Pacific Seeds crowned the big winner in crop comp

Andrew Speed, RASQ crop competition chairman, has released the 2014 results ahead of next week's 150th Toowoomba Show.
Andrew Speed, RASQ crop competition chairman, has released the 2014 results ahead of next week's 150th Toowoomba Show. Contributed

FARMERS, who grew Pacific Seeds varieties last season, have taken top honours in three categories at the 2014 Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland Grains Outlook Crop Competition.

The competition is part of next week's 150th Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show and is divided into sections.

These include Irrigated Crop, Dryland Crop, Field Wheat and Field Barley.

The society's crop competition chairman Andrew Speed, who released the results today, is part of the judging process. In it, scrutineers and a society sub-committee award points based on yield measurements taken from a weigh bin, to crops from the region, including pulses, sunflower, cotton, maize, fibre crops, wheat, barley, triticale, canary and chickpeas.

The rules stipulate the crop must be grown and harvested in the previous season.

Growers of Pacific Seeds Irrigated Sorghum particularly impressed judges this year, taking out all three spots.

The winner of the category was P and P Hood, Pittsworth, with a 10.175t/ha crop of Pacific MR-Buster, which earnt 174.1 points.

Second place went to J and J Lack, Hunsingore, Clifton - again for Pacific MR-Buster, which yielded 8.564 t/ha and given 146.6 points.

The Lacks also took third place with variety Pacific MR43, yielding 8.088 t/ha and 138.4 points.

In another irrigated category - this time the Irrigated Wheat, Barley, Triticale, Canary and Chickpea Competition - an 8.376t/ha crop of wheat variety Longreach Crusader scored the win for Bligh Family Trust, Brookstead (204.2 points).

This crop of Crusader wheat also earnt them the Irrigated Double Crop title, with another 204.2 points.

In the Field Wheat competition, the champion crop was a crop of Suntop grown by Mundalee Grains, Millmerran, yielding 4.98t/ha at 11.6% protein, with 143 points.

The Reserve Champion wheat crop was Longreach Spitfire grown by JC, BJ, BM and MP Taylor, Broadlea, Warra, which yielded 4.06t/ha at 15.4 % protein, with 141 points.

Moving to dryland crops, the yields between placings were a lot closer.

In the category of Dryland Maize, first place went to Wolonga Farming, Dalby, for the crop of Pioneer 32P55, yielding 10.356t/ha and scoring 164.8 points.

Second place went to RL, EL and PR Free, Felton, for their crop of PAC 727, which yielded 9.479t/ha and 150.8 points.

Third place was scooped by Peter Stenzil, Kingsthorpe, who grew Pioneer 32P55 with a yield of 9.364t/ha and 149 points.

Grains Outlook Crop Competition prizes will be presented at the 150th Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show, March 27-29.