Reef Water Quality Grants for Grazing targets the Baffle

BCCA extension officer Peter Crawford, ready to assist graziers with funding applications.
BCCA extension officer Peter Crawford, ready to assist graziers with funding applications.

THE Burnett Catchment Care Association (BCCA) is pleased to announce funding for a three-year Reef Water Quality Grazing project, to be implemented in the coastal areas of the Burnett River catchment.

Areas targeted by the project include the Burnett River downstream from Paradise Dam, the Kolan downstream from Lake Monduran, as well as the Elliot, Isis, Gregory, Burrum and Baffle Creek catchments.

Year one of the project (2013-14) will focus on the Baffle Creek catchment, and expression of interest flyers have been circulated on all mail runs in the catchment.

The objective of the Reef Water Quality Grants and Partnerships funding (from the former Reef Rescue program) is to improve the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon by providing land holders with advice and assistance to improve land management practices and  reduce nutrient, pesticide and sediment run-off from agricultural land.

The program is supported by the Burnett Mary Regional Group, through funding from the Australian Government. This funding is a three year commitment by the Australian Government and will build on what has been an extremely successful environmental program.

BCCA's new Grazing Extension Officer, Peter Crawford says that BCCA's involvement in this project will focus on increasing awareness among landholders about best management practices and techniques.

"The new BCCA project differs from previous Reef Rescue projects in that it will have a much greater emphasis on education and awareness.

This will involve training workshops, on-line Grazing BMP property assessment, paddock assessments and the development of a property capability plan for all participants, involving high quality property mapping."

Landholders will be invited to submit applications for funding for projects on their properties that improve groundcover and reduce sediment loss from their properties. 

Projects could include, but are not necessarily limited to, riparian fencing, fencing and rehabilitation of erosion and degraded areas, fencing to reduce stock tracking and patch grazing, and installation of off-stream and paddock water points.

Funding will be limited to a maximum of $10,000 per landholder, and must be matched 50/50 by cash and/or in-kind expenditure by the landholder. 

BCCA will also develop and supply detailed property mapping  for all participants.

BCCA will also be running workshops and field days with an emphasis on grazing management open to interested participants.

If you are an interested landholder and you have not received an EOI, you can download it from

For more information on this exciting new project, contact extension officer Peter Crawford on 0427 024 921.

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