Western cattle roll in despite rain's influence

WHILE there has been some rain in western areas over the past 10 days, it has not been enough to stem the tide of fat and store cattle coming on the market at Emerald.

The better quality flat back and crossbred weaner steers and heifers were in demand, showing gains of up to 29c/kg, while meatworks cattle fell back to rates similar to a fortnight ago.

Emerald combined agents yarded 2550 head of well presented, predominantly local, cattle on April 18.

Bullocks made to 150c/kg, while feeder steers reached 147c/kg and averaged 133c/kg, only 2c/kg behind the previous week's rates.

Light feeders were in demand, making to 200c/kg to average 146c/kg and gain 4c/kg.

Weaner steers 220-320kg peaked at 210c/kg to average 171c/kg, a gain of 29c/kg; while light weaner steers peaked at 199c/kg to average 179c/kg and gain 19c/kg.

Heavy heifers were back 13c/kg, making to 142c/kg. Feeder heifers made to 129c/kg, back 2c/kg, while weaner heifers 220-300kg made to 154c/kg, to average 138c/kg, a gain of 13c/kg. Light weaner heifers under 220kg reached 148c/kg, to average 138c/kg, a gain 12c/kg.

Heavy cows peaked at 137c/kg to average 120c/kg, back 12c/kg.

Emerald Sale Highlights

  • Thursday, April 18. Yarding: 2550.
  • Alan & Julie Hay, Eka, Jericho, sold an outstanding draft of 142 simmental/ braford/santa cross weaner steers to top at 210.2c/kg and average 195.2c/kg, weighing 281kg to return $548 a head.
  • The lead pen of simmental cross steers weighed 333.5kg to make 200.2c/kg and return $667
  • George, Marie & Steve Saunders, Medway Park, Bogantungan, sold an outstanding draft of charolais/droughmaster/brahman cross weaner steers to top at 201.2c/kg and average 190.2c/kg, weighing 273.5kg to return $520.
  • The lead pen of charolais cross steers weighed to 308.3kg to make 190.2c/kg and return $586
  • Jeff & Raelea Holzwart, Kensington, Comet, sold heavy brangus cows to 129c/kg, weighing 725kg to make $936. Their heifers reached 137c/kg, weighing 570kg and grossing $782
  • Peter & Kim Cheal, Kurrabi, Emerald, sold brahman cows to 125c/kg, weighing 490kg to make $613
  • Andrew & Donna Donaldson, Moonstone, Alpha, sold droughtmaster cows to 130.2c/kg, to weigh 589kg and gross $767.30
  • Webb Cattle Co sold brahman feeder steers for 131.2c/kg, to weigh 406kg and return $533.64
  • Bill Ramsey, Bellarine, Emerald, sold good spayed brahman cross heifers for 138.2c/kg, to weigh 516.7kg and return $718
  • David & Wendy Thornberry sold droughtmaster cross cows for 122.2c/kg, to weigh 588.6kg and return $719.23
  • Laurie Hawkins, Serpentine, Springsure, sold droughmaster No.1 heifers for 135c/kg, weighing 490kg to make $663

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