Toowoomba cattle, sheep and pig sales

Toowoomba Elders

THERE was a few less cattle yarded consisting of a good supply of young cattle and a fair penning of grown cattle.

Agents yarded 673 head, down 121 head on the previous sale.

The young cattle consisted of a mixed offering of vealers, while there were several pens of supplementary fed yearling steers and heifers and feeder steers and heifers.

Quality was mixed with a large percentage of vealer steers going to restockers, while the heifers were acquired by processors and restockers.

The market varied with restocker vealer steers selling according to quality topping at 209c/kg, while vealer heifers to slaughter were down by 6c/kg averaging around 197c/kg.

Trade yearling steers, mainly supplementary fed, saw little change averaging around 185c/kg.

Feeder steers sold firm to an easier trend.

Trade yearling heifers held firm to average around 180c/kg and feeders toped at 173c/kg.

The yarding of export cattle consisted of a fair penning of bullocks, steers and heifers and most of the cows were medium and heavy weights.

Well finished C4 and C3 grown steers sold firm to 3c/kg dearer selling to 194.2c/kg and heifers toped at 175.2c/kg.

The cow market improved with heavy cows averaging 153c/kg and medium weight 4 scores averaging 150c/kg.

Toowoomba Landmark

THERE was a smaller yarding of cattle with a reduction in most classes of cattle.

Agents yarded 450 head, down 255 head on the previous sale.

Vealers were in reduced numbers with large percentage going to restockers, while there was a fair yarding of yearlings with only the better end of the 3 score steers and heifers being acquired by processors, while feeder and restocker cattle were well represented.

Grown cattle numbers were down.

Quality of the young cattle was fairly mixed with the largest percentage going to restockers and feeders at mixed prices.

Vealer steers to restockers struggled to hold firm topping at 203c and vealer heifers to slaughter topped at 204.2c/kg.

Well-bred restocker heifers sold to 200c/kg while the few trade yearling steers held firm.

Feeder and restocker steers lost some ground as feeder heifers sold firm to slightly easier.

The yarding of export cattle was made up of a few bullocks steers and heifers and a mixed yarding of cows.

Bullocks and steers sold firm to slightly dearer, while the cow market was firm to 4c/kg higher.

Toowoomba O'Sullivan

A FEW less numbers came forward for competition.

Most of the cattle yarded were from local areas with limited western cattle being penned.

Again the export market sold to fully firm rates with heavy steers from Chinchilla selling close to 191c/kg and heavy prime cows selling to 158c/kg.

Local butcher trade sold to firm rates with still some patchy areas feeder steers also remained fully firm.

Prime vealers still selling well but plainer types still meeting limited competition.

A good line up of buyers in attendance.

A draft of Santa and Charolais cross heavy steers from Chinchilla sold for a top of 190.6c/kg to return an average of $1136 a head.

Santa feeder steers 378kg sold for 187.2c/kg for $708 a head.

A line of Santa cows and calves sold for $880 a unit,

Shorthorn Cross steers 253kg sold for 199.2c/kg for $505 a head.

Charolais cross butcher steers grain assisted sold for 185.2c/kg 431kg for $798 a head.

Santa cross steers from Billa Billa sold for 188.8c/kg 583kg for $1100 a head.

Charolais cross vealer steers sold for 201.6c/kg while the heifers 194kg sold for 200.2c/kg.

Warwick cattle

THE number of cattle yarded was down slightly, consisting of a good penning of vealers.

Agents yarded 820 head, down 139 head on the previous sale.

Yearlings were well supplied and there was a fair yarding of grown cattle.

Quality of the young cattle was mixed with some good runs of supplementary fed yearlings offered, along with a fair number of plain cattle.

The market varied with vealer heifers to slaughter down by 10c/kg topping at 205.2c/kg while restocker vealer steers sold to 214.2c/kg.

Supplementary fed yearling steers and heifers met keen butcher and wholesale demand with steers selling 2c/kg to 3c/kg dearer ranging from 175c/kg to 205c/kg.

Yearling heifers were up by 10c/kg in places ranging from 170 to 202c/kg.

Feeder and restocker cattle struggled to hold their price with feeder steers selling firm to slightly easier with heifers selling to a similar trend.

The yarding of export cattle consisted of several pens of heavy bullocks, steers and cows.

Bullocks and steers were 2c/kg dearer topping at 191.2c/kg, while heifers sold to 170c/kg.

The cow market improved by 1c/kg to 3c/kg for most grades.

Dalby cattle

RAIN across the local area only reduced numbers by 14%.

Agents yarded 5783 head, down 995 head on the previous sale.

Quality was generally fair to good however the overall standard was not as good as the previous week.

Buyer attendance was good with all major export buyers present however not all were operating in the heavy steer and bullock portion.

Young cattle generally experienced a dearer trend with restockers more active in the market.

The return of supermarket support also saw yearling heifers to feed gain ground in value.

Heavy steers and bullocks were firm to 1c/kg dearer.

Cow values hovered around the improved rates of the previous sale.

Calves to restockers lifted over 20c/kg to average 217c/kg with sales to 227.2c/kg.

Vealer heifers mostly sold around 202c/kg with some to 209.2c/kg.

Lightweight yearling steers to restockers averaged 13c/kg better at 212c/kg with sales to 224.2c/kg.

Medium weight yearling steers mostly sold around 190c/kg, while heavy weights to feed improved 5c/kg to average 189c/kg with sales to 199.2c/kg.

Lightweight yearling heifers to local and southern processors averaged just under 185c/kg and sold 200c/kg, and restocker classes averaged 181c/kg.

Medium weight yearling heifers to feeders averaged 2c/kg to 4c/kg dearer at 178c/kg with sales to 183.2c/kg.

Heavy steers averaged 183c/kg and made to 191.2c/kg and bullocks made to 194.2c/kg with the majority close to 187c/kg.

Full mouth bullocks averaged 173c/kg and sold to 178.2c/kg and heavily conditioned lines averaged 160c/kg.

Medium weight plain cows averaged 109c/kg, and the 2 scores 125c/kg with sales to 129.2c/kg.

The better 3 and 4 score lines averaged 134c/kg to 148c/kg respectively.

Good heavy cows made to 162.2c/kg to average close to 151c/kg.

Heavy Bulls made to 182c/kg.

Moreton grain-assist

AGENTS Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 410 cattle at Moreton on Tuesday.

Most cattle were showing effects of the season.

Good yearlings and vealers sold well as did the good trade.

Feeder cattle remained unchanged, all export cattle sold to strong rates.

Vealer heifers account I and C Coyne, Mt Marrow sold to 188.6c/kg weighing 215kg to return $405 a head.

Bremer Lodge, Lower Mt Walker sold vealer steers for 194.6c/kg weighing 217kg to return $423 a head.

Pasture heifers account Simmendale Stud, Cedar Creek sold to 192.6c/kg weighing 375kg to return $722 a head.

R Baker sold pasture steers to 187.6c/kg weighing 435kg to return $870 a head.

Pasture ox account Sutton Farms, Gatton sold to 183.6c/kg weighing 630kg to return $1156 a head.

Glenapp Livestock, Rathdowney sold grain fed heifers for 196.6c/kg weighing 472kg to return $928 a head.

Grain assist steers account F O'Shea, Thagoona sold to 191.6c/kg weighing 345kg to return $661 a head.

Chalk Farming, Boonah sold heavy grain assist steers for 191.6c/kg weighing 520kg to return $996 a head.

Medium cows account J and L Friis sold to 160.6c/kg weighing 545kg to return $1040 a head.

Bulls sold to 173.6c/kg account Lambrecht Investments, Lamington weighing 765kg to return $1328 a head.

Gympie cattle

SULLIVAN Livestock yarded 1189 cattle at their Gympie Cattle Sale held on October 22 where the market was fully firm for all descriptions.

Cattle were drawn from Kilkivan, Tiaro, Woolooga, Eumundi, Conondale, Maleny, Miva, Manumbar, Mundubbera and all local areas.

Heavy feeder steers were in short supply Droughtmaster steers 2 years A/c Fitzgerald Family Trust sold for 185c/kg or $792 a head.

Good quality weaner Droughtmaster steers A/c The Black Family, Bell's Bridge sold to 208c/kg or $530 a head.

Santa x steers A/c Fitzgerald and Co, Oakview sold for $475 a head.

Brahman steers A/c Les Howard, Maryborough sold for 193c/kg or $512 and 194c/kg or $479 a head.

Most good quality weaner steers sold from 180c/kg to 208c/kg.

Charbray heifers A/c Argentum, Woolooga sold for 174c/kg or $742, 174c/kg or $642 and 172c/kg or $556 a head.

Barry Jesberg, Kin Kin sold Droughtmaster heifers for 181c/kg or $543 a head.

Weaner Droughtmaster heifers A/c The Black Family, Bell's Bridge sold to a top of 190c/kg or $504 a head.

Charolais heifers A/c The Ross Family, Glen Echo sold from 181c/kg to 185c/kg or $638 and $498 a head.

Most better quality heifers sold from 168c/kg to 190c/kg.

Cows and calves sold from $500 - $740 a head.

Warwick sheep

IN A smaller yarding of lambs and a slightly larger yarding of sheep, the market was cheaper for all descriptions.

Agents yarded 1092 lambs and hoggets, and 238 sheep at the weekly sale on October 17.

AF and RF Sutton of "Lucernedale", Yelarbon held the top lambs account selling for $97 a head to Paynes Meats.


Cross-bred lambs 46-55kg $84.50-$92, cross-bred lambs 40-45kg $87.50-$97, cross-bred lambs 38-42kg $73-$81.

Cross-bred hoggets 46.7kg $75 (shorn).

Toowoomba pigs

THERE were 244 pigs yarded with prime pork selling to strong prices.

Prime bacon was firm and backfatter sows and boars sold to rates similar to last week.

A lighter yarding of stores sold to firm rates.


Prime pork 248-270c/kg, prime light bacon 229-255c/kg, prime bacon 230-248c/kg, boars 15c/kg, sows to 115c/kg.

Forward stores $100-$134, weaners $70-$92, suckers $36-$40.

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