Rockhampton region livestock sales

WATCHING ON: Col Huntly, Kalara, Ridgelands and Alan Jones, Gracemere at the CQLX Gracemere sales.
WATCHING ON: Col Huntly, Kalara, Ridgelands and Alan Jones, Gracemere at the CQLX Gracemere sales. Kathleen Calderwood


A YARDING of 2977 head came to hand at Gracemere sale on Friday, December 6, comprising 1305 steers, 1357 heifers, 233 cows, 51 cows and calves and 31 bulls.

  • Prime cattle were met with a strong demand while the store weaner steers eased.
  • Feeder weight number 2 heifers met with strong demand from the feedlotters operating.
  • Steers up to 200kg averaged 141c/kg or $250/head, steers from 200-300kg averaged 153c/kg or $375/head and steers from 301-400kg averaged 150c/kg or $524/head.
  • Steers from 401-500kg averaged 163c/kg or $723/head while steers over 501kg averaged 185c/kg or $1120/head with a maximum of $1352/head.
  • Heifers up to 200kg averaged 122c/kg or $213, heifers from 200-300kg averaged 135c/kg or $334/head and heifers from 301 to 400kg averaged 150c/kg or $478/head.
  • Heifers over 401kg averaged 154c/kg or $650/head, with a maximum of $695/head.
  • There were 51 cows and calves at the sale, averaging $518/head with a maximum of $650/head.
  • Cows 320-400kg averaged 124c/kg or $465/head, cows 401-450kg averaged 132c/kg or $561/head while cows over 451kg averaged 151c/kg or $764/head with a maximum of $933/head.
  • Bulls up to 450kg averaged 127c/kg or $336/head, bulls from 450-600kg averaged 117c/kg or $638/head while bulls over 600kg averaged 125c/kg or $872/head with a maximum of $1232/head.
  • Peter and Sue Bambling, Dingo, sold a pen of heavy south devon cross heifers to top at 163c/kg weighing 498kg to return $812.

CQLX Sale Highlights

  • Friday, December 6. Yarding: 2977.
  • Laurie and Marion Danastas, Middlemount, sold droughtmaster cross no. 2 heifers to top at 166.2c/kg weighing 316kg to return $526.
  • Alison Runham, Yeppoon, sold a pen of crossbred weaner steers to top at 177c/kg weighing 262kg to return $465.
  • Lawrie Holdings, Westwood, sold 102 no. 2 and no. 3 brahman cross heifers to average 145c/kg weighing 258kg returning $375.
  • Gordon Neill Ballantine, Baralaba, sold prime no. 1 heifers for 170c/kg weighing 497kg returning $847/head.
  • Comiskey Earthmoving, Marmor, sold no. 3 brangus steers for 179c/kg weighing 312kg returning $560/head.
  • Wycheproof Cattle Co., Calliope, sold 98 no. 2 brahman cross heifers to average 148c/kg weighing 271kg returning $403/head.


EMERALD Combined Agents yarded 3600 cattle on Thursday, December 5, which saw fat cattle and feeder weights hold firm on last week's values.

  • Heavy meatworks steers over 550kg sold to 199c/kg to average 193c/kg.
  • Steers 400-500kg sold to 190c/kg, while steers 320-400kg sold to top at 189c/kg. Weaner steers sold to 206c/kg for EU steer weaners to average 177c/kg across all lines.
  • Cows sold to top at 168c/kg and average 153c/kg.
  • Heifers over 400kg eased by 6c/kg to top at 168c/kg, whilst feeder heifers sold to 175c/kg and averaged 160c/kg.
  • Weaner heifers topped 153c/kg, although this was very isolated with most heifers under 250kgs meeting little to no competition. Light santa heifers were very buyable at 108c/kg.
  • Cows and calves sold to a top of $630.

Emerald Sale Highlights

  • Thursday, December 5. Yarding: 3600.
  • Ian Mitchell, Long Pocket, Moranbah sold brahman bullocks for 195c/kg to weigh 544kg and return $1062.
  • Peter Cook and family, Beamont, Pine Hill sold droughtmaster bullocks to 188c to weigh 570kg and return $1072.
  • Richard and Robyn Daniels, Plainfields, Gindie sold santa bullocks for 197c to weigh 661kg and return $1305.
  • Cobb Cattle Co, Mellaluka, Clermont sold EU steers to top at 188c to weigh 490kg and return $920.
  • Kim and Carol Landsdowne consigned a run of 350 euro feeder steers that topped at 170c for the no. 1s, weighing 490kg and 184c for the no. 2s weighing 375kgs or $690.
  • Perrin and Smith Araluen, Clermont sold droughtmaster feeder steers for 185c to weigh 418kg and return $774.

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