Southern Queensland livestock sales

SALEYARD SNAPSHOT:  Denis Janetzki (centre) of Jondaryan with his granddaughters Elizabeth Janetzki (left) and Charlotte Janetzki (right) at the Elders sales in Toowoomba on Monday.
SALEYARD SNAPSHOT: Denis Janetzki (centre) of Jondaryan with his granddaughters Elizabeth Janetzki (left) and Charlotte Janetzki (right) at the Elders sales in Toowoomba on Monday.

Toowoomba Elders

THERE was a reduction in numbers week-on-week, with a very good quality penning of heavy grown steers and bullocks, although there were not as many well finished heavy cows.

  • The quality of the young cattle was also very mixed, with quite a few grain assisted yearlings penned alongside the plainer quality and condition lines.
  • The regular trade and feeder orders were in place and, once again, a single southern processor did not operate.
  • Trends varied throughout, with heavy steers and bullocks slightly dearer while the best of the heavy cows were close to firm.
  • The light and medium weigh lean cows were cheaper unless restockers were interested.
  • Young cattle experienced varying market trends.
  • The C muscle vealer steers sold from 145c to 169c, with restockers paying to 181c/kg.
  • The lean C2 heifer vealers sold from 138c to 140c, while the well finished three scores made to 180c/kg.
  • Light weight yearling steers to restock and feed sold to a dearer trend, with an improvement in average quality.
  • They made from 150c to 178c/kg.
  • Medium weight yearling steers to feed sold from 147c to 178, while heavy feeders returned from 155c to 163c/kg following a drop in quality.
  • Well finished trade steers sold from 169c to 188c for medium weights and from 154c to 190c/kg for heavy weights.
  • Medium and heavy well finished heifer yearlings sold from 145c to 190c/kg, depending a lot on breed quality and yield potential.
  • Light weight heifers sold from 134c to 164c for the leaner 2 score C muscles, and 153c to 180c/kg for C muscles to the trade.
  • Heavy steers and bullocks sold from 160c to 195c, with 4 scores averaging around 190c/kg.
  • Heavy manufacturing steers sold to 162c for beef bred lines.
  • Plain condition cows sold to a cheaper trend, with 1 scores to process making from 63c to 90c, while restockers paid from 98c to 108c/kg.
  • The 2 score cows to process sold from 83c to 129c/kg.
  • Heavy 3 and 4 scores sold from 129c to 145c/kg.

Toowoomba Landmark

THERE was a much smaller penning at the Toowoomba Landmark cattle sale.

  • There were no heavy steers and bullocks in what was a fairly plain quality offering.
  • There were a few good cows and well-finished yearlings.
  • The regular buyers were in attendance apart from one southern export processor.
  • Trends varied, with the few medium weight yearling steers to feed dearer.
  • Heavy trade yearling heifers were cheaper.
  • Medium weight cows sold to a cheaper trend, while a better quality penning of heavy cows averaged 6c to 7c/kg dearer.
  • Medium weight yearling steers to feed sold from 158c to 179c/kg, with quality contributing to an increase in average prices.
  • Heavy trade steers sold from 170c to 182c, with the heifer portion making from 150c to 164c/kg.
  • Plain quality and condition lightweight heifers made from 101c to 110c/kg.
  • Odd lean condition vealers made from 147c to 151c, with restockers paying to 186c/kg for a pen of lightweight British bred steers.
  • There were quality related price variations in the cow market, with the medium weight 2 and 3 scores averaging 12c to 14c/kg cheaper.
  • The trend however was less than the average price change.
  • The 2 scores sold from 95c to 111c, with 3 scores from 119c to 129c/kg.
  • An improved quality penning of heavy cows sold to a dearer trend, with quality contributing to average increases of 6c to 7c/kg. The 3 and 4 scores made from 119c to 144c/kg.

Toowoomba O'Sullivan

LESS numbers came forward for competition this week.

  • The yarding once again was dominated by younger, plainer types.
  • Bullock and heavy steer numbers were limited with only a few good pens of cows being yarded.
  • Overall, all export lines were fully firm to slightly dearer with some cows up to 7c/kg better.
  • Selected vealers to butcher trade sold to firm rates.
  • Only a handful of prime butcher trade was on offer meeting firm competition.
  • A good panel of buyers was operating.
  • Angus steers grain assisted 460kg from Linthorpe sold for 184.6c for $849, charolais heifers from Southbrook 395kg sold for 159.2c for $628, vealer santa heifers 305kg sold for 153.2c for $467, angus steers from Maidenwell 465kg sold for 182.2c for $847, brahman cross heifers 406kg sold for 150c for $610, droughtmaster cows 572kg sold for 144.6c for $827, hereford cows 591kg sold for $705, fresian cows 730kg sold for $899, angus feeders steers 355kg sold for 184.2c, limousin bulls 965kg sold for $1351, brangus steers from Jondaryan sold for 176.2c for $761.

Warwick cattle

THERE was a reduction in numbers with all categories represented.

  • There was a fair supply of heavy steers and bullocks, with an increased supply of older feeder steers.
  • Medium and heavy cows were in good numbers with very few lightweights.
  • There was a good supply of supplementary fed yearling cattle showing varying degrees of finish, with restockers and feeders reasonably well catered for.
  • The usual buyers were in attendance and there was extra competition on heavy feeder steers.
  • Trends varied throughout the sale with heavy steers selling firm to slightly dearer.
  • There was little change in the cow market apart from a bit of quality variation.
  • Heavy trade yearlings sold firm to 1c/kg dearer, while medium weights were slightly cheaper.
  • Light and medium weight yearling steers to restock and feed sold to a cheaper trend, while there was more quality related price variation for yearling heifers to restock and feed.
  • The best of the well-finished trade vealers remained firm, selling from 165c to 206c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers to restock and feed were up to 10c cheaper, due to some quality factors, making from 140c to 175c/kg.
  • Plainer conditioned D muscled grades made from 133c to 154c/kg.
  • Medium weight steers made from 150c to 175c to restock and feed, with well-finished trade lines making from 169c to 191c/kg.
  • Heavy yearling steers to feed sold from 152c to 172c, with trade cattle making from 168c to 198c/kg.
  • There were quality related price variations for yearling heifers to restock and feed, with increased competition from restockers on the plainer conditioned D muscled lines.
  • Lightweight heifers to restock and feed sold from 124c to 155c/kg.
  • The 3 score trade cattle made from 145c to 184c, dependent on breed quality in places.
  • Medium weight 3 score trade heifers sold from 150c to 204c, with variations due to breed quality and yield potential.
  • Heavy steers and bullocks sold on a firm to slightly dearer trend, with the increase shown in the older 4 and 6 tooth steers.
  • Feeder steers showing 2 and 4 teeth benefited from increased competition to sell to a dearer trend, making from 140c to 168c/kg.
  • Medium and heavy cows saw little but quality related price changes on a close to firm market trend.
  • Heavy 3 and 4 score beef bred cows made from 119c to 145c, with medium weights from 118c to 140c/kg.
  • Plainer conditioned medium weight cows made from 91c to 114c for 2 scores, and 72c to 85c/kg for 1 score grades.

Dalby cattle

THERE was a small reduction in numbers, with a larger percentage of young cattle and a reduced supply of heavy grown steers and cows.

  • All regular buyers were in attendance for a market that saw heavy grown steers and bullocks ease in price due to quality, while a few certified grain-fed steers were slightly dearer.
  • The overall trend, however, was close to firm.
  • Heavy cows sold firm to 2c/kg dearer, while the plainer condition and medium weights were also slightly dearer.
  • The overall quality of the young cattle was slightly better this week.
  • Trends varied a little, with the better quality C muscle steers to restock and feed selling to a slightly cheaper trend, while the plainer quality, lighter muscled steers sold to a dearer trend.
  • There was increased demand for heifer yearlings, with all grades selling to a dearer trend.
  • A large line of plain condition light weight vealers attracted keen restocker competition to sell to a dearer trend, with the steer portion selling from 120c to 186c/kg, averaging cheaper due to a decline in quality.
  • The heifer portion sold from 110c to 137c/kg.
  • The better condition vealers to process sold to 152c/kg.
  • Stronger competition for plainer quality yearling steers to restock and feed saw medium weight D muscles sell from 140c to 175c, while the better shaped C muscles carrying a little more weight sold from 155c to 177c/kg.
  • Heifer yearlings also sold to a dearer trend with extra competition and greater demand, with C muscles to restock and feed selling from 130c to 163c/kg.
  • Medium and heavy weights to the trade sold to 167c/kg.
  • Heavy steers and bullocks sold from 160c to 189c/kg, with a premium for fat cover and weight for age.
  • The certified steers sold from 193c to 196c/kg.
  • Heavy 3 and 4 score cows sold from 132c to 151c/kg.
  • Medium weight 3 and 4 scores sold from 124c to 138c, while plain condition lines sold from 73c to 120c/kg.
  • There were some quality related price falls in the plain condition cows.

Moreton grain-assist 

  • AGENTS Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 581 cattle on Tuesday.
  • Vealers and yearlings were in short supply and quality was lacking and sold accordingly.
  • Trade cattle sold well especially the top lines.
  • All export cattle met strong demand.
  • Euro yearling heifers account Qld Cattle and Investment, Lowood, sold for 152.2c weighing 385kg to return $585.
  • Charolais yearling steers account T and I Burgess, Iredale, sold for 156.2c weighing 293kg to return $457.
  • Murray grey steers 12months account S and H Edwards sold for 154.2c weighing 296kg to return $457.
  • Euro feeder steers account A and M Fredriksen, Kilcoy, sold for 155.2c weighing 327kg to return $507.
  • L and M Hinrichsen, Mt Walker, sold euro grain assist heifers for 170c.
  • D and G Schmidt, Haigslea, sold a grain assist steer for 174.2c weighing 455kg to return $792.
  • Grain accredited steers account M Christensen, Rosevale, sold for 169.2c weighing 460kg to return $778.
  • C Wainwright, Rosevale, sold braford pasture steers for 160.2c weighing 435kg to return $696.
  • Pasture heifers account B and V Duncan sold for 164.2c weighing 550kg to return $903.
  • Dakl Trust, Tarragindi, sold droughtmaster feeder heifers for 159.2c weighing 378kg to return $602.
  • Braford feeder steers account R and D Crosby sold for 159.2c weighing 412kg to return $656.
  • RSVP Trust sold droughtmaster feeder steers for 162.2c weighing 448kg to return $727.
  • Angus pasture steers account Neustar Pty Ltd sold for 172.2c weighing 493kg to return $850.
  • N Loveday sold pasture steers for 169.2c weighing 475kg to return $803.
  • A and S Stevens sold droughtmaster steers for 181.2c weighing 555kg to return $1005.
  • R Bauer sold steers for 182.2c weighing 635kg to return $1155.
  • Charolais steers account D Bader sold for 182.2c weighing 602kg to return $1097.
  • V P Ilka sold hereford steers for 180.2c weighing 692kg to return $1247.
  • W H Scanlan, Stockyard, sold charolais steers for 181.2c weighing 557kg to return $1010.
  • G and C Lynch, Esk, sold charbray cows for 163.2c weighing 620kg to return $1011.
  • C Schmidt sold euro cows for 171.2c weighing 815kg to return $1395.
  • Charolais bull account J Josey sold for 165c weighing 840kg to return $1386.

Roma prime sale

A TOTAL of 500 head of cattle were penned on Thursday.

  • Steers over 550kg sold to 177c/kg and averaged 149c/kg, while steers in the 400-550kg earned to 178c/kg and averaged 149c/kg.
  • Heifers over 450kg sold to 157c/kg and averaged 149c/kg, while heifers in the 350-450kg sold to 145c/kg and averaged 122c/kg.
  • S and K Martyn, Greenridge, Roma, sold cross bred heifers to 157c/kg for 595kg to return $935/head.
  • The cross bred cows sold to 147c for 580kg to return $853.
  • Bassett Cattle Co, Jennavale, Roma, sold droughtmaster heifers to 152c for 473kg to return $720.
  • The droughtmaster cows to 146c for 543kg to return $793 with the consignment averaging 142c for 533kg to make $757.
  • Cows over 500kg peaked at 147c/kg and averaged 139c/kg, while cows in the 400-500kg class topped at 133c/kg and averaged 112c/kg.
  • Cows 300-400kg sold to 124c/kg and averaged 86c/kg.
  • Wason Pastoral Co, Orange Grove, Roma, sold droughtmaster-cross cows to 147c for 595kg to return $876 with the consignment averaging 127c for 536kg to make $682.
  • B and N Bauer, Arlington, Augathella, sold charolais-cross cows to 144c for 594kg to return $856.
  • B, M, B and L Leahy, Woodlands, Jackson, sold hereford-cross cows to 143c for 590kg to return $844 with the consignment averaging 143c for 586kg to make $840.
  • J Blackburn, Mt Bindango, Roma, sold brahman cows to 136c for 514kg to return $700.
  • Bulls over 600kg topped at 169c/kg and averaged 152c/kg.

Roma store sale

A TOTAL of 5350 head of cattle were penned on Tuesday.

  • Weaners under 220kg topped at 186c/kg and averaged 140c/kg, while weaner steers in the 220-280kg range reached 162c/kg and averaged 143c/kg.
  • Steers in the 280-350kg range reached 170c/kg and averaged 153c/kg, and steers in the 350-400kg range reached 161c/kg and averaged 154c/kg.
  • Feeder steers in the 400-550kg range topped 166c/kg and averaged 160c/kg.
  • M and M Bright, Karoola Park, sold angus-cross steers to 168c/kg for 286kg to return $482/head with the consignment averaging 161c for 265kg to make $428.
  • Stinson Pastoral Co, Hillyview, sold santa-cross steers to 163c for 347kg to return $567 with the consignment averaging 160c for 321kg to make $514.
  • Nick McKewan, Gooimah, Injune, sold droughtmaster-cross steers to 162c for 464kg to return $753 with the consignment averaging 161c for 430kg to make $693.
  • Ian Duff, Duffields, Injune, sold limousin-cross steers to 161c for 534kg to return $862 with the consignment averaging 161c for 424kg to make $683.
  • Nugent Pastoral Co, Tambo Station, sold santa-cross steers to 160c for 595kg to return $954 with the consignment averaging 160c for 564kg to make $903.
  • Heifers 280-350kg range topped at 152c/kg and averaged 127c/kg.
  • Heifers 220-280kg range topped at 152c/kg and averaged 128c/kg, while heifers under 220kg topped at 150c/kg and averaged 124c/kg.
  • Cows over 500kg hit 147c/kg and averaged 136c/kg, while cows 400-500kg topped at 137c/kg, averaged 118c/kg. Cows in the 300-400kg sold to 124c/kg and averaged 82c/kg.


BURNETT Livestock and Realty's meatworks and store sale held on Monday saw a yarding of 881 head.

  • With the dry weather persisting, some cattle are feeling the effects.
  • On a positive side, meatworks cattle are seeing some good improvement.
  • Feeder cattle in the right specs are also improving, making it difficult to market younger cattle and cattle that don't fit the right specifications.
  • Nearly all bullocks were in the 500-600kg range, topping at 187.2c to average 16 cents dearer on the last sale.
  • Santa cross grain-assisted bullocks two to eight tooth from Monto sold from 185.2c to 187.2c or $1018 to $1024.
  • Rocky Lerch, Bundaberg, sold charolais cross two to six tooth bullocks for 173.2c or $1034.
  • Cows also sold stronger topping at 153.2c for cows over 500kg to average 10 cents dearer, cows 400-500kg averaged 12 cents dearer and cows under 400kg were firm.
  • Charnwood Grazing, Lowmead, sold santa cross cows for 147.2c or $799.
  • The Haapakoski Family, Morganville, sold heavy brahman cross cows for 153.2c or $1065 to $1241.
  • Trade heifers also sold dearer topping at 159.2c to average six cents dearer.
  • Handford Grazing, Yerra, sold brahman cross four and six tooth heifers to top at 159.2c or $746.
  • Heavy bulls topped at 166.2c to average five cents dearer.
  • Steers 400-500kg topped at 158c to average firm on the previous sale.
  • MR and GL St Henry, Gaeta, sold milk and two tooth brahman cross steers for 156.2c or $708.
  • MP McGuire, Mt Perry, sold belmont brahman cross EU accredited milk and two tooth steers to average 157.3c or $598.
  • Steers 300-400kg topped at 160.2c the same as last sale, but averaged three cents dearer.
  • Mandalong cross milk and two tooth steers on account of Luinn Pty Ltd, Pine Creek, sold from 155.2c to 160.2c or $547 to $621.
  • Weaner steers sold much stronger with much better quality steers yarded, topping at 179.2c and averaging 14c to 35c dearer.
  • ED Jensen, Mt Perry, sold brangus cross weaner steers for 158.2c or $399.
  • Very light conditioned santa weaner steers on account of RC Greggory, Gayndah, sold for 179.2c or $248.
  • Heifers 300-400kg were very mixed quality topping at 150c and averaging seven cents cheaper.
  • N and T Schofield, Gin Gin, sold brahman cross milk tooth heifers to top at 150c or $578.
  • The Beddows Family, Windera, sold simbrah mostly milk tooth heifers for 148.2c or $500 to $522.
  • Weaner heifers were also of very mixed quality with the fresher better quality heifers topping at 145c and selling from 125c to 140c while light conditioned heifers were much harder to sell.
  • Weaner heifers averaged five to 10 cents cheaper.
  • Diann Svensson, Bundaberg, sold angus cross weaner heifers for 143.2c or $372.
  • N and M Geritz, Gigoomgan, sold droughtmaster weaner heifers for 145c or $312.
  • RC Greggory, Gayndah, sold light conditioned santa heifers for 147.2c or $198 to $255.
  • Cattle were drawn from Monto, Eidsvold, Mundubbera, Mt Perry, Gayndah, Windera, Goomeri, Woolooga, Yerra, Dunmora, Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Buxton, Goodwood, Childers, Bundaberg, Bucca, Lowmead, Gin Gin, Booyal and all local areas.
  • The next meatworks and store sale will be held on Monday, November 4.

Warwick sheep

IN A much larger yarding of lambs, the market was firm to slightly cheaper for most descriptions.

  • Lighter lambs showing seasonal effect were cheaper.
  • Warwick selling agents yarded 2489 lambs and hoggets, and 308 sheep at the weekly sale on October 16.
  • Top lambs account SO and JS Free, of Hamilton Farm, Clifton, sold for $112, purchased by Paynes Meats, and account for BM and AB Ahern, of Nobby, sold for $112 and purchased by Paynes Meats.
  • Quotations: cross-bred lambs 46-55kg $86-$112, cross-bred lambs 42-45kg $83-$112, cross-bred lambs 36-42kg $74-$98.50.
  • Merino lambs 51kg selling to $80 (1/3 wool), merino lambs 44.4kg selling to $69 (1/3 wool), cross-bred hoggets 81kg selling to $75 (shorn).

Toowoomba pigs

THERE were 260 pigs yarded with several pens of prime pork selling in excess of $4/kg, the dearest sale in 15 years.

  • Backfatter sows were firm with all store pigs selling to excellent rates.
  • Quotations: Prime pork $375-406c/kg, prime light bacon 355-390c/kg, boars 20c/kg, sows to 122c/kg. Forward stores $148-$164, weaners $88-$99.

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