Spring into action and remain vigilant for animal diseases

HOT DRY: Critical time for cattle.
HOT DRY: Critical time for cattle. Dieter Hawlan

SPRING is generally a higher risk time for animal health, and livestock producers are being urged to remain vigilant and have management plans ready to go.

While pockets of southern and western Australia have experienced wet conditions, unseasonably hot and dry conditions are taking their toll in the north and many areas in NSW.

According to Duncan Bremner, CEO of the Animal Health Alliance (the Alliance), each situation has unique animal health considerations, causing livestock producers to assess their management options.

The Alliance has four key livestock management tips heading into summer:

1. Monitor for fly strike: The No.1 risk for woolgrowers is flystrike.

2. Treat now for parasites: Both external and internal parasites and biting insects that spread diseases.

3. Watch out for bloat: Bloat is a seasonal problem for both dairy and beef cattle, usually precipitated by the rapid consumption of lush legumes.

4. Access to water: Record temperatures and low rainfall have led to drought-like conditions and high fire danger in parts of Queensland.

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