Southern Queensland livestock sales

AT THE SALES: Adrian Paton, of Jondaryan, and Les Armstrong, of Millmerran, at the Elders sales in Toowoomba.
AT THE SALES: Adrian Paton, of Jondaryan, and Les Armstrong, of Millmerran, at the Elders sales in Toowoomba.

Toowoomba Elders

THERE was an increase of about 500 head after no sale last week.

  • Heavy grown steers and bullocks, and young cattle of mixed quality, were well supplied, while cows were in limited numbers.
  • There were some good heavy steers that attracted keen demand from exporters, with the market showing a dearer trend of 8-10c/kg.
  • The cow market also sold to a dearer trend, with both plain condition and well-finished cows sought.
  • The better quality young cattle held up reasonably well; however the secondary quality lines struggled to maintain recent levels under limited restocker competition.
  • Light weight yearling steers to restock and feed sold from 140 to 175c/kg. Medium weight to feeders returned from 141-168c to average 162c/kg.
  • Well-finished lines to the trade sold from 170-193c/kg. Heavy feeders sold from 165-175c, with those to the trade making from 165-185c/kg.
  • The C muscle yearling heifers sold from 130-161c for the 2 scores, with 3 scores to the trade making to 199c, although most were between 147-170c/kg.
  • The plainer D muscles sold from 100-152c/kg.
  • Heavy steers and bullocks sold from 170-197c to average between 171-188c/kg.
  • The older, plainer condition bullocks were at the bottom of the price range.
  • Plain condition cows sold from 83-124c, while the heavy 3 and 4 scores made from 135-147c to average 138-145c/kg.

Toowoomba Landmark

THERE was a small increase in numbers compared to the sale two weeks ago. Heavy grown steers were well supplied, along with yearlings, while cows were in limited numbers.

  • Demand for heavy steers and cows was strong, with the market trend dearer. Heavy grown steers and bullocks were up 5c, while the better heavy cows improved by up to 9c/kg.
  • Young cattle met weak demand to sell to a cheaper trend, with the secondary quality lines most affected.
  • Light and medium weight yearling steers to restock and feed sold from 150-175c to average from 158-161c/kg.
  • Heavy yearling steers to feed sold from 155-176c/kg.
  • The plain quality D muscles sold from 120-147c/kg.
  • There were no yearling steers with enough finish suitable for the trade. The C muscle heifers sold from 130-163c for the plainer condition 2 scores, with medium and heavy 3 scores to the trade making from 153-170c/kg.
  • The heavy-grown steers sold from 163c to 185c/kg, with bullocks making from 165c to 180c for the 3 scores.
  • The well finished 4 score bullocks topped at 188c/kg. Plain condition cows sold from 100-120c/kg. Heavy 3 and 4 score cows made from 125-147c, with a single C muscle making 154c/kg.

Toowoomba O'Sullivan

AFTER a two-week break since last sale and no rain, numbers have continued to come in.

  • This week's yarding consisted mainly of export cattle with a good run of bullocks from local and western areas, cow numbers were limited with balance of yarding being made up of lighter conditioned weaner cattle with some limited competition, selected vealers to butcher trade sold to firm rates.
  • Only a handful of prime butcher trade was on offer.
  • Santa hereford steers 541kg from Pittsworth sold for 185.8c for $1005.
  • Droughtmaster cross heifers from Felton 510kg sold for 163.2c for $832, LR Armstrong, Homeleigh Millmerran, sold quality young santa steers 585kg for 189c for $1105.
  • Droughtmaster bullocks a/c Micheal and Chris Bruse, Biddeston, 717kg sold for 173.2c for $1242.
  • Hereford steers from Millmerran 590kg sold for 177.2c for $1046.
  • Craig Knauth sold quality braford steers 380kg for 170c for $646.
  • Charolais cross heifers 515kg suit butcher trade sold for 158.2c for $814.
  • Angus bullocks a/c Mark McLean 641kg sold for 177.2c for $1135.
  • Blonde bulls 855kg sold for 155.2c for $1326.
  • Brown Swiss bullocks 700kg sold for 150.2c for $1051.

Warwick cattle

NUMBERS remained steady with an increased supply of well-finished, heavy grown steers and bullocks, but there were not as many good heavy cows penned.

  • Young cattle were also well supplied, with both quality and condition mixed.
  • There was an increased supply of young cattle showing finish coming off both crop and a grain assist. The best of the vealers sold from 175-201c/kg.
  • Light weight vealer steers to restock made from 168-185c/kg for well-bred lines. Light weight yearling steers to restock and feed sold from 157-170c, with the medium weight C muscles selling from 151-180c/kg.
  • Heavy feeder steers sold from 162-173c, with the well-finished lines to the trade making from 158-194c/kg.
  • Heifer yearlings generally sold to a dearer trend, with quality variations accounting for any negative price change.
  • The better medium and heavy trade heifers were up to 9c dearer, selling from 146-190c/kg. Plainer condition and quality heifers to process made from 120-147c/kg.
  • The C muscles to restock and feed sold from 130-170c/kg.
  • Heavy grown steers sold from 150-195c/kg, with a premium for the younger steers, while those lacking weight for age were at the bottom of the price range.
  • Bullocks sold from 175c to 192c/kg. Heavy 3 and 4 score cows sold from 122c to 148c, depending on yield potential, with the best of the medium weights making to 135c/kg.
  • Plain condition light and medium weights sold from 81-123c/kg, with yield potential and weight again a factor in the price variation.

Dalby cattle 

  • THERE was another small increase with plain condition dominating the yarding.
  • Agents yarded 5295 head.
  • The good quality yearling steers to restock and feed generally sold to a firm trend however there was some quality related price change.
  • Heavy-grown steers sold firm to slightly dearer, while the cow market was also dearer, up 2-9c/kg. Good heavy cows saw the best of the increase.
  • The better quality lightweight yearling steers sold from 145-184c/kg, while the plainer condition lightly muscled lines sold from 127-130c/kg.
  • Medium and heavy yearling steers to restock and feed sold from145-181c/kg.
  • Plain condition lightweight heifers were plentiful and sold firm to slightly dearer. Heavy grown steers sold firm to dearer with some prices improving 6-8c/kg depending on quality.
  • There was a small pen sold to a butcher that topped the market at 196c/kg with the balance selling from 177-188c/kg.
  • There were some very good heavyweight cows penned alongside large numbers of plain condition lighter weights.
  • Heavy cows sold from 123-147.2c/kg.

Moreton grain-assist 

  • AGENTS Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 601 head of cattle at Moreton on Tuesday.
  • Yearling heifers account Lodge Management, Rosewood, sold for 146.2c weighing 274kg to return $400.
  • D M B Newman, Coominya, sold yearling steers for 146.2c weighing 240kg to return $350.
  • R and F Foster sold pasture heifers for 180.2c weighing 580kg to return $1045.
  • M Wright, Ashwell, sold pasture steers for 178.2c weighing 520kg to return $926.
  • Tom Ulyatt, Esk, sold pasture ox for 183.2c weighing 596kg to return $1091.
  • Grain-assisted steers account Tinton Grazing, Esk, sold for 187.2c weighing 555kg to return $1038.
  • A and I Sippel, Gatton, sold heavy grain assist steers for 164.2c weighing 595kg to return $1161.
  • L McGiveron, Ormeau, sold euro steers for 164.2c weighing 416kg to return $684. Top grade cows sold for 159.2c weighing 620kg to return $987. Jaycee Holdings sold a bull for 166.2c weighing 890kg to return $1479.

Burnett Livestock and Realty

BURNETT Livestock and Realty's meatworks and store sale held on October 10 had a yarding of 804 head.

  • The better quality cattle are still holding their rates while the lesser quality light- conditioned cattle are proving harder to sell given the sale's mixed results.
  • Bullocks topped similar to the previous sale but the mixed quality over 600kg saw them eight cents cheaper while 500-600kg bullocks sold four cents dearer.
  • G and S Turner and family, Lowmead, sold santa and brangus No 0 bullocks for 163.2c or $1027 to $1105.
  • RA Young, Coringa, sold droughtmaster cross two to four tooth bullocks for 171.2c or $885. Droughtmaster cross bullocks on account of the Cox family, Miriam Vale, sold for 165.2c or $1049 to $1053.
  • Cows also suffered these results, with cows over 500kg not the quality of the previous sale and averaging five cents cheaper, cows 400-500kg also five cents cheaper while cows under 400kg improved slightly.
  • Jensco Grazing, Mt Perry, sold santa cows to top at 136.2c or $724.
  • ARN Horwood Family Trust, Gin Gin, sold brahman charolais cross cows to top at 136.2c or $783.
  • Trade heifers sold more consistent than previous sales but averaged five cents cheaper.
  • Maitland Bros, Boompa sold two to six tooth trade heifers from 143.2-146.2c or $596 to $608. JC Seidner, Gayndah sold brahman cross six tooth heifers to top at 140c or $675.
  • Heavy bulls topped at 160.2c, 11c higher than last sale but overall averaged five cents cheaper.
  • Only a handful of steers 400-500kg were yarded and averaged three cents dearer.
  • Steers 300-400kg topped at 160.2c to average 11 cents dearer.
  • RC Fitzsimmons, Dallarnil, sold brahman cross milk and two tooth steers from 156.2-160.2c or $579 to $659.
  • M and A Clegg, Mt Perry, sold charolais cross milk and two tooth steers to top at 154.2c or $617.
  • Weaner steers held firm on average with better quality steers selling dearer while the lesser quality dragged the average back.
  • Simbrah weaner steers on account of the Beddows family, Windera, sold from 153.2-165.2c or $332 to $380.
  • Brahman weaner steers on account of Brian Pastures sold for 155.2c or $312.
  • Feeder heifers 300-400kg sold much dearer with one boosting the average 12c dearer.
  • Simmental charbray cross No 2 heifers on account of KD Sarnadsky, Morganville, sold from 155.2-156.2c or $572 to $616. RA Young, Coringa, sold droughtmaster cross No 2 and 3 heifers to top at 155.2c or $525.
  • Weaner heifers were of mixed quality but saw better averages being seven to nine cents dearer.
  • A line of santa and santa hereford No 3 heifers from Taroom sold from 124.2-145.2c or $208 to $385.
  • Roslyn Buczma, Biggenden sold brangus cross weaner heifers from 125-130c or $279 to $351.
  • Four lots of four cows and calves were yarded and sold from $410 to $510.
  • Cattle were drawn from Taroom, Monto, Eidsvold, Mundubbera, Binjour, Gayndah, Mt Perry, Windera, Thinoomba, Maryborough, Childers, Bundaberg, South Kolan, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, Calliope, Gin Gin, Booyal and all local areas.
  • The next meatworks and store sale will be held on Monday, October 21.

Warwick sheep

IN A smaller yarding of both sheep and lambs, the market was firm to a shade dearer for all descriptions.

  • Agents yarded 1078 lambs and hoggets, and 181 sheep at the weekly sale on October 9. Greenup Maryland Partnership, of Thulimbah, held the top lambs account, selling for $120 a head to Paynes Meats.
  • Quotations: Cross-bred lambs 45-55kg $87-$120, cross-bred lambs 42-45kg $82-$107, cross-bred lambs 36-42kg $74-$101.
  • Merino lambs 40.9kg $68 (1/3 wool), merino lambs 28.6kg $54 (1/3 wool), cross-bred hoggets 51.6kg to $90 (shorn).

Toowoomba pigs

IN A yard of 220 pigs, the market for prime pork and store pigs sold to record rates.

  • Prime bacon was in short supply and again sold to record rates. Backfatter sows were firm on previous weeks.
  • Quotations: Prime pork 330-392c/kg, prime light bacon 320-358c/kg, prime bacon 358c/kg, boars to 10c/kg, sows to 122c/kg. Forward stores $160-$180, weaners $80-$122.

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