Safety of kids and pets in doubt as dingo attacks increase

Residents are being urged to watch out for dingos after Rosie was killed.
Residents are being urged to watch out for dingos after Rosie was killed. Contributed

DINGO attacks in Rural View have led to the death of a family's beloved pet.

Terri Hamilton's beagle, Rosie, was attacked by two dingos outside the Hamiltons' property about 8pm Sunday.

Terri's neighbour, Marion Hamilton, witnessed the vicious attack.

"There were at least two dingos trying to drag her off towards the canefields," Marion said.

"I screamed at them and that managed to make them let her go."

Marion immediately carried Rosie to Terri's house and called the vet. However, Rosie died from her injuries before the vet arrived.

Rosie had been attacked twice within the past three months. Another dog was recently taken by dingos in the night, Terri said.

She said dingos had been spotted roaming the neighbourhood during the day.

Terri said she last saw one while taking a walk with her brother on Wednesday afternoon.

"My brother's been living on a cattle property for the past few months and he knows a dingo when he sees one," she said.

Marion is worried about the safety of children and other pets, and has urged her neighbours to be vigilant.

"I don't think they're expecting this when they come to the area ... the fact is that their houses back onto dingo territory and they need to be aware."

She said residents should keep their pets inside and small children should not play outside at night.

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