Principles of marriage often lost in search for glitz

WITH the spring wedding season in full swing love is certainly in the air at the moment.

October is the most popular time of year to get married in Australia with more than 17,000 brides walking down the aisle this month alone.

While weddings, in whatever shape or form they occur, are a wonderful celebration of love, it's about much more than the bride's dress, the colour scheme or all the other wedding details that dominate our thoughts.

With complete saturation on our televisions of reality wedding shows such as Four Weddings, Say Yes to the Dress, Bridezilla, and Don't tell the Bride, just to name a few, the hype around weddings has reached fever pitch and sometimes the principle reason for a wedding can get lost.

Weddings are a celebration of a marriage between two people who love each other but unfortunately, right now in Australia, many marriages aren't looking too healthy.

One in three marriages are currently ending in divorce and although there is a vast array of reasons for marriage breakdowns, it is important to reflect upon why this statistic is so high.

Marriages don't just work on their own, they take a lot of maintenance and care, like anything else in your life your house, your children, your job. Marriage is no different.

If you were unhappy in your workplace or your car kept breaking down, you would do what you could to fix the situation, usually with the help of a professional. Sadly with relationships, it takes couples an average of six years of marital problems before seeking help, and by then their relationship can be irreparable.

When we hear the saying "prevention is better than a cure" we usually associate it with our health. Relationships should be considered and treated in the same way.

Remember why people get married in the first place; it's not for the dress or the party but for a profound love and commitment.

This is not to say that all couples don't experience challenging and difficult times. That is to be expected in every marriage. However, sometimes it can be difficult to navigate your way through rocky patches.

If you feel that your relationship needs extra support to help get it back on track or get the lines of communication flowing again, Relationships Australia offers a range of services to assist you in working through these challenges. Please call 1300 364 277 or visit our website

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