Take care when using herbicides

WHILE the rain brings relief for farmers in the Central Highlands, it also brings an increased danger from herbicide spray drifts.

Cotton Australia Central Highlands regional manager Renee Anderson said while it was common for farmers across all sectors to spray their fields following rain, it was risking damage to valuable cotton crops which are susceptible to Phenoxy 2,4D herbicide.

"Cotton farmers understand that weed control is important, but so is respecting your neighbours and their ability to earn an income from the land," Ms Anderson said.

"We ask all farmers, whether they are growing cotton or other crops, to be mindful of weather conditions, talk to their neighbours and prepare properly for spraying.

"The correct directions for use of Phenoxy herbicide are clearly labelled on the products, and it is a legal requirement to follow them."

Cotton Australia's annual spray drift campaign aims to educate stakeholders to reduce the risk of spray drift damage.

Ms Anderson urged growers to use the Cottom Map service, available at, to alert their neighbours and spray contractors about the location of cotton fields.

Cotton Map is a tool for growers to map the fields they have planted, which allows other growers to avoid over-spraying and potentially damaging cotton crops.

Over 3470 fields totalling more than 396,000ha of cotton have been mapped to date.

Cotton Map is a collaboration between Cotton Australia, the Cotton Research and Development Corporation, the Grains Research and Development Corporation and Nufarm Australia Limited.

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