Pests info goes hi-tech with smart app

USEFUL: The pest animals app.
USEFUL: The pest animals app. Contributed

SMART phone users can now access the latest information about Australia's worst pest animals via the new Field Guide to Pest Animals of Australia App, produced by the Invasive Animals CRC.

The CRC's chief executive officer Andreas Glanznig said the app was the first of its kind in Australia, providing Smart Phone users with the opportunity to learn about 31 of Australia's worst pest animals, the damage they caused and how to identify them in the field.

"This app contains detailed species descriptions, photo galleries, maps, control techniques and quick links to plenty of useful pest control resources for 31 vertebrate pest species in Australia," Mr Glanznig said.

He said farmers, land managers, Landcare groups, students, school teachers, universities, local councils, pest controllers, wildlife enthusiasts and the general public could all use the app to learn about wild dogs, mice, rabbits, foxes, carp, feral pigs, cane toads, myna birds and many more species.

NSW Department of Primary Industries project manager for the CRC Peter West said the app also contained audio calls and photos of footprints, tracks and droppings, making it a lot easier to quickly identify pest animals and to learn about some of the emerging pest animal threats to our environment, agriculture and communities.

"If you've ever wanted to know how to tell the difference between the footprints of foxes and wild dogs, what calls Indian Myna birds make or what colour eye shine feral cats have, this app is for you," Mr West said.

For more details go to: click on the AppStore link.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The Invasive Animals CRC is looking at developing an Android version soon.

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