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Rod McLennan and Ron Benz are two of Bill Pentecost’s good friends from the sheep sale.
Rod McLennan and Ron Benz are two of Bill Pentecost’s good friends from the sheep sale.

HAVING A BROWSE: Bill Pentecost was happy with the market at the Warwick Sheep Sale last week. Michael Cormack

FOR Southern Downs resident Bill Pentecost, it is a weekly ritual to attend the Warwick Sheep Sale.

Mr Pentecost, 82, has been attending the sale since he was a teenager but there was an important reason for his visit to the sale this week.

"I always come to the sheep sale every week," Mr Pentecost said.

"There's something wrong with me if I don't come. This is my church.

"I have sheep to sell soon so I thought it would be good to come down and check out the prices.

"I wanted to get an idea of the market before I put my sheep up for sale."

Mr Pentecost said he was encouraged with what he saw at last week's sale.

"The market was firm, that's about all you could say," he said.

"Sheep and lambs were firm.

"I think it was pretty encouraging though.

"The market here at the sheep sale certainly looks better than the cattle market does at the moment."

Mr Pentecost knows a thing or two about rural life, having lived rurally for almost all of his life.

With many farmers going through tough times due to the lack of rain in recent times, Mr Pentecost said the recent rain was pleasing, but is hopeful there will be more downpours to come in the near future.

"I live at Freestone but I have a property at The Gums, west of Tara," Mr Pentecost said.

"Things were getting quite bad with the lack of rain but it has been a bit more reasonable since the bit of rain has come in the past couple of months.

"In saying that, we certainly still need more rain than what we've had so far.

"But there's nothing you can do about it; you can't just make it rain."

While Mr Pentecost often visits the sheep sale for business purposes, he said the sale is a big social event for him too.

"I've come to know a lot of people here at the sale and I've made a lot of good friends," he said.

"The Benz family has been involved with the sale here for almost 50 years and they're really good people; there are a lot of others around who are regularly at the sale and are good people.

"I always come, it's a day out and with having a lot of friends here, it's good to come along and catch up with them."

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