Emerald cattle sales

NUMBERS at Emerald again declined to just 1550 cattle at the sale last Thursday, September 13.

Quality was also down, with the exception of meatworks steers.

As on southern markets, values declined for all descriptions except light weaner heifers, which were firm.

Meatworks steers, heifers and cows gave up the gains of September 6 and were back by 8-10 cents, with bullocks selling to 183c/kg, cows topping at an isolated 153c/kg and heifers at 159c/kg.

Limited drafts of better quality stores saw weaner steers sell to 217c/kg to average 187c/kg, back by seven cents.

Medium weight steers sold to 200c/kg, back by six cents with the very few quality feeders on offer back by 10 cents.

Light weaner heifers sold to 193c/kg, remaining firm, with heifers 220-300kg to 190c/kg, losing two cents. Feeder heifers were in short supply with quality mixed, topping at an isolated 175c/kg, back by an overall seven cents due somewhat to a plainer quality on offer.

As on September 6, there were no cows and calves to quote.

A SMALLER yarding of 1830 cattle was on offer at Emerald on Thursday, September 6, as supply eased forcing values up for most types with the exception of store heifers.

Meatworks steers met strong competition with rises of 10-12 cents common to a top of 190c/kg. Cows gained three cents to top at 157c/kg, with fat heifers improving by six.

A good-quality run of weaner steers topped at 235c/kg, up by two cents. Steers 320-500kg showed gains of 10 cents with help from an improvement in quality on the previous week.

Feeder heifers lost two cents to average 165c/kg, with quality flat backs selling around 175c/kg. Lighter heifers eased 4-5cents, with the best of the weaners heifers selling to 193c/kg.

Rural Weekly CQ apologises for the late publication of the September 6 report, due to space constraints in last week's edition

Emerald sale highlights

Thursday, September 13. Yarding: 1550.

Peter Cook & family, Beaumont, Pine Hill, topped the fat heifers with droughtmaster heifers selling to 159.2c/kg, to weigh 582kg and gross $927 a head

John & Jan Smith, Birraban, Springsure, had a strong sale with their 307kg droughtmaster cross steers making 208.2c/kg, to return $640

Thomas & Sylvia Christmas, Gibson Downs, Capella, sold outstanding oats-fattened steers to 183.2c/kg for 640kg and $1172

Neville & Rhyl Edwards, Coorembene, Rolleston, sold a quality draft of droughtmaster cross weaner steers to 217.2c/kg, to weigh 266kg and gross $577; the heifer draft sold to 186.2c/kg, to weigh 287kg and gross $535

Kerry Harrold & family, Warrigal, Emerald, sold santa/droughtmaster cross heifers weighing 343kg, to make 169.2c/kg and return $581

Denis & Maureen Burns, Kalora, Capella, sold quality droughtmaster cross steers which also reached 183.2c/kg, to return $1096

Jane Griffin, Shandon Park, Anakie, had 677kg brangus bullocks sell to 177.2c/kg and $1200

Lucknow bullocks from the Esmond family topped at 176.2c/kg and $1109

Tony Lawlor & Kim Evans, Demipique, Capella, had 623kg brahman cross cows sell to 143.2c/kg, to average $892

The Flohr family, Wotonga, Moranbah, sold a draft of hereford/brahman cross heifers averaging 229kg, to top at 193.2c/kg and $493

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