Warwick region livestock sales

QUALITY OFFERING: Cattleman Bill Pentecost is always talking up the positives at Warwick saleyards. The local landholder was highlighting the calibre of meatworks bulls on offer at last Tuesday’s sale.
QUALITY OFFERING: Cattleman Bill Pentecost is always talking up the positives at Warwick saleyards. The local landholder was highlighting the calibre of meatworks bulls on offer at last Tuesday’s sale. Toni Somes

McDougall and Sons


  • PETER and Janelle Cleary, Greymare, sold a pen of grain finished 51kg lambs, selling to TFI for $106.
  • Tom Cooper, from Bony Mountian, sold a pen of new season suckers 45kg, selling to Grants Quality Meats for $107.
  • Gordon Donovan sold a pen of lambs lucerne finished 46kg to Melrose Meats for $95.
  • Tony and Sue Lucas, from Pittsworth, sold a pen of 45kg lambs off the ewes for $94 to TFI.
  • Cody Perrett, from Glen Innes, sold some 51kg lambs to Melrose Meats for $98.
  • Barry Gills, from Mungindi, sold a run of very good Merino lambs 44kg to 51kg, selling to Melrose Meats for $80.
  • Hoggets from the same run sold to Melrose Meats for $58.
  • Phil Stiles, from Murrays Bridge, sold some good shorn hoggets 81kg, selling to Gillice Meats for $75.
  • Phil and Lisa Gruber sold some 41kg lambs, selling to Gross Meats for $65 and 44kg hoggets to RG Hancock for $49.
  • This is due to destocking prior to moving up to the Whitsundays, where they have purchased some business interests and Phil can chase barra instead of dogs or worms.
  • The sheep market is slowlyimproving, with good trade sheep again being sought after. Again the only downer was ewes with lambs at foot, with some good-quality dorper ewes selling to a top of $58.
  • The market on the whole was firm for better finished types and eased for the light or feed-on types of lambs.


  • John and Jenny Ramsey, from Clintonvale, offered a line of crop-fattened bullocks. Their best pens topped the market at 192.2/605kg/$1162 and 192.2/591kg/$1136.
  • RD and SE Lowry, from Clifton, sold angus bullocks 188.2/563kg/$1060.
  • RE and MP Scurr, from Millmerran, sold grain-assisted yearlings. Their steers topped at 180.0/432kg/$778 and heifers 180.2/379kg/$666.
  • JH and CN Drewery, from Allora, sold limo cross yearlings 183.2/297kg/$545.
  • BLB and JD Ree, from Rivertree, sold angus weaner steers 175.0/263kg/$460 and 170.2/285kg/$486.
  • BD Mauch, from Junabee, sold hereford steers to feedlots 169.2/420kg/$710 and a heavy cow 138.2/600kg/$830.
  • LE and DA Clarson, from Yangan, sold simmental cows 136.2/602kg/$820.



  • Billeroy Farms sold 645kg Santa steers for 176.2c/kg returning $1136.49.
  • Cranbourne Pastoral Company sold 555kg angus cross steers for 168.2c/kg returning $933.51.
  • Dolcliff partnership sold 770kg hereford bulls for 125.2c/kg returning $964.04.
  • Coolmunda Pastoral Co sold 730kg angus bulls for 145.0c/kg returning $1058.50.
  • RJ and PA Simpson sold 260kg brahman heifers for 145.2c/kg, returning $377.52.
  • JC Brandon sold 760kg Senepol cross bulls for 143.2c/kg, returning $1088.32.


  • Robert Deans sold 49.2kg dorper lambs for $109.
  • Darling Downs Dorpers sold 43.5kg dorper lambs for $90.
  • D Hegarty sold 52kg dorper lambs for $90.
  • FJ Yeo sold 44kg sucker lambs for $94.
  • ES and JV Wissemann sold 44.5kg crossbreed lambs for $84.
  • L Stevens and MJ Potter sold 49kg suffock lambs for $75.
  • Crandoo enterprises sold dorper hoggets for $58.
  • GT Bartlett sold merino ewes for $38.

MLA Warwick wrap

NUMBERS remained steady, with an increased supply of well-finished heavy-grown steers and bullocks offered. However, there were not as many good heavy cows penned.

  • Young cattle were also well supplied, with both quality and condition quite mixed.
  • There was an increased supply of young cattle showing finish coming off both crop and a grain assist.
  • The usual export processors were in attendance, however one did not operate on cows and another on the younger heavy grown steers.
  • This had little effect on the market, with heavy steers and bullocks selling to a dearer trend, up 1c to 6c/kg, with a premium for the younger milk and two-tooth lines.
  • The cow market saw only quality related price change in the heavy weight categories, while plain condition and medium weights attracted stronger competition to sell to a dearer trend, up 5-6c/kg on average.
  • The young cattle generally sold firm to dearer, with increased restocker and feeder demand despite the continued lack of rain.
  • The best of the vealers to the trade sold from 175c to 201c/kg. Light weight vealer steers to restock made from 168-185c/kg for well-bred lines.
  • Light weight yearling steers to restock and feed sold from 157-170c, with the medium weight C muscles selling from 151-180c/kg.
  • Heavy feeder steers sold from 162-173c, with the well- finished lines to the trade making from 158-194c/kg.
  • Heifer yearlings generally sold to a dearer trend, with quality variations accounting for any negative price change.
  • The better medium and heavy trade heifers were up to 9c dearer, selling from 146c to 190c/kg.
  • Plainer condition and quality heifers to process made from 120c to 147c/kg.
  • The C muscles to restock and feed sold from 130c to 170c/kg.
  • Heavy grown steers sold from 150c to 195c/kg, with a premium for the younger steers, while those lacking weight for age were at the bottom end of the price range.
  • Bullocks sold from 175c to 192c/kg.
  • Heavy 3 and 4 score cows sold from 122c to 148c, depending on yield potential, with the best of the medium weights making to 135c/kg.
  • Plain condition light and medium weights sold from 81c to 123c/kg, with yield potential and weight again a factor in the price variation.

Warwick horse sale

THE annual Warwick rodeo horse sale will be held at the Warwick saleyards from 10am this Friday. Stock horses, ponies, brood mares and doggers will be offered for sale at the annual auction.

For more details, or to list horses, contact McDougall and Sons on 4661 1411.

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