Radical protesters need to face full force of law

UNFORTUNATELY in this wonderful country of ours we have environmental groups who think they are above the law when trying to voice an opinion and it seems to be that they are sheltered from prosecution when committing such an act.

We have seen numerous offences committed when it comes to the harvesting of our forests. Conservation groups continually chain themselves to trees, chain themselves to timber-harvesting equipment, disrupt industry from going about their daily chores, interfering with and damaging equipment

All the while they well know that it is illegal but convictions never take place and quite often get off scot-free and praised for their actions.

Australia's laws are far too lax, however, if the same offences were committed in America it would be a different story. In the United States, anyone or any persons interfering or damaging equipment are classed as terrorists and of course law has changed dramatically after 9/11 so a terrorist group or individual is dealt with harshly and rightly so.

No one has the right to interfere with someone else's property or interfere with someone going about their job; that's why we have a law system put in place.

Rules are put in place to abide by and no one should be able to be exempt from them. If they break them they should suffer the consequences.

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