  • Rhind Family, Yerra, sold droughtmaster cows to top at 145.2c/kg or $776 a head.
  • S and K Schafferius, Coringa, sold brahman cross cows to top at 146.2c/kg or $775 a head.
  • Donaldson and Ferris, Childers, sold brahman bulls to average 170.2c/kg or $1332 a head.
  • The Stark Family, Mundubbera, sold a brahman bulls for 170.2c/kg or $1362 a head.
  • A droughtmaster bull on account of Lance Baker, Gayndah sold for 172.2c/kg or $1576 a head.
  • Brahman cross milk tooth steers on account of JT and YM Hetherington, Dallarnil, sold for 171.2c/kg or $612 to $623 a head.
  • The Beddows Family, Windera, sold simbrah weaner steers for 194.2c/kg or $476 to $515 a head.
  • L and L Jensen, South Kolan, sold red brangus weaner steers for 189.2c/kg or $378 a head.
  • ED Jensen, Wallaville, sold murray grey cross weaner steers to top at 189.2c/kg or $482 a head.
  • BG Knight, Nanango, sold charolais cross milk tooth heifers for 174.2c/kg or $706 a head.
  • GD and DM Seymour sold Charbray milk tooth heifers for 174.2c/kg or $629 a head.
  • L, R and J Kropp, Goodnight Scrub, sold Charbray weaner heifers for 170.2c/kg or $493 a head. WJ Beddows, Windera, sold Simbrah weaner heifers for 170c/kg or $476 a head.
  • NJ and FA Schonrock, Biggenden, sold brangus weaner heifers to top at 170c/kg or $391 a head.

Dalby cattle

FLOODING rain resulting in road closures severely impacted on supply.

  • Agents yarded 992 head, down 2662 head on the previous sale. A mixed quality line-up of young cattle was penned.
  • However, the standard of the small number of heavy steers, bullocks and cows was generally good.
  • The usual panel of export buyers was present and operating along with a fair number of feeder operators and restocker buyers.
  • Values for young cattle improved, especially the lightweight yearling heifers, with the better end averaging 12c/kg dearer.
  • The shorter supply had no effect on prices for the heavy steers bullocks and cows, with most close to the rates of the previous sale.
  • A few calves to restockers made to 212.2c/kg to average close to 200c/kg. A handful of vealer heifers averaged 11c/kg dearer at 195c/kg.
  • A drop in the quality of the lightweight yearling steers to restockers saw average prices at 203c/kg, with sales to 213.2c/kg.
  • A small sample of heavy weight yearling steers to the trade averaged 6c/kg dearer at 188c/kg and sold to 190.2c/kg.
  • A fair supply of lightweight yearling heifers sold to the trade at 185c/kg with some to 195.2c/kg, while D muscle classes averaged 165c/kg.
  • Medium-weight yearling heifers to feed sold to a market 5c/kg better at 172c/kg.
  • Heavyweights to the trade averaged 170c/with some certified grainfeds to 193.2c/kg. Heavy steers averaged 182c/kg with some of certified grainfeds to 192.2c/kg.
  • Plain-condition bullocks improved in value to average 171c/kg and the better lines mostly sold around 185c/kg with sales to 189.2c/kg.
  • Full mouth bullocks averaged 181c/kg and sold to 183.2c/kg.
  • Most of the cows were in the four score range, and medium weights average 145c/kg, and heavyweights 152c/kg with sales to 162.2c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 176.2c/kg.

Moreton grain-assist

AGENTS Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 916 head of cattle at Moreton on Tuesday.

  • The overall quality was improved and all values rose accordingly. Calves and veal were up 4 to 6c, as were feeders and good trade. Export was also up on previous weeks. G and Y Luther of Helidon sold euro cross vealer steers for 185.6c/kg weighing 315kg to return $584 a head.
  • Vealer steers account N and J Smith of Mt Walker sold for 182.6c/kg weighing 155kg to return $283 a head.
  • Vealer heifers account McLoughlin P'ship sold for 195.6c/kg weighing 290kg to return $567 a head.
  • Droughtmaster yearling heifers account Col Molkentein of Lowood sold for 191.6c/kg weighing 305kg to return $584 a head. J and P O'Shea of Laidley sold euro cross vealer heifers for 177.6c/kg, weighing 215kg to return $381 a head.
  • Santa heifers yearlings account K and P Thomas of Aratula sold for 192.6c/kg, weighing 251kg to return $483 a head. Grain-assist charolais heifers account Kent and Steinke of Laidley sold for 185.6c/kg, weighing 388kg to return $720 a head.
  • Paul Newlove of Maroon sold grain assist steers for 190c/kg weighing 445kg to return $845 a head. R Zahnow of Fernvale sold Limo cross grain-assist heifers for 204.6c/kg weighing 395kg to return $808 a head.
  • Grain-assist steers account M Christensen of Rosevale sold for 188.6c/kg weighing 375kg to return $707 a head.
  • Symbol "D" sold santa cross steers grain assist for 192.6c/kg weighing 335kg to return $645 a head.
  • Talora Pty Ltd sold angus steers for 185c/kg weighing 440kg to return $814 a head.
  • L and J Muller Pty Ltd of Kalbar sold santa heifers grain assist for 182.6c/kg weighing 462kg to return $844 a head.
  • Santa steers grain assist account L and J Muller Pty Ltd sold for 183.6c/kg weighing 655kg to return $1202 a head.
  • Kabunga Cattle Co sold brahman steers for 178.6c/kg weighing 539kg to return $962 a head. Trinity Pastoral sold d'master steers pasture fed for 179.6c/kg weighing 615kg to return $1104 a head. Sticklin Brothers sold charolais cows for 165.6c/kg weighing 810kg to return $1341 a head.
  • L and P Haynes sold a charbray bull for 167.6c/kg weighing 830kg to return $1391 a head.

Warwick sheep

IN A larger yarding of both sheep and lambs, the market was firm to dearer for all descriptions. Store lambs met keen buyer competition. Agents yarded 1546 lambs and hoggets, and 180 sheep at the weekly sale on March 6.

  • Marnhull Farming of Jandowae held the top lambs account selling for $111 a head to Rose River Produce and Westridge Meats.
  • Quotations: Cross-bred lambs 46-55kg $100-$111, cross-bred lambs 40-45kg $99-$106.50, cross-bred lambs 38-42kg $98-$108. Cross-bred hoggets 48kg $68 (shorn).

Toowoomba pigs

THERE were 250 pigs sold, with prime pork and bacon dearer. Backfatter sows were firm while all store and weaner pigs sold prices dependent on weight and type.

  • Quotations: Prime pork 265-300c/kg, prime light bacon 258-289c/kg, prime bacon 255-303c/kg, sows to 110-126c/kg. Forward stores $114-$130, weaners $70-$98, suckers $45.

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