Quality sole factor as Emerald cattle sale numbers ease

IN one of the most mixed- quality yardings for some time, with few straight lines of any descriptions, values at Emerald ebbed and flowed on previous sale rates and seemed to be governed only by the quality on offer.

Numbers continued to ease last Thursday, with 1300 cattle penned.

Bullocks over 550kg topped at 172c/kg, to improve a couple of cents and average 170c/kg.

Steers 500-550kg were too few to quote, while steers 400-500kg reached 177c/kg for a 172c/kg average, a gain of six cents on some better quality. Steers 320-400kg sold to 188c/kg for a 170c/kg average, also six cents better, while those in the 220-320kg range topped at 200c/kg for a 177c/kg average. There were too few light steers to quote.

Improved competition for the best of the cows saw heavy cows over 520kg make to 147c/kg for a 136c/kg average, four cents more than the previous week, while 400-520kg cows reached 132c/kg to average 124c/kg, three cents back.

Slaughter heifers over 400kg also saw better support to make as much as 175c/kg for a 160c/kg average, a gain of seven cents. Limited numbers and very mixed quality 300-400kg heifers sold to 167c/kg, while those in the 220-300kg range topped at 180c/kg for a 158c/kg average, four cents cheaper.

One pen of quality cows and calves sold well for $850.

Emerald Sale Highlights

Thursday, October 4. Yarding: 1300.

  • Ed & Donna Harvey, Butha, The Willows, offered well finished 744kg droughtmaster cross bullocks to make 171.2c/kg and $1274 a head
  • The Bulger Family, Carinyah, The Willows, sold their 696kg euro cross bullocks to 161.2c/kg and $1122
  • Tony Lawlor & Kim Evans, Demipique, Capella, sold 595kg brahman cross cows to 146.2c/kg and $869
  • Gordon & Jan Hoch, Vinabel, Alpha, had their 548kg euro cross cows sell at 147.2c/kg for $806
  • Joanne Herden, Capella, had her 582kg euro cross cows reach 141.2c/kg and $822
  • Thomas & Sylvia Christmas, Gibson Downs, Capella, sold their oats-prepared 455kg No.1 droughtmaster cross heifers at 175.2c/kg for $797
  • The Atkinson Family, Cardona, Blackwater, sold santa cows weighing 677kg to make 137.2c/kg and $930
  • Glen & Wendy Dickson, Chelbrook, Emerald, sold charbray feeder steers weighing 453kg to make 175c/kg and $794
  • John & Lyn Singleton, Turon Downs, Middlemount, sold brahman cross cows weighing 521kg at 134.2c/kg for $700
  • Richard & Wendy Barlow, Crystal Creek, Anakie, sold No.2 santa steers for 188c/kg, weighing 343kg for $644
  • Dick, Jenny & Will Jansen, Riverview, Alpha, sold euro cross steers to 200c/kg at 268kg for $536
  • Bill & Vicki Pownall, Moranbah, sold brahman cross weaner steers 262kg for 189c/kg and $496
  • The Messer Family, Huntly Downs, Clermont, sold euro cross weaner steers to 184c/kg, at 295kg for $543
  • Richard & Robyn Daniels, Plainfield, Gindie, sold No.0 santa heifers for 168c/kg, weighing 538kg for $904
  • Scott Schoo, Capella, sold santa cross weaner heifers at 180c/kg, weighing 248kg for $446
  • Jellinbah Pastoral Co, Cotherstone, Dysart, sold brahman cross cows to 154.2c/kg at 602kg for $929, while their charbray steers made 180c/kg at 366kg for $659
  • Glen Challacombe, Clontarf, Alpha, sold euro cross cows and calves for $850

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