Mystery of stranded Farnborough trawler finally put to rest

MYSTERY SOLVED: Hervey Bay trawler Rosella was found stranded on Farnborough Beach.
MYSTERY SOLVED: Hervey Bay trawler Rosella was found stranded on Farnborough Beach. Chris Ison Rokctrawler

THE mystery surrounding a stranded trawler that drifted from Hervey Bay to Farnborough Beach has finally been solved.

Strong winds that battered Hervey Bay two weekends ago are believed to be the culprit that led to Rosella's grand voyage from Urangan Marina to Farnborough Beach.

A sister of the vessel owner, whom was simply known as "Graham", told The Morning Bulletin yesterday on January 25 strong winds had blown the 13m trawler into the path of the Urangan Pier.

The trawler was anchored when the wind blew the vessel into the pier's path.

On Sunday, January 26, the officers tried to raise the two anchors onto the boat so they could manoeuvre the trawler away, but they were too heavy.

When their efforts weren't successful, they abandoned their mission.


While it was still anchored, the boat was pushed by strong winds up the Queensland coast and eventually onto Farnborough Beach.

"Graham's" sister, who did not wish to be named, said water police officers tried to contact her brother but he had taken his 92-year-old mother out for the day.

"Over the next couple of days, after he eventually found out, he went up to Bundaberg to try to find his trawler but it had disappeared out of sight," she said.

Graham notified port authorities and water police units between Hervey Bay and Bowen his trawler had vanished.

Last week he was planning to venture up the Queensland coast by sea, to look for Rosella with two other friends, but his mate's boat wouldn't start.

When he got home after that, he received a call saying Rosella had washed up at Farnborough Beach.

Graham's sister, who speaks to him almost every day, said her brother was not leaving the Capricorn Coast without his boat because he built it from scratch.

He was a commercial fisherman by trade but gave up his career when regulations became a lot more stringent.

She described him as a sea voyager, who knew the coast between Hervey Bay and Bowen.

"The professional fishing fraternity is very tight-knit and will look after one another."

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