Reader identifies old bit of farm machinery

IT sounds a little like a practical joke at the expense of a journo: A reversible horse-drawn plough.

But it was one of the legitimate offerings from readers when the Bush Tele put the call out for public to identify an old piece of machinery up for sale at Warwick agent Stuart Bond's auction on February 9.

RIDDLE: Can readers guess what this piece of machinery is used for?
RIDDLE: Can readers guess what this piece of machinery is used for?


The most thorough explanation of the farming implement (pictured inset) was from 92-year-old Reverend John Parish, from Loch Lomond.

In his younger years, before he became a minister, Rev Parish used a similar "single farrow disc plough - horse drawn" on his farm in the New South Wales' Hunter Valley.

Rev Parish said the version pictured in the Bush Tele was not quite in working order with the seat missing, the land wheel on the plough is disconnected, ratchet leaver missing off farrow wheel (used to set depth of farrow), along with the main pull bar used to connect up to the horses.

He said the implement could be reversible.

"You could flip the scrapper (that sits beside the disc and removes the dirt and keeps the disc clean) and the dirt could be delivered to which ever side you like - to make the hill of the farrow," Rev Parish said.

"Very often, a reversible plough was drawn by two horses but I would have to see the plough to tell you more."

He explained these reversible ploughs were handy to use in narrow strips of land (ie in orchards) as you could plough the next farrow right beside your last as you could just flip the scrapper and deliver the dirt the other side.

"My uncle had used one in his orchard when I was growing up in the 1930s and they could have been around years before that.

"I used an ordinary double disc plough during the late 1930s and 1940s until I was able to buy a tractor."

Next question dear readers: Can anyone identify the machinery item in our main photograph?

Please send your answers through to


Stuart Bond will auction these two items and a range of other farm machinery and unique items on February 9 at 249 Canningvale Rd from 10am.

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