Relieved landowner says 'people power' forced Govt hand

Alf Collins of Belah Valley where he has been since 1951
Alf Collins of Belah Valley where he has been since 1951 Contributed

ALF Collins says people power is a strong tool when used wisely and has no doubt it forced the Turnbull Government's hand in taking compulsory acquisitions off the table.

The Marlborough Brahman breeder had two properties tied up in the land grab, Belah Valley and Kelso, both located on prime agricultural land.

Earlier today Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced his government would not be enforcing any compulsory acquisitions in relation to the Shoalwater Bay training area.

Alf revelled in the good "short term” news which would see his properties and years of hard work safeguarded.

However the farmer who has seen many towns suffer at the hands of, what he describes as, poorly run governments says people of Central Queensland need to be vigilant.

"The same people who are making promises now have lied before, we have got to be doubly vigilant now,” he said.

"We need to insist good governance is what we get.

"We may have won the battle but the war is not over.”

Alf said he was thankful though to all the people who rose to the occasion and fought for the community.

"There is a story to tell and I thank God every day for the good people he sends in our path.”

"Today I've been in double thanks because good people have risen to the occasion.

"People power is a wonderful thing.”

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