Reduced LHPA staff ready for transition

THE Livestock Health and Pest Authority (LHPA) has finalised it's staffing ahead of the transition to Local Land Servcies (LLS). Acting LHPA CEO, Tim Johnston, said the management and staffing reforms needed to implement the LLS change plan were finalised at a series of meetings with staff last week.

"We had always identified that some staff would be lost during the transition to LLS, and we believe we have managed the process the best way we can, ensuring that the staff skills required in LLS will be transitioned on January 1, 2014," Mr Johnston said.

"From the outset, the change plan identified that a number of senior management and 11 customer service staff would be excess to the organisation's needs, and we have managed to keep these changes within those parameters."

Mr Johnston said the restructure to LLS saw nine of the current LHPA general managers and six office co-ordinators, all senior managers, taking the opportunity to leave the organisation as per the change plan requirements.

"Furthermore, seven customer service officers (CSOs) have expressed an interest to us to leave the organisation. When combined with the five vacancies which were being carried by LHPA amongst the CSO ranks, the change plan staff reductions amongst this affected pool of staff have been met," he said.

"It is always disappointing to lose good people during a restructure such as this, but the short term pain of these losses will ensure LLS is well equipped with the necessary staff allocated to each region, when the organisation commences next month."

Mr Johnston said all efforts were made by the LHPA to retain as many staff as possible in the new organisation, and some staff had opted to take a slight reduction in hours in some locations, to ensure they have a job in 2014.

"This really has been a long and drawn out development, but we believe it has been a fair and equitable process for all staff, with regular consultation being undertaken with those employees who may be affected by the staffing decisions of the past months."

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