Warwick region livestock sales

PURE COUNTRY: John Ruhle from Warwick caught up with Clifton locals Gerard O’Leary and Ian Weier at the local show.
PURE COUNTRY: John Ruhle from Warwick caught up with Clifton locals Gerard O’Leary and Ian Weier at the local show. Toni Somes

McDougall and Son

  • Helen Reeves Robindell Partnership sold a good draft of 50kg, 43kg lambs to Thomas Foods International for $118 and $115.
  • Greenup Partnership sold 45kg and 43kg lambs to Melrose Meats for $110 and $105.
  • Frost Farming sold 48kg lambs to Gilham for $117 and 46kg to Elliot's Butchery for $113.
  • Phil Byrnes sold 46kg lambs to Gilham for $112.
  • Carey Bros snapped up a pen from Warren and Wendy Schelbach 49kg for $118.
  • Col and Pat Imhoff sold the run of lambs that didn't make the show ring at Clifton 48kg to TFI for $115.
  • Jim and Beth Landers sold good trade lambs 43kg woolly to TFI for $97 and shorn 43.5kg to Gilham for $107.
  • Southern Qld Institute of TAFE sold a very good trade pen of Dorper cross lambs 48kg to Carey Bros for $120.
  • The market today showed all the signs of improvement in line with all southern trends - buyers are working hard to maintain supply and quality of purchases.
  • We should see a steady trend to the market with any quality and finished articles reaping the reward of persistence.
  • As this is being written, rain is starting to fall in some areas and this may impact on the numbers available next week.


  • Howard Brown from Clifton topped the bullock market with 640kg Charolais steers making 184.2c/kg to return $1178.
  • S and S Farming from Nobby sold market topping 415kg Limousin cross yearling steers for 184.2c/kg to make $764 and 340kg heifers for 190c/kg to make $646.
  • Mick Kruger from Yangan sold 293kg heifers to butchers for 179.2c/kg to make $525.
  • John Cowley from Allora sold 270kg vealers to a top of 180c/kg to return $486.
  • Neil Thornton from "Penrose" at Dalveen sold 760kg South Devon cows to processors for 152.2c/kg to make $1075.
  • Dairy culls weighing in at 776kg from Bill Stewart made 135.2c/kg to return $1050.
  • Matt Garton from Goomburra sold a 785kg Limousin bull for 159.2c/kg to make $1250.

Nowlan Stock and Station


  • Conroy and Reid from Warwick sold quality grain fed lambs weighing 43kg for $114.
  • L Dunn sold Dorper cross lambs for $110.
  • Executive Australia sold store Dorper cross lambs weighing 37kg for $60.
  • IJ Lowery sold Dorper cross ewes for $36.
  • Ken Sykes sold Dorper cross ram lambs for $107.


  • K and K Kearney sold yearling steers weighing 400kg for 156.2c/kg to make $624.80.
  • W and D Stuart sold dairy heifers averaging 257.5kg for 145.2c/kg to make $351.62.
  • F Ballard sold Shorthorn heifers weighing 255kg for 114.2c/kg to return $291.21.
  • Clearview Pastoral Company sold 238kg yearling steers for to make $353.25.
  • Noel Bonner sold Murray Grey cows averaging 565kg for 136.2c/kg to return $769.53.
  • B and RA Bruyn sold 585kg cows for 134.2c/kg to make $785.
  • Glen Fanning sold Euro cows weighing 462kg for 137.2c/kg to return $902.40.
  • NT Hemmings and Sons sold 658kg dairy culls for 128.2c/kg to make $844.50.
  • SN and JA Hoey sold a Charolais bull for 127.2c/kg to make $848.85.
  • NW and CT James from Wandoan sold grain fed heifers weighing 325kg for 172.2c/kg to make $559.65.
  • Harden Lee sold yearling Angus cross heifers weighing 240kg for $254.
  • JG and JL Makeo sold 523kg Santa cows for 128.2c/kg to make $671.25.
  • The McConville family sold 485kg dairy culls for 134.2c/kg to return $650.50.
  • A and L Patterson yarded Angus cows weighing 480kg and selling to a top of 130.2c/kg to make $625.15.
  • Tenfield Pty Ltd sold 522kg heifers for 141.2c/kg.

MLA Warwick wrap

THE forecast of some rain combined with the recent fall in prices eased numbers back by 41%.

Young cattle were in the largest numbers along with a handful of heavy grown steers and bullocks plus a large selection of cows.

Buyer attendance was good with representatives covering all categories.

Prices improved for a number of classes with the better end of the young cattle 2c to 5c and up to 10c/kg dearer in places.

However, secondary lines remained hard to sell.

Heavy grown steers and bullocks sold to firm demand, while cows lifted in price by 5c to 10c/kg.

Lightweight yearling steers to restockers averaged 160c and medium weights to feed averaged 155c/kg.

Heavyweights to feed mostly sold around 164c, with sales to 167c/kg.

Slaughter descriptions in the heavyweight range averaged 170c and sold to 195c/kg.

Poor condition lightweight yearling heifers averaged 113c/kg.

Medium weights to feed averaged 147c and local trade descriptions averaged 158c sold to 181c with the occasional heavy B muscle class reaching 206c/kg.

Bullocks averaged close to 180c and sold to 184c/kg.

Lightweight plain cows averaged 76c and medium weights 88c/kg.

Medium weight 2 scores averaged 9c better at 105c, with sales to 120c/kg.

Good heavy cows made to 162c to average 5c dearer at 147c/kg.

Heavy bulls made to 159c/kg.

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