Rice industry looks to coordinate extension services

THE Rural Industries R&D Corporation is calling for expressions of interest for an organisation to centrally coordinate the establishment and operation of rice industry extension services.

The successful tenderer will:

1. Co-ordinate the establishment of a new framework for rice extension services. This would require:

a) Establishing collaborative arrangements with the NSW Department of Primary Industries and extension providers within SunRice.
b) Developing relationships with Local Land Services, private sector agronomists and retail agronomists.
c) Instituting a network of industry extension officers across the rice growing region of the NSW Riverina.

2. Liaise with rice extension providers, researchers and growers to ensure:

a) Relevant rice industry extension information is effectively developed and disseminated.
b) The co-ordination of grower feedback to inform research priorities.
c) Maintain an understanding of current rice technologies, research and development.

3. Co-ordinate and manage a range of partnerships and collaborations, and manage contracts funded by industry and external sources.

4. Monitor and review the effectiveness of rice industry extension delivery and implement changes as appropriate.

The request for the organisation came from the Australian rice industry, and the RIRDC seeks to engage an organisation with the capacity to address the above activities in an efficient, effective, and cost competitive manner. It is expected that the organisation would be contracted for an initial one year term, with the possibility of extension for a further three years. 

In coordinating rice industry extension services, the organisation would be expected to pursue additional, external funds to maximise the efficacy of the extension program, and manage these funds and the related contractual obligations. 

The project would be managed by a management committee comprised of members of the RIRDC Rice R&D Committee. An understanding and experience of rice growing in Australia and extension services are essential requirements to undertake the project. 

This work would be based in the Riverina and may require travel to conferences and meetings in other parts of Australia at times.

Please submit an expression of interest addressing your applicability to each of the aspects outlined by May 3, 2013. For further information or to send applications contact Alison Robb at RIRDC:

Questions received regarding the submission of expressions of interest

Q1. What is the expected annual budget?
A.The expected budget is around $200,000 per annum.

Q2. How many extension officers throughout the Riverina are required?
A.This will be determined after the EOI closes, as this EOI only relates to the coordination of extension services.

Q3. What are the current RIRDC rice program research projects and what is the longevity of each of these projects?
A. All current rice R&D project information can be found at

Q4. Is there a template for submission of EOIs?
A. There is no template, but please address all the information required in the EOI.

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