Room to grow at Ewingsdale Farm

HEAD cheesemaker of Bangalow Cheese Company, Rhys Burley, is excited about the change of address for this innovative operation and the opportunity that their new direction affords.

The six-year-old business was purchased late last year and the new owners have relocated the factory from Corndale to a 35ha property at Ewingsdale, creating a bigger space and the chance to share some of the secrets of production with tourists and locals alike.

BIG CHEESE: Head cheesemaker of Bangalow Cheese Company, Rhys Burley.
BIG CHEESE: Head cheesemaker of Bangalow Cheese Company, Rhys Burley. Contributed

"We are excited about the Ewingsdale property, which we are calling 'The Farm'.

"We are excited about having the public come in and see our operation.

"We are constantly asked if people can come out and see the factory.

"For that reason the new location is perfect. It is a beautiful property with a macadamia orchard, fruit trees, some cattle."

Bangalow Cheese Company's signature product is a washed rind, described as a 'cheese-lover's cheese', with a mottled rind and earthy, truffle aromas.

Then there is the triple Brie, which Rhys described as a 'crowd pleaser'.

However, the company's foray into cultured butter is starting to turn heads, with its old-is-new theme and promotion of natural fats and probiotic cultures.

Rhys has even taken to sliding a dollop of cultured butter into his black coffee of a morning, creating a great taste and reducing the sudden uptake of caffeine into the body.

The secret to cultured butter is the addition of a bacteria to the cream which sours and thickens the product, while at the same time releasing some of the 'sweet notes'.

"It is readily digestible," said Rhys. "And its lasts a bit longer than regular butter."

While the company is keen to broadcast its products nationwide, it understands that as a producer of hand-made items, local markets suit it best.

"Local markets are our core," said Rhys. "And we are getting into more local shops. The local client is important to a small producer."

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