Toowoomba region livestock sales

At the Annual Yasloc Poll Dorset ram sale are (left) Warren Lockyer of Tooloogan Ben Lomond and Yasloc stud prinicpal Andrew Say.
At the Annual Yasloc Poll Dorset ram sale are (left) Warren Lockyer of Tooloogan Ben Lomond and Yasloc stud prinicpal Andrew Say. Contributed

Toowoomba Elders

A RETURN to more flooding rain resulting in some road closures and reduced numbers dramatically.

  • Agents yarded 134 head, down 656 head on the previous sale.
  • The very small yarding was dominated by young stock and only a handful of grown cattle.
  • A fair panel of buyers was present, and prices improved for a small selection of restocker classes, and well-presented trade cattle were scarce.
  • A couple of vealer heifers to the local butcher trade made to 196.2c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers returning to the paddock or backgrounders made to 222.2c/kg to average 218c/kg.
  • Heavyweights to the trade made to 191.2c/kg to average 180c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling heifers to restockers averaged 172c/kg and made to 177.2c/kg.
  • A couple of pens of B muscle yearling heifers redirected from a local show made to 221.2c/kg to average 219c/kg.
  • A couple of heavy three score cows sold for about 133c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 167.2c/kg.

Toowoomba Landmark

THE wet weather severely disrupted supply.

  • Agents yarded 100 head, down 500 head on the previous sale.
  • The small number penned consisted of a handful of local cattle and a consignment from the far western corner of the state that managed to get through before the road closures.
  • A fair panel of buyers was operating, and values improved by 2c to 8c/kg.
  • Vealer heifers made to 195.2c/kg and a couple of yearling steers returning to the paddock made to 202.2c/kg.
  • The better end of the lightweight yearling heifers to processors made to 179.2c/kg to average 169c/kg, while poor condition D muscle lines from the west averaged 141.2c/kg.
  • Plain condition heavy steers to export slaughter lifted in value to average 8c/kg better at 175c with sales to 176.2c/kg.
  • A handful of poor-condition cows averaged 103c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 160c/kg.

Dalby cattle

WET weather continues to reduce supply, with numbers back by 12%.

  • Agents yarded 3654 head, down 485 head on the previous sale.
  • Overall quality was mixed. However, there were some well-presented bullocks and cows included in the line-up.
  • Buyer attendance was good and included all the major export processors and feeder buyers, plus a larger contingent of restocker buyers and onlookers.
  • Lightweight yearling steers returning to the paddock improved by 12c/kg and lightweight yearling heifers gained 4c to 10c/kg.
  • A lesser quality line-up of heavy yearling steers to feed sold to a dearer trend.
  • Heavy steers and bullocks to export slaughter lifted in price by 3c to 4c/kg.
  • Apart from some top-end quality heavy cows selling to stronger demand, values for the remainder of the cows hovered around the previous week's rates.
  • Most of the calves returned to the paddock at 216c/kg with sales to 223.2c/kg.
  • A good supply of lightweight yearling steers purchased by restockers made to 228.2c/kg with most at 210c/kg.
  • Medium-weights to feed made to 191.2c/kg to average 184c, and D muscle lines averaged 165c/kg.
  • A fair supply of heavy feeders made to 180.2c/kg, with most at 176c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling heifers to restockers averaged 171c/kg and sold to 186.2c/kg, while D muscle lines improved 4c to average 158c/kg.
  • Medium weight trade descriptions averaged 176c/kg and made to 180c/kg.
  • Heavy steers averaged 188c/kg with some supplementary fed lines to 198.2c/kg.
  • Bullocks mostly sold around 186c/kg, with supplementary fed classes to 195.2c/kg.
  • Medium weight two score cows averaged 124c/kg and sold to128c/kg, and 3 scores averaged 138c/kg.
  • A fair selection of good heavy cows averaged 151c/kg with a couple of outstanding cows reaching 171.2c/kg to return $1219 a head.
  • Heavy bulls improved in price to reach 180.2c/kg in pen lots.

Warwick cattle

THE wet weather had no effect on supply and numbers lifted to a higher level.

  • Agents yarded 867 head, up 160 head on the previous sale.
  • Young cattle dominated the selling pens, virtually no good heavy steers and bullocks were penned, while there was a good selection of cows.
  • Buyer attendance was good and values improved for a number of classes.
  • Restockers lifted prices by 13c to 20c/kg on lightweight lines.
  • Butchers and processors battled to secure a market share of the vealer heifers and in turn lifted values by 8c to 16c/kg.
  • Medium- and heavy-weight yearling steers and heifers also experienced some improvement in places.
  • Cows generally lifted in price, with plain condition classes improving the most.
  • Calves to restockers averaged 198c/kg and sold to 203.2c/kg.
  • Heavy vealer steers sold to the butcher trade at 220.2c/kg.
  • A good sample of vealer heifers averaged 199c/kg and sold to 210.2c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers to restockers averaged 203c/kg and made to 214.2c/kg.
  • A handful of medium-weight B muscle classes to the trade made to 219.2c/kg, while feeder descriptions generally sold in the early- to mid-180c/kg range.
  • The better end of the lightweight yearling heifers averaged 8c/kg dearer at 180c/kg and restocker lines 176c/kg.
  • A handful of outstanding medium-weight B muscle yearling heifers made to 221.2c/kg to average 215c/kg, while the remainder of the C3s averaged 185c/kg.
  • Lightweight plain cows averaged 105c/kg and medium-weight two scores averaged 124c/kg, and three scores 136c/kg.
  • Good heavy cows were in the largest numbers and averaged 155c/kg and made to 164.2c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 175.2c/kg.

Yasloc ram sale

THE Annual Yasloc Poll Dorset ram sale conducted on property "Euroa" at Glen Innes procured a near-total clearance to a large gallery of buyers.

Vendors the Say family were pleased with the clearance and the overall demand for their Poll Dorset flock rams backed by years of selection and boosted by a great autumn, now being experienced by even more producers after tremendous February rainfall.

Forty-four registered buyers with the majority being longstanding repeat customers bid freely to clear the catalogue.

There were 102 two-tooth rams sold to a top price of $1100 to repeat Yasloc clients Grant and Linley Ryan "Hedgeroy" Ben Lomond while an outstanding offering of 50 well-presented June/July 2012 drop ram lambs topped at $800 twice, with Ian Law, Mayo Grazing, Emmaville, and Jeff Duddy, Kilpallie, Glen Innes, sharing high-priced ram lamb purchasers.

Jackson Agriculture, represented by Landmark Boultons Walcha procured 10 two-tooth rams, while first-time buyer David Green, Bon Haven, Roma procured eight rams to go north.

Long-standing clients Graham and Warren Lockyer procured 15 rams for their strong Ben Lomond 1st cross operation.

Rams also headed to Inverell through CL Squires and Co and Elders Ltd, while astute lamb producers from Guyra and surrounds were solid.

In summary, 102 two-tooth rams averaged $637, and 50 ram lambs averaged $613, reflecting a strong endorsement of the younger genetics offered at the 32nd annual sale.

Selling agents were Colin Say and Co and Landmark Glen Innes, with Craig Thomas and Brad Newsome doing selling.

Warwick sheep

IN A smaller yarding of both sheep and lambs, the market was firm on last week's rates.

  • Agents yarded 1028 lambs and hoggets, and 29 sheep at the weekly sale on February 27.
  • Greenup Maryland Partnership of Thulimbah held the top lambs account, selling for $100.50 a head to Carey Bros Meats.
  • Quotations: Cross-bred lambs 46-55kg $93-$100.50, cross-bred lambs 40-45kg $92-$98, cross-bred lambs 38-42kg $82-$92.
  • Cross-bred hoggets 60kg $58 (shorn).

Toowoomba pigs

THERE were 150 pigs yarded, with prime pork selling to rates similar to last Monday.

Prime bacon was easier, with backfatter sows selling to strong competition.

Store pigs were firm to easier, with weaners dearer.


  • Prime pork 255-280c/kg, prime light bacon 242-265c/kg, prime bacon 240-260c/kg, sows to 110-130c/kg.
  • Forward stores $120, weaners $70-$98.

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