Rain an early present for the Moffatt family

PUDDLE-JUMPING: Phoebe Moffatt the raindancer at her family property 'Muldoon'.
PUDDLE-JUMPING: Phoebe Moffatt the raindancer at her family property 'Muldoon'.

ALL Phoebe Moffatt wants for Christmas is a magic wand so she can make it rain and make the grass green so her parents don't have to do so much work.

Although she doesn't have a magic wand, it seems as if the seven-year-old's Christmas wish has come true with over 70mm falling at her family's property 'Muldoon', 100km north-west of Rocky.

Phoebe's dad, Richard, said the weekend rain had definitely brought a sense of elation which made all the hard times that little more bearable.

"It just gives you a bit of a break, you're not sort of looking after livestock 24/7,” he said.

"It also lightens the workload a bit because of doing lick runs and water runs.”

The early break in the season is welcomed by the Moffat family with last year's season not breaking until February 5.

"Because it's come earlier this year it means we should grow a good body of feed for the summer if we get some good follow-up rain,” he said.

"If we have a good season this year where it is widespread it would just give people more confidence in the market, because the market is very expensive to go out and buy, and know that they've got the feed to have the production there.”

Having reduced their stock right back over the past three years because of the lack of seasonal rain, Richard is hoping the new year brings wet weather.

"It's great that we picked up the rain in an early shower because you know over the last couple of years we know what it's like to watch these scattered storms go around you.

"We know just how demoralising it can be, but the main thing is to focus on what you can control, and the weather is definitely one you can't control, so you don't worry about it too much.

"You just focus on feed budgeting and getting yourself through to the other side.”

Measuring rain from financial year to financial year, Richard said there had been a decline in annual rainfall totals over the past three years.

"Last year we had 225mm all up and the year before was 300mm,” he said.

"We would like to see it return to 600mm a year.”

The rain could have not come at a better time either with Richard having just put their bulls out.

"Some green pick at the moment should get the cows cycling, get production going for us.

"If we could have some green feed come on now we would be looking towards a better preg test rate for this year.”

Richard said his two daughters were also ecstatic about the rainfall over the weekend.

"The kids thought it was pretty awesome, because we home-school they are very involved with what happens around the place.

"I think they understand the workload, but at the end of the day I think why most of us are here is because we love what we do.

"The elation of it all makes the hard times not worth it, but it helps you to sort of understand it and you know what it means for you.”

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