SPC’s hard workers undeservedly canned

PROUD HISTORY AT RISK: The SPC Ardmona factory in Shepparton, Victoria.
PROUD HISTORY AT RISK: The SPC Ardmona factory in Shepparton, Victoria. DARYL Pinderaap

LETTER OF THE DAY: A worker at SPC Ardmona earns less than $50,000 a year and I think it's a bit rich for a minister who earns over $300,000 to tell factory workers they have got it too good.

First we had the Deputy Prime Minister turning the screws on Holden and blaming workers and now we have the Prime Minister and the Treasurer doing the same to the hard-working people of SPC.

SPC Ardmona denies being too generous to workers and has hit back against the PM and the Treasurer's claims, saying they are false.

Thank goodness for Dr Sharman Stone, the Liberal member for Murray, who has come out and correctly called the PM and Treasurer liars.


According to Dr Stone, "it was not the generous wages and conditions, it was the dumping of cheap products by supermarket chains, the Coles and Woolies duopoly, the rise in imports, the floods and 10 years of drought that contributed to SPC's troubles".

I don't for one minute believe the spin surrounding the grant to Cadbury's Chocolate in Tasmania, which just happens to be located in Andrew Wilkie's seat of Dennison.

The inconsistency and the outright, wilful lying should be of concern to everyone in the community, especially those of us who live in Australia's food bowls and who rely on canneries to buy their produce.


Boreen Point

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