Smart state is so stupid when it comes to driving

Our wet weather driving skills are still poor.
Our wet weather driving skills are still poor.

WHETHER it's reinforcing stereotypes about Volvo drivers with hats or soccer mums in SUVs, Queenslanders have always been quick to point the finger at others for their faults on the road.

But here's a news flash any tourist would be happy to tell you: most Queenslanders are terrible drivers.

Joe Fitzgerald.
Joe Fitzgerald.

Fellow motorists are more likely to give us a one-fingered salute than a friendly, five-fingered wave. And don't start me on how bad we are in the wet.

Did the years of drought erase our ability to drive when it rains? Surely after three years of consistent wet weather we'd be used to it by now.

Yet every time there's a drop of rain, some locals take it as a challenge to their driving abilities.

You know the ones - we dodge them as they aquaplane wildly or pass them on the side of the road exchanging details with the person they rear-ended.

The solution is as simple as remembering the core values of being a Queenslander: taking it easy and treating everyone like a mate.

Because at a time when most of our number plates declare us as The Smart State, many of us behind the wheel are acting stupidly.

Is there a better definition of irony?

It's enough to drive a hat-wearing Volvo owner or SUV-driving soccer mum to despair.

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