Prices lift but heat still gets better of cattle at Gracemere

Quality was good at Gracemere saleyards.
Quality was good at Gracemere saleyards. Allan Reinikka RRW170217acqlx1

COMPETITION was good at the Gracemere saleyards on March 10, with prices a little better for many classes.

There was the usual field of buyers, which included live export and western re-stockers, with cattle mostly drawn from local areas along with some from as far away as Collinsville.

Quality was good throughout the sale, however there were a lot more drought-stressed cattle in the pens.

The yarding was down on last week, with 3800 head penned, consisting of 1195 steers, 1740 heifers, 605 cows, 165 cows and calves and 40 bulls.

Steers to slaughter topped at 280.2c/kg to average 259.6c/kg to a firm market.

Steers 400-500kg topped 308.2c/kg to average 282.2c/kg firm, with steers 300-400kg topping 344.2c/kg to average 291.1c/kg average.

Steers in the 200-300kg class topped a good 376.2c/kg to average 332.4c/kg, which saw a lift in the market, while steers under 200kg topped 384.6c/kg to average 351.2c/kg. Cows to slaughter topped 251.2c/kg to average 214.2c/kg while cows 400-450kg topped 248.2c/kg to average 198.1c/kg.

Cows in the 320-400kg class topped 256.2c/kg to average 193.8c/kg.

Cows under 320kg topped 190.2c/kg to average 166.3c/kg.

Heavy heifers topped 276.2c/kg to average 257.6c/kg firm, with heifers 300-400kg topping 290.2c/kg to average 261.3c/kg.

Heifers 200-300kg topped 317.3c/kg to average 273.9c/kg whereas heifers under 200kg topped a nice 312.2c/kg to average 284.7c/kg.

Cows and calves topped $1550 per unit to average $1238.

Bulls over 600kg topped 226.2c/kg to average 215.1c/kg with bulls in the 450-600kg rang topping 238.2c/kg to average 211.9c/kg.

Bulls under 450kg topped 290.2c/kg to average 257.3c/kg.

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