SWQ livestock reports: Vealer steer sells for 610c

Chris and Eva Hemmings, from Irongate, at the Toowoomba Saleyards.
Chris and Eva Hemmings, from Irongate, at the Toowoomba Saleyards. Cassandra Glover


THERE was a yarding double last week with larger numbers of heavier weight yearlings and grown cattle, as 9500 head were yarded for the Roma Store Sale.

All usual buyers were in attendance, along with solid feed bidders and several restockers actively operating.

Average prices for young cattle eased in places due to the large yarding, however quality lines continued to secure strong prices.

Exceptional quality grown heavy steers and bullocks were presented for judging and offered for competition.

Cows to slaughter eased over 20c/kg across the board; however store cows were keenly sought after by the restockers.

Drought affected steer calves topped at 418c to average 377c and heifer calves made to 360c to average 348c/kg.

Light weight yearling steers to the restockers made from 356-386c/kg.

Trade weight feeders made to 320c to average 297c/kg.

A large sample of heavy weights over 400kg to feed made to 299c to average 295c/kg.

Light weight yearling heifers to the restockers made to an isolated 364c, while medium weights to feed made to 294c to average 275c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to export slaughter made to 278c to average 270c and the exceptional bullock portion made to 276c to average 272c/kg.

Cows to restockers made to 220c to average 202c and 2 scores to processors made 187c/kg.

Good heavy cows made to 221c to average 213c/kg.

Heavy bulls made to 258c to average 246c/kg. The lighter of the bulls headed to live export.


THE yarding was down only slightly to a total of 1417 head, consisting of a good supply of yearlings and vealers, along with a fair penning of grown cattle.

Quality was more mixed this week with breed quality and condition not up to last week's standard, although there were still some runs of well-bred cattle offered, and good conditioned consignments throughout the sale.

The market was cheaper for most cattle with restocker weaner steers selling 20c cheaper to top at 325c, and weaner heifers sold to 301c/kg.

Medium weight feeder steers went against the market trend to sell firm to 8c dearer to average 293c, however heavy feeder steers were down by 10c to average 283c/kg.

Feeder heifers were down by 18c to average 266c/kg. The few trade heifers sold to a top of 302c/kg.

The yarding of export cattle consisted of a few less bullocks and steers. Heifers and cows were in fair numbers.

Quality was mixed in a market that saw bullocks and steers sell 25-30c cheaper, topping at 278c and averaging 264c/kg for the steers.

Heifers were less affected, topping at 277c/kg.

The cow market eased 15-20c, with 3 score medium weights averaging 208c and heavy cows sold to a top of 232ckg.


NUMBERS increased by 110 head and there was a wide variation in quality.

A fair panel of buyers was present and operating and apart from some steer and heifer calves from western districts improving in price, all other classes sold to a cheaper trend.

Yearling steers to restockers or feed eased 6c to 15c/kg.

Light weight yearling heifers averaged 1-3c easier and a relatively small selection of medium weight yearling heifers to feed also eased 3c/kg.

A small sample of heavy grown steers and bullocks sold to a market 23c cheaper and cows followed a similar trend to average 14-20c/kg cheaper.

Steer calves averaged 378c and made to 398.2c and heifer calves reached 345.2c with most around 313c/kg.

The occasional vealer steer with showing potential made to 610.2c/kg.

Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 350c and made to 370.2c/kg.

Yearling steers in the 280-330kg range made to 323.2c to average 312c/kg.

Apart from one B muscle medium weight yearling steer reaching 408.2c, the remainder to feed averaged 293c and sold to 311.2c/kg.

Heavy weight yearling steers to feed averaged 286c and made to 295.2c/kg.

Light weight yearling heifers to feed or background averaged 286c while a fair sample to restockers averaged 291c and made to 305c/kg.

Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 276c and made to 289.2c while a few to the trade averaged 281c and made to 302.2c/kg.

Heavy grown steers averaged 265c and made to 268.2c and a small number of bullocks made to 269.2c/kg.

Full mouth bullocks averaged 256c and made to 258.2c/kg.

Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 187c and some returning to the paddock averaged 198c and made to 202.2c/kg.

The best of the medium weights averaged 218c and made to 222.2c/kg.

The occasional pen of good heavy cows made to 236.2c with most around 225c/kg.

Heavy bulls made to 253.2c/kg.


SULLIVAN Livestock yarded 1840 cattle at their Gympie Sale this week, where the market for store cattle remained firm, while meatworks cattle were slightly cheaper.

Cattle were drawn from Gin Gin, Rosedale, Childers, Maryborough, Aramara, Brooweena, Woolooga, Kilkivan, Eumundi, Kenilworth and all local areas.

Droughtmaster steers from the Geritz Family, Tiaro, sold for $2.93 ($1331).

Droughtmaster cross steers from E. Pretorius, Bergins Pocket, made $2.84 ($1406 and $1394).

Quality charolais cross steers from the Corkin Family, Bald Knob, made $2.96 ($1303).

Russell and Trish McIntosh sold a quality line of 80 brangus steers, 18 months selling for $3.05 ($1160 and $1142) $3.07 ($1080 and $1057) and $3.19 ($1096 and $1088).

Droughtmaster steers from C. Sweet, Kin Kin, made $2.91 ($1030).

Simmental cross steers from Steve Bury, Kandanga, made $3.29 ($1123).

Angus cross steers from Ron Helmore, Kilkivan, made $3.23 ($966), while their droughtmaster brothers made $3/kg ($945).

Weaner charbray steers from the Jarick Family, Kybong, made $3.39 ($949).

Limo cross steers from the Glasby Family made $3.49 ($913).

Droughtmaster cross steers from Jackson Mcdonald, Theebine, made $3.40 ($920) and $3.47 ($702).

Droughtmaster steers from the Russell Family made $3.59 ($923).

The Geritz Family's droughtmaster steers made $3.47 ($905).

Charbray steers from Jim and Sarah Viner, Tressavale, Glastonbury, made $3.61 ($849).

Generally weaner steers sold from $3.20 to $3.60 pending quality.

Brahman heifers from Col and Julie Dodd, Mooloo, made $3.39 ($1195).

Feeder heifers sold to a top of $2.80, generally between $2.70-$2.75.

Vealer heifers sold from $2.50-$2.65, while good types of weaner heifers sold to a top of $3/kg mainly around $2.80-$2.95.

Cows and calves were limited in supply and sold to a top of $1625.00.


THERE was the largest yarding of cattle at Dalby for five years, totalling 8014 head.

There was an increase in all categories of cattle in a good quality line-up.

Consignments were drawn from a wide area, including northern New South Wales and western Queensland, along with a fair number from local districts.

The yarding of young cattle consisted of a good supply of heavy milk tooth steers and heifers suitable for trade and feeders, along with large numbers of yearling steers and heifers that were keenly sought after by feeders and backgrounders.

Local restockers were keen to acquire cattle since the recent rains.

The market held up well for young cattle for the young cattle with restocker weaner steers selling to a top of 378c to be 10c/kg dearer.

Restocker weaner heifers topped at 330c/kg.

Feeder steers sold firm to slightly dearer topping at 335c for medium weights to average 308c/kg.

Feeder heifers however saw little change selling to 301c to average 288c/kg.

The yarding of export cattle consisted of several runs of good quality bullocks and steers, that were down by 6-7c, topping at 301c to average 293c/kg.

Heifers sold to 281c averaging 261c, down by 10c/kg.

The cow market saw heavy cows ease 10c/kg, some sales more in a good quality penning with several runs of medium weight and heavy, high yielding cows offered.

Medium weight 3 score cows averaged 224c, while heavy cows sold to a top of 242c/kg.


THERE were two sales last week, with some good numbers yet again coming through.

In total there were 5065 head sold across the two days.

2642 head were sold on Wednesday with prices similar to the previous week.

The average price across the sale was $883.71/head (263.2c/kg).

Average weight for the sale was 336kg.

The vealer market had average prices of 292.9c/kg (at 251kg), with this category topped by Barry Troy with one head at $1,316.52.

Cows averaged 215.3c/kg (at 487kg) with Christine Thompson topping the market with 1 head at $1,606.16.

A Jeffrey Harrison bullock got the highest price for the sale at $2,227.68.

George and Fuhrmann held the first day of their sale on the Friday with 2423 head sold.

Heifers averaged 300.4c/kg (at 236kg) and steers averaged 318.1c/kg (at 298kg).


Bullocks averaged 265.3c/kg, top 276.2c/kg.

Bulls averaged 229.1c/kg, top 246.2/kg.

Cows averaged 215.3c/kg, top 242.2c/kg.

Cows and calves averaged $937.14/unit, top $1040/unit.

Heifers averaged 247.7c/kg, top 264.2/kg.

Steers averaged 268.4/kg, top 291.2c/kg.

Vealer averaged 292.9c/kg, top 362.2c/kg.

Yearling heifers averaged 257.5c/kg, top 265.0c/kg.

Yearling steers averaged 283.1c/kg, top 318.0c/kg.


Heifers averaged 300.4c/kg, top 406c/kg.

Steers averaged 318.1c/kg, top 348c/kg.


520 cattle were sold at the Lismore Saleyards on Tuesday.

With a big yarding of cattle everywhere over the last week prices couldn't maintain the levels of the previous good rate.

450 mainly good quality vealers sold to meat processors and to a lesser extent, restockers.

The better end of the prime medium weight vealers sold from $2.70-$2.80/kg, $650-$780.

Heavy vealers/weaners steers sold from $2.60- $2.90/kg, $800-$980.

Good quality angus, charolais and limousin cross steers sold in the $2.50-$3.05/kg range and heifers $2.70-$2.80/kg.

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