Rain brings relief to Central Highlands farmers

Storms moving east across Capricornia yesterday at 1.30pm.
Storms moving east across Capricornia yesterday at 1.30pm. Contributed

BAUHINIA landowners have let out a sigh of relief following the rain they have received in the past week.

Greg Bowden of Tackeracka, Bauhinia Downs, is drought-declared and he said while the struggle is still there, it is a bit easier now.

"I wouldn't say the drought has broken but the storms certainly put a severe dent in it," Mr Bowden said.

"It's a good start, but we need more because most people haven't had any run-off yet to top off the dams and creeks."

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Mark Driscoll of Truganini, Bauhinia, said Christmas is looking brighter.

"It's a wonderful feeling, stops us having to look over our shoulder and should make Christmas easier for everyone," Mr Driscoll said.

"We'll take a wet Christmas over a white, thanks very much."

Mr Bowden said the rain lowers everyone's stress. "It takes care of a lot of those stress levels when you can see you might start making money instead of spending it," Mr Bowden said.

"When you're feeding the stock you're just watching money walk away.

"Now we have to worry about ticks and flies and mustering to take care of that.

"But like the old saying says, if you have a tax problem you don't really have a problem at all."

Mr Driscoll agreed and said as long as it doesn't flood, he will be happy.

"We're a no worse off than any other person in central Queensland, we need to bring those averages up without any floods," he said.

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