SWQ saleyards: Easier market for most descriptions

FLAT OUT: Busy selling at the Gracemere cattle saleyards.
FLAT OUT: Busy selling at the Gracemere cattle saleyards. Kelly Butterworth

Toowoomba cattle

There were a few more cattle yarded this week for a total of 683 head.

The yarding consisted of a good supply of young cattle, and there was a fair penning of bullocks and steers, cows however were in limited supply.

Quality was mixed, although there were several pens of well finished yearling cattle offered that were off crop and supplementary fed.

There was also some good lines of well-bred yearling steers and heifers that were suitable for feeder and restocker buyers.

Competition was weaker with yearling steers selling 20c/kg cheaper and more in places.

The odd trade yearling steer sold to 318c/kg.

Feeder and restocker steers ranged from 234c to 320c for light weights, while medium weight feeder steers under 400kg averaged 289c/kg.

Yearling heifers were back by 10c with trade heifers selling to 298c, feeder and restocker heifers ranged from 242c to 298c/kg.

The yarding of export cattle consisted mainly of grown steers and cows, with only a few heifers offered.

There were several lots of bullocks and steers off crop and supplementary fed.

The market was down by 7c to 15c, the highlight of the sale was a pen of steers selling to a top of 291c/kg to wholesalers.

The general run of steers ranged from 240c to 275c/kg.

Grown heifers sold up to 279c/kg.

The cow market was down by 20c with medium and heavy weight cows ranging from 180c to 206c/kg.

Warwick cattle

The supply of stock reduced further and overall quality also declined.

A fair panel of buyers was present and most were operating.

Despite the reduction in prices on the medium and heavy weight yearling steers and all classes of export slaughter cattle, young light weight yearling steers to restockers went against this trend to improve by 15c/kg.

Light weight yearling heifers to feed or background also improved in price by 5c and medium weight yearling heifers to the trade averaged 2c/kg dearer.

However, medium and heavy weight yearling steers to feed fell in price by 6c to 10c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to export slaughter lost 12c and cows generally sold to a cheaper market to average 10c/kg less.

Vealer heifers made to the occasional 323.2c to average 306c/kg.

Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock made to a top of 369.2c with a fair sample averaging 337c/kg.

Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 291c and made to 327.2c/kg.

Heavy weight yearling steers to feed averaged close to 280c and made to 285.2c and heavy weights to the trade made to an isolated 324.2c with most around 281c/kg.

The largest sample of light weight yearling heifers averaged 287c and made to 301.2c/kg.

Medium weight yearling heifers to the local trade market made to 303.2c to average 287c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to export slaughter made to 262.2c to average 261c with the occasional bullock to 264.2c/kg.

Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 189c/kg.

Good heavy cows made to an isolated 215.2c with most around 207c/kg.

Heavy bulls made to 279.2c/kg.

Moreton cattle

Agents Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported an easier market for most descriptions at their Moreton Sale on Tuesday.

Quality lines of restocker yearlings held their own as did medium grade cows.

T Yore, Tamborine sold Charbray weaner steers for 313.2c/kg weighing 215kg to return $673.

Singh Enterprises Pty Ltd, Calmvale sold droughtmaster weaner steers for 318.2c/kg weighing 205kg to return $653.

Ost Brothers sold Charbray weaner steers for 319.2c/kg weighing 210kg to return 670kg.

Simmental x vealer steers account C Reinke, Esk sold for 317.2c/kg weighing 256.7kg to return $814.

H Lee, Helidon sold Limosin x yearling steers for 301.2c/kg weighing 335kg to return $1009.

Charolais x feeder steers account I&L Paroz, Laidley sold for 290.2c/kg weighing 454kg to return $1318.

Grain assist 4 tooth steers account McCabe & Geiger, Coulson sold for 271.2c/kg weighing 595kg to return $1613.

Droughtmaster 6 tooth steers account J Durre & R Metcalf, McLean sold for 266.2c/kg weighing 750kg to return $1996.

K Frohloff, Coolana sold Charolais x 6 tooth heifers for 257.2c/kg weighing 685kg to return $1761.

Droughtmaster x cows account J&K Green, Mt Archer sold for 205.2c/kg weighed 505kg to return $1036.

Vince Dunne, Kerry sold Charbray x cows for 213.2c/kg weighing 660kg to return $1407.

Gordon Lewis, Buderim sold Charolais x cows for 208.2c/kg weighing 800kg to return $1665.

Simmental x cows account G&P Scholl sold for 209.2c/kg weighing 605kg to return $1265.

Singh Enterprises Pty Ltd also sold droughtmaster x cows for 213.2c/kg weighing 626 to return $1336.

J&K Green sold droughtmaster bulls for 277.2c/kg weighing 845kg to return 2342.

Charolais x bulls account B & C Sheehan, Samford sold for 251.2c/kg to return $2198.

A Zabel, Coolang sold light droughtmaster bulls for 255.2c/kg weighing 665kg to return $1697.

The Lilydale Charolais Invitational Bull Sale will be on this Saturday at Toogoolawah Showgrounds.

Roma store

There was a yarding of 6382 head at the Roma Store Sale, up 1600 head on last week.

Cattle were of good quality for those who still have oats in the paddock or feed as the gap widens for those hanging on for Spring rain.

All buyers were present and operating in an easier market on last week.

Yearling steers made to a top of 356.2c to average 344c/kg.

Feedlot entry weight steers made to a top of 340c to average 307c/kg.

4 to 6 tooth steers to slaughter made to a top of 318.2c to average 255c/kg.

Young bulls to the restockers made to 298.2c to average 281c/kg.

Bulls over 450kg made to 256c to average 250c/kg.

Yearling Heifers topped at 308c to average 253c and grown heifers topped at 256c to average 235c/kg.

The cow market took the biggest hit struggling at times break the $2 barrier topping at 237c to average 189c/kg.

Cows with calves at foot topped at $970/unit.

Dalby cattle

Numbers reduced by 1640 head to a total yarding of 3661 head.

A fair panel of buyers were present and operating in a firm to cheaper market.

Medium weight yearling steers to feed for the domestic market experienced strong competition, however heavy feeders lost a further 4c/kg.

Medium weight yearling heifers to feed sold to a firm market and a handful of bullocks received very little change in price.

A large sample of cows sold to a cheaper market to average 4c to 8c/kg less.

Medium weight yearling steers made from 296.2c to 322.2c and averaged 314.7c, with heavy weights to an average of 302.8c/kg.

Yearling heifers in the 330-400kg range made from 230.2c to 252.2c and averaged 240.5c/kg.

Grown steers in the 400-500kg range made 266.2c to 276.2c to average 271.5c, up 17c/kg.

Grown heifers averaged 224.2c/kg.

Cows in the 400-520kg range made from 204.2c to 210.2c and averaged 207.7c/kg.

The best bull made 282.2c/kg.

Gympie cattle

A mixed quality yarding of 1383 cattle at Sullivan Livestock's Gympie Cattle Sale saw the market cheaper for all descriptions.

Cattle were drawn from Bundaberg, Maryborough, Aramara, Woolooga, Kilkivan, Kenilworth and all local areas.

Droughtmaster steers 2 & 4 tooth from Ray Heilbronn, Fishermans Pocket sold for $2.74 or $1420.

Droughtmaster cross steers from Don Law, Kenilworth made $2.84 or $1172.

Droughtmaster cross steers from John Kropp sold for $2.80 ($1180 & $1135).

Droughtmaster steers from the Campbell Family, Beenham Valley made $2.83 ($1143).

Droughtmaster cross steers from The Handley Family made $3.33 ($802).

Droughtmaster steers from the Blanckensee Family, Kandanga sold for $3.37 ($918 & $785).

Droughtmaster steers from Vale View Droughtmasters, Manumbar made $3.41 ($847).

Brangus cross steers from Ian Reynolds, Kilkivan made $3.29 ($775).

The second run of mixed quality weaner steers sold from $2.70 to $3.06.

Quality feeder heifers were short in supply and quality topping at $2.80, but generally selling from $2.56 to $2.77.

Quality Charbray weaner heifers from Stuart and Linda Vollmerhausen, Theebine made $3.03 ($792).

Better conditioned vealer heifers sold from $2.56 to $2.82.

Store types made from $2.45 to $3 pending quality.

Cows and Calves topped at $1375 for Angus cross cows and calves from the Burnett Family, Kandanga.

Most cows and calves sold from $1050 to $1325.

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