Santa show puts versatile breed on display

seventh annual santa gertrudis and santa infused show and sale.
seventh annual santa gertrudis and santa infused show and sale. Contributed

PREPARATIONS are in full swing for the seventh annual Santa Gertrudis and Santa Infused Show and Sale.

Rosevale Park Santa Gertrudis owner Elizabeth Piggott said recent weather had offered some mixed blessings, with paddocks greening up and re-stockers in high demand, but other producers keen to hold onto their herd while the feed is there.

All the same, she said the show had grown steadily over its seven years and expected between 200 and 300 head of cattle for the store sale after the show judging.

She put the growth down to the versatility of the santa breed.

"They do well on all types of country," she said.

"There's nowhere you can't run them in Australia and they're one of the few breeds you find all across the country.

"They do well on tough country and even better on good country.

"There's even mobs in Alice Springs and places like that."

She said resistance to common cattle diseases like pink eye and bloat were another bonus, along with the ability to cross well with other breeds like angus and herefords.

And despite santa heifers being in such high demand, they rarely make it to the sale yards, she said there would hopefully be a decent showing of them at the upcoming event.

The 2017 Santa Gertrudis and Santa Infused Show and Sale will be held at Warwick Sale Yards on April 21.

Ms Piggott said the event would kick off at 9am with judging, followed by presentations at 9.30am and the store sale at 10am.

"Last year's sale was a good one. We've actually had good sales every year," she said.

"The cattle are penned the night before and sold by liveweight cents per kilo."

Breeders are expected from all across northern new South Wales and southern Queensland.

For further information contact George McVeigh on 0459 441 606, David Friend on 0477 511 296 or Ms Piggott on 0407 594 201.

Show categories include: Pen of Steers up to 250kg; Pen of Steers 250-299kg; Pen of Steers over 300kg; Pen of Weaner Heifers; Pen of Joining age Heifers; and Pen of Cows and Calves.

Championships categories are pen of steers, pen of females and Grand Champion Pen of the Show.

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