Penned stock doubles at Dalby sales

THE poor seasonal conditions across the supply area more than doubled the number of stock penned.

The large yarding of young cattle contained an increased number of poor condition lines.

There were very few well finished heavy grown steers and bullocks.

There was a wide variation in the standard of the cows with large consignments of lightweight drought affected classes.

Most of the usual buyers were present and operating selectively.

Secondary lines of young cattle experienced losses of up to 20c/kg however well-presented yearling steers and heifers to feed sold to a market close to firm. The small selection of heavy grown steers and bullocks also met fair demand.

However the supply of poor condition cows outweighed demand and prices fell by 15c to 20c/kg.

The better end of the cows averaged 2c to 8c/kg cheaper.

The best of the lightweight yearling steers to feed and restockers averaged close to 160c, while a large number of D muscle lines varied in price from 83c to 148c/kg.

Medium weight feeders experienced keen competition to average 170c and sold to 189c/kg.

Heavy feeders were also in demand to average 181c and sold from 170c to 188c/kg.

Lightweight yearling heifers received very little support with poor condition classes making from 47c to 78c/kg.

Medium weight feeders attracted fair demand to average 143c, while D muscle lines were in the largest numbers and averaged 109c/kg.

A fair number of heavy C3 grown steers averaged 160c, while the better classes sold to 178c/kg.

The best of the bullocks made to 181c to average 176c/kg. Lightweight poor cows averaged 40c and the medium weights 81c/kg.

Medium weight 2 scores averaged 110c and 3 scores 122c/kg.

Good heavy cows made to very occasional 149c with most at 141c/kg.

Heavy bulls made to 156c/kg.