Steer prices 16c stronger

CATTLE SALE: Gavin Beutel, from Rick Zeller and Co Livestock in Crows Nest, checking the market at the Toowoomba Sale Yards on Monday.
CATTLE SALE: Gavin Beutel, from Rick Zeller and Co Livestock in Crows Nest, checking the market at the Toowoomba Sale Yards on Monday. Cassandra Glover


THERE was another large yarding of 11,165 head today. Drought affected, poor conditioned cattle were plentiful and held good money with the overall quality better than last week. There were multiple keen restocking and backgrounding buyers out to fill orders due to recent rains. Interestingly this week there were 1,000 more heifers offered than steers.

Steers weighing up to 280kg topped at 392c to average 284c/kg. Trade steers to feed topped at 308.2 to average 288c/kg. Heavy steers over 400kg topped at 292c to average 280c/kg. Young heifers topped at 338c to average 257c/kg. Heifers over 280kg made to 290c to average 243c/kg. Grown steers topped at 265c to average 257c/kg. Cows, the majority lighter in condition, topped at 210c to average 179c/kg.

Light bulls less than 450kg back to the paddock made to 342.2 to average 310c/kg. Heavy bulls topped at 258c to average247c/kg. Cows with calves at foot topped at $1,4900/unit.


Numbers reduced by 270 head and prices improved for a number of classes. A fair panel of buyers covering all categories was present and most were operating. Light weight yearling steers to restockers sold to a dearer trend and a lift in quality combined with stronger demand saw yearling steers to feed or background for the domestic market averaged 16c/kg better. Medium and heavy weight yearling steers to feed continued to sell to strong competition. Light weight yearling heifers received very strong demand to average 14c to 20c/kg dearer. Heavy grown steers and bullocks experienced a small improvement in price and cows gained 2c to 3c and up to 5c/kg in places.

Steer calves returning to the paddock made to 364.2c to average 342c/kg. A handful of vealer heifers sold to the trade at 297.2c/kg. Light weight yearling steers sold to restockers at an average of 332c with sales to 355.2c/kg. Yearling steers in the280-330kg range to feed or background made to 327.2c to average 316c/kg. Plain condition medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 284c and made to 306.2c while the better lines averaged 294c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed averaged 280c and made to 282.2c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers to feed or background or restocker consistently sold in the 280c/kg range with some to 304c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 256c and made to 260c, while a small selection sold to the local trade market at 288c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to export slaughter averaged 274c and bullocks averaged 269c and made to 275.2c/kg. Medium weight two score cows averaged 188c and made to 193.2c/kg. The best of the medium weights made to 216.2c to average 210c/kg. A fair supply of good heavy cows made to 224.2c to average 218c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 261.2c/kg.


Numbers reduced by close to 31 percent and only a small number of cows were penned compared to the very large good quality yarding of cows the previous week. Most of the usual export and feeder buyers were present and operating along with some additional restockers. Young light weight cattle generally sold to a stronger market pushed on by restockers against the feeder operators. The better end of the medium weight yearling steers to feed and the trade also lifted in price and this trend flowed onto the light and medium weight yearling heifers. Heavy grown steers and bullocks to export slaughter sold to a firm market for the quality penned. Plain condition cows were without much change in price while a small number of good heavy cows could not maintain the levels of the previous week.

Steer calves sold to restockers made to 340.2c while heifer calves and some D muscle steer calves averaged 287c/kg. Light weight yearling steers returned to the paddock at a top of 322.2c to average 306c/kg. Yearling steers in the 280-330kg range to restockers made to 326.2c while most to feed or background averaged 306c and made to 317.2c/kg. The largest number of plain condition medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 281c while a few better lines averaged 293c and made to 302.2c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed made to 275.2c to average 273c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers to feed or background averaged 271c while restocker lines made to 308.2c to average 284c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 264c and a few to the local trade market made to 291.2c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers to the trade averaged 260c and made to 273c/kg.

Heavy grown steers made to 274.2c to average 272c and a small number of bullocks made to 268.2c/kg. Full mouth bullocks made to 255.2c to average 254c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 185c and the best of the medium weights made to210c/kg. A small number of good heavy cows made to 220.2c to average close to 212c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 245.2c/kg.


There was a dramatic decline in numbers and cattle were drawn from a wide area including South Australia and New South Wales, plus a number of far west Queensland districts, with only around half of the yarding from the local area. Overall quality was very mixed with large consignments from drought affected districts. Prices improved for a number of classes. Medium weight yearling steers to feed experienced a small improvement, while medium weight yearling heifers gained 5c/kg. Plain condition cows to restockers received a large lift in price, however a small sample of good heavy cows did not to maintain levels of the previous sale.

Yearling steers 330-400kg to feed made from 276.2c to 300.2c to average 289.9c/kg. The 330-400kg yearling heifers to the same made from 236.2c to 256.2c, up 13c/kg.

Medium weight grown steers to feed made from 250.2c to 254.2c/kg firm. Grown heifers to restock have improved 23c to make from 202.2c to 208.2c/kg. Medium weight cows averaged 214c to make from 208c to 217.2c/kg. The best of the bulls has made to 288.2c/kg.


Agents Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 546 head at Moreton. Feeder cattle of all descriptions 4-10c dearer. Export cattle slightly cheaper than last weeks buoyant rates. Young cattle and backgrounders met very solid demand.

Vealer steers account B and R Jackwitz of Grandchester sold for 325.2 c/kg weighing 110kg to return $357. Yearling heifers account R and T Harris sold for 283.2 c/kg weighing 318kg to return $901. Yearling steers account G and L Nugent of Dayboro sold for 307.2 c/kg weighing 305kg to return $936. Gavin Klibbe of Goomeri sold Brangus cross feeder steers for 287.2 c/kg weighing 476kg to return $1386. Charolais cross feeder steers account B and P Runge of Kilcoy sold for 283.2 c/kg weighing 500kg to return $1417. Feeder heifers account Pecan Pastoral of Toogoolawah sold for 271.2 c/kg weighing 340kg to return $922. Grain assist steers account S and B Ferris of Woodford sold for 287.2 c/kg weighing 505kg to return $1450.

Grain assist d'master cross heifers account D Zurvas of Mt Alford sold for 278.2 c/kg weighing 352kg to return $980. 4 tooth heifers account M and D Sanders of Rockside sold for 268.2 c/kg weighing 645kg to return $1665. Grass ox account N Sippel of Ma Ma Creek sold for 279.2 c/kg weighing 765kg to return $1530. Dairy heifers account G and J Antcliff of Esk sold for 197.2 c/kg weighing 630kg to return $1242. Charbray cows account B,A,A and H Ahern of Gayndah sold for 225.2 c/kg weighing 550kg to return $1239. Charolais cross cows account J O'Brien of Helidon sold for 227.2 c/kg weighing 790kg to return $1794. See Pastoral sold Limousin cross bulls for 242.2 c/kg weighing 925kg to return $2240.


A larger offering of 1961 cattle at Sullivan Livestock's sale held Monday, February 19 saw the market remain firm to slightly easier for quality, while lesser types were cheaper. Cattle were drawn from Bundaberg, Gin Gin, Childers, Aramara, Brooweena, Maryborough, Woolooga, Kilkivan, Tansey, Mundubberra, Eidsvold, Kenilworth and all local areas.

Heavy charbray steers from Noela Augustine, Mundubberra made $2.70 ($1369). Charbray cross steers from Ian Davies and Family, Kilkivan made $2.75 ($1266 and $1230). Charbray steers from the Brown Family, Wolvi made $2.69 ($1104). While their droughtmaster brothers sold for $2.75 ($1037 and $1005). Charbray weaner steers from Bevan Christensen made $3.31 ($900). Charbray steers from R and M Bargenquest, Teebar sold for $3.43 ($971). Limo cross steers from The Heath Family, Calgoa made $3.29 ($932 and $846). Droughtmaster cross steers from Greg Walsh, Amamoor made $3.69 ($913). The Reithmuller Family, Tiaro sold droughtmaster steers from $3.31 ($819). Brahman cross steers from Wangella Pastoral, Kilkivan sold to a top of $3.65 with other pens selling for $3.62, $3.51 and $3.43.

Quality charbray heifers PTIC from John and Ros Mercer, Kandanga Valley Charbrays sold for $3.41 ($1634) and $3.19 ($1465). While the heifers which were early to detect made $2.79 ($1412). Their yearling sisters made $2.72 ($874), $2.73 ($811). Charbray heifers from Malcom McDonald, Woolooga made $2.79 ($1047) and their high grade Brahman sisters sold for $2.57. Charbray weaner heifers from Llorac Pastoral, Conondale made $2.93 ($610). Droughtmaster heifers from Dennis and Sue Billau, Scotchy Pocket made $2.89 ($641). Brahman cross heifers from Wangella Pastoral, Kilkivan made $3.17 ($458). Generally quality weaner heifers sold from $2.60 to $3.19.

Cows and calves topped at $1900 for charbray cross cows and calves from Barry and Hazel Gill, Imbil. Brahman cows and calves from Noela Augsutine made $1800. Droughtmaster cows and calves from Bill Tyler, Scrubby Creek made $1530.

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