Research on fracking is ‘lacking’:CSIRO


CSIRO scientists have highlighted the need for more research into the controversial fracking process used in coal seam gas extraction.

CSIRO chief research scientist Dr Graeme Batley published a review last year, Managing The Fracking Boom, discussing the lack of research in the area.

"To date there have been relatively few publications in the open scientific literature dealing with the environmental impacts of coal seam gas production and especially of fracking," Dr Batley stated.

"Clearly there is a multitude of research questions to be addressed with respect to the introduction of large volumes of chemical mixtures into coal and shale formations.

"These questions concern the fate of these compounds and the extent to which they represent a risk to key receptors, be they birds, livestock, humans or aquatic organisms.

"Such data will provide the scientific evidence to address the uninformed concerns of opponents of coal seam gas extraction and to ensure that the industry can be appropriately managed."

Dr Batley is a specialist in the chemistry of trace contaminants in water systems.

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