Warwick region livestock sales

POTENTIAL BUYERS: Mick Sharp and Lynelle Matthews, of Yangan, had their eyes on a pen of heifers during their first trip to the Warwick pig and calf sale.
POTENTIAL BUYERS: Mick Sharp and Lynelle Matthews, of Yangan, had their eyes on a pen of heifers during their first trip to the Warwick pig and calf sale. Jayden Brown

McDougall and Sons


  • Norma Chalk sold very good 55 kg Dorper suckers for $117 with Gillies Meats the buyer.
  • Marshall Family sold a pen of heavy trade lambs 64kg to Singh Meats for $129 to top the sale and a lighter pen 48kg to Carey Bros for $111.
  • Keith Belford sold a pen of suckers 43kg to locals Shelley Family Trust for $100.
  • John and Regina Henry sold 45kg lambs to Gillies & Singh for $104.
  • Warren and Wendy Schelbach sold 44kg lambs for $100 to S and R Barrett of Lismore.
  • Graham and Clare Angus sold lambs off the grain bin 43kg to Carey Bros for $95.
  • Alan and Rebecca Forrest sold 41kg lambs off the grain for $94 to Highchester Meats and hoggets 45kg to Melrose Meats for $87.
  • Lionel and Dorothy Devine sold a good pen of trade lambs 40kg for $79 to Melrose Meats.
  • Wayne Bulmer sold a run of lambs off his Talwood holding as the storms just didn't eventuate, his lead lambs 41kg making $80 to Gillham Trading, with the store lambs selling from $44 to $68.
  • Rangemore Estate sold a good trade pen 42kg to Melrose Meats for $88.
  • The market was again solid for all lambs with the right finish and weights, any dry or lambs showing seasonal effects eased today.
  • Hopefully we can get some widespread falls, badly needed to enable producers the finish required for all stock.



  • RW and EJ Briggs sold yearlings to butchers 189.2/ 430kg/ $813.
  • Lloyd Weir from Pratten sold Angus yearlings 192.2/ 433kg/ $832.
  • T and A Mullins from Allora sold 302kg Blonde cross vealers for 191.2c/kg to make $578.
  • PB and AM O'Leary from Wheatvale sold 520kg Charolais cross steers to export processors for 203.2c/kg for $1076.
  • M and L Cannavo from Stanthorpe sold 470kg Droughtmaster steers for 197.2c/kg to make $926.
  • SA and FH Thompson sold 573kg Charolais cross cows for 174.2c/kg to make $998 and heavy 573kg heifers for 184.2c/kg to return $1056.
  • Pozzebon and Company from Thulimba sold 561kg Brahman cross cows for 164.2c/kg to make $921.
  • Scott Cobon sold 489kg Angus cows for 153.2c/kg for $749.
  • AJ and CM Mullins sold 628kg dairy culls for 143.2c/kg to make $900.



  • Regan Johnstone sold 530kg Santa cross steers for 202.2c/kg returning $1071.66.
  • LA and RE Johnstone sold 622kg Santa cross steers for 194.2c/kg returning $1208.90.
  • SD Charles sold two teeth Santa cross heifers for 185.2c/kg returning $1064.90.
  • Imogen Johnstone sold Droughtmaster steers for 195.2c/kg returning $878.40.
  • Kerry Page sold 432kg Angus steers for 190c/kg returning $821.75.
  • W and D Wright sold 769kg Angus steers for 190.0c/kg returning $769.50.
  • Rebecca Johnstone sold 320kg Droughtmaster steers for 185.0c/kg returning $592.
  • LJ, CL and JK Charles sold 750kg Santa cows for 168.2c/kg returning $1261.
  • Trevor Barrett sold 223kg Brahman steers for 151.2c/kg returning $337.18.



  • Gray Cockburn sold 47.5kg Dorper sucker lambs for $108.
  • Goldshark sold 43kg Dorper lambs for $88.
  • HJ Wright sold 43.5kg cross breed lambs for $85.
  • M Donovan sold 46kg cross breed lambs for $75.
  • AL and LS Cowper sold store Merino lambs for $39.
  • JJ and ML Bourke sold heavy cross breed lambs for $45.
  • Pabra Pastoral sold merino wethers for $47.

Nowlan Stock and Station


  • Conroy and Reid yarded Dorper cross lambs weighing 43kg for $80.
  • VL and MR Dunn sold Dorper ewes for $40.
  • M, L and L Glasser sold grain-fed Dorper cross lambs weighing 42kg for $90.
  • Willri Park sold Dorper cross lambs for $91.
  • Aaron Lee sold 45kg Dorper lambs for $97.
  • While Maxine Lee sold light Dorper cross lambs weighing 30kg for $50.
  • John Murphy offer Dorper sucker lambs weighing 37kg for $61.
  • DS and KE Roberts from Texas sold 31kg Dorper cross lambs for $50.
  • While Bill and Di Stuart sold crossbred ewes for $40.


  • WN and DL Anderson sold Angus cross vealer heifers averaging 248kg for 179.2c/kg to make $445.01.
  • PF and MD McConville sold a red polled bull for 160.2c/kg to return $1337.67.
  • G and H Goodwin sold 520kg Angus cows for 144.2c/kg to make $749.84. They also offered Santa cows, which sold for a top of 165c/kg to make $998.25.
  • Woonoona Pastoral Company sold 591kg Hereford cows for $977.43.
  • AD McConville sold Friesan cows weighing 775kg for 148.2c/kg to make $1148.55.
  • ER McConville sold Friesan cows for 139.2c/kg to return $890.88.
  • KJ McConville sold Freisan cows weighing 475kg for $130c/kg to make $617.50.
  • PJ and KP King also offered Friesan cows averaging 527kg and selling to 147.2c/kg to make $776.48.
  • BP and KL Hopgood sold 495kg Angus cows for 152.2c/kg to make $753.39.
  • John Grills sold Angus cross store cows weighing an average 440kg for $136.2c/kg to make $599.28.
  • Moffatt Livestock Company offered light Hereford cows averaging 398kg and selling for 99.2c/kg to make $382.54.
  • Jenfield Pty Ltd sold Santa steers weighing 502kg for $925.61.
  • TF Ballard yarded Shorthorn bullocks, which sold for $1003.15.
  • TJ Hopgood sold Angus yearling steers weighing 400kg for 186.2c/kg to make $744.80.
  • Rockeby Pastoral Company offered Hereford heifers, which sold for 90.2c/kg to make $285.
  • JP Carey Holdings sold Angus heifers weighing 348kg for $513.50.

MLA wrap

  • Numbers lifted by close to 22% and, despite the increased supply prices, improved across most classes.
  • The usual export processors were in attendance, along with the regular trade and feeder operators, plus restockers.
  • Young cattle to the trade and feeder operators averaged 2c to 12c/kg better.
  • Bullocks lifted in price by 6c and a relatively large selection of cows sold to a market 4c to 10c/kg dearer.
  • The occasional calf to the trade made to 200c, while most returned to the paddock at 187c, with sales to 190c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers sold to restockers 5c dearer at 181c, with sales to 189c/kg.
  • Medium weight yearling steers to feed and slaughter averaged close to 186c and sold to 195c/kg.
  • Heavy weights to feed lifted in price by 5c to 10c, with most in the mid to high 180c range, with sales to 192c/kg.
  • The slaughter classes experienced stronger competition from butchers and wholesalers, plus processors, to average 190c with sales to 195c/kg.
  • The best of the lightweight yearling heifers averaged 12c dearer, with feeder lines at 165c and slaughter classes averaging 170c/kg.
  • Medium weight yearling heifers to feed were well supplied and most sold around 173c, with sales to 179c/kg.
  • Local trade lines improved 4c to average 177c and sold to 182c/kg.

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