Toowoomba, Dalby, Warwick, Gympie and Moreton cattle sales

Toowoomba Elders

NUMBERS fell by 32% and overall quality was plain.

  • Agents yarded 515 head, down 251 head on the previous sale.
  • A reduced number of export buyers operated and buyer representation in the young cattle section was generally good.
  • Top-end quality calves and vealers plus a few selected trade cattle sold to strong demand, however most other classes of young cattle sold to a cheaper trend.
  • Heavy steers and bullocks averaged about 5c/kg cheaper and cows also lost 5c/kg and more in places.
  • Calves to the trade averaged 199c/kg and sold 207.2c/kg, while a handful of good vealer heifers made to 215.2c/kg.
  • Medium-weight yearling steers to feed averaged in the 180c/kg range and heavyweights made to 185c/kg to average 181c/kg.
  • Medium-weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 172c/kg and a small selection of slaughter descriptions sold to 191.2c/kg to average 3c/kg dearer at 182c/kg.
  • Heavy steers mostly sold about 180c/kg, with some to the wholesale meat trade at 188.2c/kg. A handful of bullocks averaged 174c/kg, with a single sale to the wholesale meat trade at 190c/kg.
  • Medium-weight plain cows to feed averaged 105c/kg and the two scores averaged 123c/kg.
  • Good heavy cows made to 150.2c/kg to average 142c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 155c/kg.

Toowoomba Landmark

NUMBERS remained fairly close to the previous week's level and overall quality continued to be mixed.

  • NLRS reported a yarding of 530 head, down 33 head on the previous sale.
  • Export buyer attendance was reduced, while the usual contingent of buyers was present and operating in the young cattle section.
  • Lightweight yearling steers to restockers and a handful of good vealer heifers, plus selected lightweight trade cattle met improved buyer demand.
  • However most other classes lost ground in value, with the heifer portion the most affected.
  • A small selection of heavy steers and bullocks averaged 3c to 6c/kg cheaper.
  • Cow values were erratic, with most about 5c/kg cheaper, while some good heavy cows sold to fair demand.
  • A handful of calves sold to restockers at 231.2c/kg, while those to slaughter averaged 201c/kg.
  • A handful of vealer heifers made from 194c to 216.2c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers to feed made from 187.2c/kg to 202.2.2c/kg, and restockers paid to 221.2c/kg with most at 208c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling heifers to feed and slaughter averaged in the mid-170c/kg range, while plain classes averaged 149c/kg.
  • Heavy three-score steers averaged 163c/kg and the three-score bullocks 168c/kg, a handful of better bullocks made to 178.2c/kg.
  • Medium-weight two-score cows averaged 5c/kg less at 122c/kg; three scores 134c/kg.
  • Good heavy cows made to 150.6c/kg, with a fair sample at 143c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 157.2c/kg.

Toowoomba O'Sullivan

SIMILAR numbers came forward for competition, most of the cattle yarded were from local areas, with cattle drawn from Taroom and Mungindi.

  • Export prices eased, with bullock selling to rates of 3-6c/kg cheaper also.
  • Heavy cows were a little easier selling to about 5c/kg easier.
  • Local butcher trade sold to firm rates, with still some patchy areas.
  • Feeder steers also remained fully firm.
  • Prime vealers were still selling well but plainer types were still meeting limited competition.
  • Angus feeder steers 290kg sold for 202.2c/kg for $586 a head.
  • Yearling santa bulls 361kg sold for 150c/kg, 510kg heifers sold for 169.2c/kg for $862 a head.
  • Hereford cows from Mungindi sold for a top of 144.6c/kg for $784 a head.
  • Hereford steers from Oakey 267kg sold for 196.2c/kg for $523 a head.
  • John and Mary Lavers, Valeview, sold angus weaner steers 264kg for 209.2c/kg for $552 and vealer heifers for 196.2c/kg.
  • Angus-cross steers 400kg grain-assisted sold for 198.2c/kg for $792 a head.
  • Limousin vealer calves sold for 231.2c/kg.
  • Bazadaise heifers sold for a top of 205.2c/kg while steer drafts sold for 199.2c/kg 263kg for $525 a head.
  • Charolais cows 705kg sold for 143.6c/kg for $1012 a head.
  • Limousin heifers 275kg sold for 213.2c/kg for $586 a head.
  • Angus butcher heifers 371kg sold for 185.2c/kg for $688 a head.

Dalby cattle

LITTLE rain across the supply area lifted supply and overall quality was fair to good.

  • Agents yarded 5002 head, up 558 head on the previous sale.
  • All major export processors were present and most were operating.
  • Vealer heifers to local and southern processors met keen demand and lightweight yearling steers returning to the paddock gained 9c/kg.
  • Yearling steers to feed averaged 8-12c/kg dearer.
  • However medium and heavyweight yearling heifers went against this trend and lost 4-5c/kg.
  • A reduced quality line-up of heavy steers lost 9c/kg, while a large sample of bullocks were 4c/kg cheaper.
  • Values for cows tended to struggle, however the better heavy cows remained close to firm.
  • Calves to the trade averaged 195c/kg and restocker classes mostly sold about 215c/kg.
  • Vealer heifers made to 208.2c/kg to average 206c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers returned to the paddock at an average of 201c/kg, with some to 209.2c/kg.
  • A medium-weight yearling steer to feed made to 213.2c/kg to average close to 197c/kg.
  • A fair supply of heavy weight feeders averaged 191c/kg and sold to 196.2c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling heifers sold to local and southern processors at 193c/kg and D-muscle classes averaged 169c/kg.
  • Medium-weight yearling heifers to slaughter averaged 172c/kg and heavyweights made closer to 168c/kg.
  • Heavy steers to export slaughter averaged 177c/kg and sold to 185.2c/kg.
  • Bullocks mostly sold about 180c/kg, with some supplementary-fed classes making to an isolated 194.2c/kg.
  • Medium-weight plain cows averaged 108c/kg and two scores 122c/kg, while three scores averaged 135c/kg and sold to 139.2c/kg.
  • Good heavy cows made to 152.2c/kg to average 146c/kg.
  • Heavy bulls made to 167.2c/kg, with some returning $1660 a head.

Warwick cattle

HOT, dry weather lifted supply and overall quality was fair to good.

  • Agents yarded 1200 head, up 470 head on the previous sale.
  • A reduced buying panel operated in the export section, while buyer representation was good on the young cattle.
  • Apart from a small number of good vealers and lightweight yearlings suited for the domestic market received strong demand, all other classes of young cattle eased in price.
  • Heavy steers and bullocks lost 9-10c/kg and cows eased 5-7c/kg.
  • The occasional lightweight calf sold to restockers at 225.2c/kg a small selection of vealer heifers sold to the trade at 205.2c/kg.
  • A good supply of lightweight yearling steers returned to the paddock at 201c/kg, with sales to 210.2c/kg.
  • Medium-weight yearling steers to feed averaged 191c/kg and sold to 198.2c/kg.
  • Medium and heavyweight yearling steers to the trade suffered price reductions of 12-13c/kg to average 183c/kg and 177c/kg respectively.
  • Lightweight yearling heifers to feed slaughter and restockers generally sold in 180c/kg range.
  • Medium-weight yearling heifers vary in price from 168.2c/kg to 209.2c/kg, with weight and condition very crucial to the price achieved.
  • Heavy yearling heifers averaged 167c/kg.
  • Heavy steers to export slaughter averaged 178c/kg and sold to 181.2c/kg.
  • A few three-score bullocks averaged 165c/kg, while the better classes averaged 174 sold to 178.2c/kg.
  • Medium-weight plain cows averaged 107c/kg and two scores 121c/kg.
  • Good heavy cows averaged 143c/kg, with the occasional sale to 152c/kg to return $1292 a head.
  • Heavy bulls made to 168.6c/kg.

Moreton grain-assist

VALUES remained unchanged for vealers and yearlings.

  • Trade cattle sold to a softer market.
  • Due to quality, feeders were unchanged. All export cattle sold to a firm market.
  • Charolais yearling heifers account F O'Shea, Thagoona, sold to 207.6c/kg weighing 273kg to return $567 a head.
  • F O'Shea also sold yearling steers to 207.6c/kg weighing 270kg to return $560 a head.
  • Carinya Hills, Lamington, sold santa pasture heifers for 188.6c/kg weighing 396kg to return $748 a head.
  • Pasture steers account Jemalong, Ipswich, sold to 187.6c/kg weighing 529kg to return $992 a head.
  • B and M Jensen, Fernvale, sold pasture ox for 184.2c/kg weighing 552kg to return $1017 a head.
  • Grain-assist heifers account Symbol D Grazing, Kilcoy, sold to 192.6c/kg weighing 345kg to return $664 a head.
  • C Wainwright, Rosevale, sold grain-fed heavy steers for 186.6c/kg weighing 565kg to return $1054 a head.
  • Dairy Culls account University of Queensland, Gatton, sold to 142.6c/kg, weighing 565kg to return $805 a head.
  • L Smith, Brighton, sold medium cows for 166.6c/kg weighing 652kg to return $1087 a head.
  • I and C Coyne, Mt Marrow, sold euro cows to 164.6c/kg weighing 680kg to return $1119 a head.
  • Heavy cows account Mark Allen, Fernvale, sold for 170.2c/kg weighing 590kg to return $1004 a head.
  • C Wainwright, Rosevale, sold bulls to 169.6c/kg weighing 675kg to return $1144 a head.

Gympie cattle

SULLIVAN Livestock yarded 1013 cattle at their Gympie Cattle Sale held Monday, where the market for young cattle was firm to dearer while all other descriptions remained firm.

  • Cattle were drawn from Gayndah, Maryborough, Woolooga, Kilkivan, Kenilworth, Eumundi and all local areas.
  • Heavy feeder steers were very limited in supply and sold to a top of 180c/kg, while good-quality young steers sold to strong competition.
  • The Roberts Family, Sandy Creek, sold limousin-cross steers 10-12 months for 191c/kg to return $601.
  • Templeton and Son, Eumundi, sold quality droughtmaster steers 12 months for 193c/kg.
  • Droughtmaster steers from Booubyjan sold for 202c/kg or $553 and $490.
  • Droughtmaster steers six months from the Krafft family, Gunalda, sold for 202c/kg or $457.
  • Droughtmaster steers from Des Beutel, Sandy Creek, sold for 201c/kg or $452.
  • Droughtmaster-cross steers from Karl Findlay, Gunalda, sold for 199c/kg or $421.
  • Generally better-quality weaner steers sold for 190c/kg to 202c/kg.
  • Quality heifers met strong competition from restockers, with brahman heifers PTIC from Gayndah selling for $765 and $725.
  • Droughtmaster heifers from the Hayward family sold for 193c/kg or $573.
  • The Roberts family, Sandy Creek, sold limousin-cross heifers for 182c/kg or $522, while their lighter sisters sold for 207c/kg or $466.
  • Charbray-cross heifers from Cutford Pty Ltd, Widgee, sold for 208c/kg or $521.
  • Weaner droughtmaster-cross heifers from Fitzgerald and Co, Kilkivan, sold for 193c/kg and 187c/kg.
  • Charbray heifers from Kerinyaga Partnership, Neusavale, sold for 192c/kg and 193c/kg, while their brahman-cross heifers sold for 183c/kg and 180c/kg.
  • Brahman heifers from Royce Sommerfeld sold for 205c/kg or $574 and $464.
  • Better-conditioned vealer heifers sold from 190c/kg to 208c/kg, while store weaner heifers generally sold from 175c/kg to $1.94/kg.

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