The joy and the guilt... Grazier's much-needed rain reprieve

A rainbow shot taken in December 2017.
A rainbow shot taken in December 2017. Lisa Alexander Photography

SEEING rain fall out of the sky can mean a lot more to some than most would realise.

Lisa Alexander, a Central West Queensland photographer and grazier, is one of the grateful ones.

Lisa is based south-west of Blackall, and while she was joyous to see the rain, she was also cautious.

"It's been really good, it's still patchy," she said.

"There is still places that haven't had enough.

"It seems like everyone gets the rain, but a lot of people don't realise it misses a lot of places as well.

"It's nice when everyone gets some, you know what it feels like when you miss out, so you feel guilty."



Blackall based photographer Lisa Alexander
Blackall based photographer Lisa Alexander Contributed

Lisa's 23,000 acre sheep property, Warringah, 90km south-west of Blackall has fallen lucky to four inches of rain over the last month.

"It has been a reprieve," she said.

"I hope it keeps coming, it's good for the soul."

The latest rainfall made up to five inches for the year so far.

"It's been nice because we have had the follow up, not too far between the rain," Lisa said.

In 2017 they had a total of seven inches for the year.

"It has been dry, like everyone else," she said. "We were thrilled to see the rain."




While the rain has been looming on the radar and weather forecasts for the last few weeks, Lisa only believes it will rain when it actually does.

"I very rarely look at anything, to me it is raining when it comes out of the sky," she said.

"There has been a lot of false hope out there with the false predictions."

Lisa said she may look at animals and notice some different actions, but it is more of an "observation".

"It creates too much false hope because mentally it is too hard to deal when it doesn't," she said.

"You'll notice things will start to change, certain bushes might start flowering, ants might start moving, you think it might in the next week but whether it does actual relate to the two.

"Someone will get something, but it doesn't mean we will get rain at our place."

It has been tough in Central West Queensland and outback Queensland for the most part of the past few years.

"It's been tough off and on it feels like since 2000, and we had a tough time in 2002," Lisa said.

"Feels like forever. We just haven't had consistent summers."

Every second year for the last 18 years the Alexanders have had to bring in feed for the sheep.

"Our house dams have been dry three times since 2000 and they hadn't been dry for the 30 years prior," Lisa said.

"We're not on our own, it's like a lot of people."

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